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Sports Theme Birthday Ideas

Sports Theme Birthday Ideas

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Do you have a rambunctious child that is in dire need of a party theme for their upcoming birthday? If so, you are in luck because we have easy yet fun sports bday party ideas for you to utilize! A sports-themed birthday party is perfect for the little ones because there are so many adventurous ways to get your children to expend energy. We also have budget sheets and checklists to help keep you organized when planning this party for your child.

Even the adults can join in on the fun because everyone can participate in exercise and a little bit of competitive play. In this article, we go over various sports you can incorporate into your party theme so that kids from various sports backgrounds can participate in something they are familiar with. Even kids with no sports experience will have plenty of fun with our ideas!

Sports Bday Party Ideas - Sports Themed Decorations

1. Sports Balloon Holders

A subtle yet creative way to fill in the small cracks of your sports-themed party is the use of balloon holders! In this case, the balloon holder is designed to be a basketball. Essentially, it is a weighted object you tie balloons to so they do not float away. The best part is, that this item also doubles as a photo holder, so if you do not feel like using balloons or you want a creative way to display a photo collage then definitely consider purchasing these balloon holders.

2. Sports Decor

One great way to get the sports theme to really stick out is to decorate your party area with sports decor! Not only do you receive decor of many different sports in one pack, but they are so easy to use! All you need to do is peel the deco off of the paper it comes on, and stick it to the surface you want to decorate! They work especially well on windows and smooth surfaces.

3. Sports Balloons

Speaking of balloons, what would a balloon holder be without a balloon? The best part about sports balloons is that balls are easily replicated by balloons, and balloons are tons of fun to play with (as kids). Kids will have a great time passing the balloons to each other or preventing them from touching the ground! If the balloons are not in action, they can continue to be used as decorations in the balloon holders we mentioned in the previous idea.

4. Sports Hanging Banner

Get crafty with a sports-themed hanging banner. There is a lot of variety depending on the type of sport you want the banner to represent. You could also buy one from every sport!

5. Sports Custom Banner and Cutouts

A custom sports banner will really bring your party to life because you are going above and beyond your call of duty by spending the time to design something like this. You can store it once the party is over to be reused by another family or just to hold on to the memories. Aside from a customized banner, you could also look into getting a customized cutout of a favorite player or team.

Sports Bday Party Ideas - Sports Themed Party Favors

6. Sports Stickers

Need more treat box ideas that are not related to food? Sports stickers are here for the rescue! Matching the sports decor mentioned earlier in this article, the sports stickers allow the party-goers to take the party home and decorate their own belongings with it. Kids love stickers and I guarantee there won’t be a single sticker left after your child has gotten a hold of their own sticker sheet.

7. Sports Treat Boxes

Anyone that has ever been to a fun party will appreciate the favors and small gifts they take home with them because it is a reminder of a great time. One way to do this at a sports-themed party is with the help of sports treat boxes! These are perfect for storing some of the party fun to take home. Some of the items that can be put in these treat boxes include sports lollipops and sports candies but are not limited to these.

8. Sports Trading Cards

One thing we have always seen to be true is that kids love collectibles even if they do not understand their value. One of the forms of collectibles that kids have been glued to since the ’80s is trading cards. They come in many forms, but since this is a sports-themed party, you want to include sports trading cards! Sports cards can be found in many places like Amazon and eBay for cheap prices, but chances are you might have some of your own old sports cards stored away with no good use. Well, if you happen to have any old cards, now you have a good use for them! Include the cards in your party treat boxes.

9. Sports Tattoos

Kids love temporary tattoos, and there is almost always a sheet you can buy for the occasion. Sports temporary tattoos are widely available and are incredibly affordable, so don't skip out on this opportunity!

10. Sports Bracelets

A fun way to bring the party home is to provide some bling! Sports bracelets are a cost-effective way of sending kids home with a favor they can appreciate. Plus, they essentially last forever!

Sports Bday Party Ideas - Sports-Themed Food

11. Sports Lollipops

Sports lollipops are perfect for your sports-themed party. They are incredibly affordable yet beautifully detailed. They come in four different sports varieties: baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. You will appreciate the quality of these lollipops more in person because you won’t be used to seeing a lollipop made with such detail. The good news is, they taste great too!

12. Sports Candy

Using sports candy molds, you can easily make your own sports-themed candy at home! The best part about these DIY candy molds is that you are not limited to one kind of candy! Whether you want to make sour gummies or white chocolate candies, anything with a smooth texture will imprint the sports designs effectively onto your candy. You can even have sports candy making as one of the party activities that everyone can participate in!

13. Ballpark Hot Dogs

An efficient way to make your sports-themed party setting an even more immersive experience is to provide food you would normally eat at sports stadiums. Hot dogs are one of the most famous sports foods, especially at baseball parks, and would be the perfect addition to your party menu. The same idea goes for any handheld foods you see at sports games: burgers, nachos, etc. A creative way to serve the food at the party would be to have a concession stand type of booth similar to the ones at sporting events.

14. Ballpark Nachos

Who doesn't like nachos? Another classic food you may find at a baseball or football game is nachos. They are delicious, really easy to make, and truly go with the theme well. Don't forget to get creative with the toppings and find the necessities here!

15. Cotton Candy

If you have access to a cotton candy machine, you definitely need to use it for this party. Not only is cotton candy delicious, but making it is an activity that keeps kids occupied for a long time!

Sport Bday Party Ideas - Sports Themed Games

16. Balloon Soccer

I thought I would go over all of the balloon ideas in succession to save any potential headaches. Plus, balloons are truly a great multi-use tool for kids' parties. One great way to use balloons to keep kids active is to set up a balloon soccer game!

Balloon soccer is exactly what it sounds like, playing soccer, but with a balloon instead of a soccer ball! This is a great strategy because not only is a balloon more fun to play around with, but it is much safer than kicking around a soccer ball. You can also throw more than one balloon into play at once! You get bonus points if you can locate and purchase a soccer ball balloon for the ultimate immersive experience.

17. Hula Hoop Contest

This classic game is very simple yet very effective at retaining kids' attention. Make sure you have enough hula hoops for everyone and get everyone in an open area with enough space between each child. Then, permit the kids to start hula hooping. The kid who hula hoops the longest wins! Make sure to have the next activity prepared for the kids that are not good at hula hooping or finish soon. We do not want any tears flowing because of missed hula hooping opportunities!

18. Pool Noodle Field Goal

Is your child a football star, but doesn’t happen to have a lifesize field goal in his backyard? Do not worry, because a great alternative to an actual field goal is a pool noodle field goal. Setting it up is a breeze, and I am sure the kids will appreciate not having to play a game using an actual field goal.

The goal of the game is to simply kick a football (or whatever ball you have on hand) through the field goal! If the kids are having fun with it, you can experiment with moving it back. If some are struggling to make a field goal at all, you can allow them to throw it through to avoid any hurt feelings. If you do not have any pool noodles on hand, you can find some here.

19. Obstacle Course

An innovative way to tie together all of your planned activities is to turn them into an obstacle course! Using the events listed above, or any other events you come up with yourself, you can strategically set them up so kids can complete each activity in succession. Encourage the kids to do every activity and to try to do it as fast as they can! Odds are, they’ll be ready to run through the course multiple times before getting tired of it.

20. Kickball

Kickball is a classic and easy-to-play sport. First, make sure you own a kickball. Next, set up the home plate and 3 bases in a diamond shape, and place a pitcher's mound where you deem appropriate. Now all you have to do is gather everyone and start playing! Kickball has the same rules as baseball except the baseball is replaced with the kickball, and you kick the ball instead of swinging at it with a bat.

Sports Bday Party Ideas - Sports Themed Party Invitations

21. Sporting Event Ticket Admission

One way to get creative with your party invitations is to print your party information onto a sporting event ticket template. A classic event admission ticket can be recognized across the nation as long and colorful. By printing your party information on a ticket, it is replicating the authentic feeling of attending a sporting event, except this time the kids are participating in the game! You can save time by buying premade ticket invitations.

22. Megaphone Invitation

One object that is consistently associated with sports and coaching is the megaphone. Sometimes, your voice is just not loud enough to get everyone’s attention, so using a megaphone is the perfect way to communicate efficiently during a sports event. Print the information about your sports-themed party onto a megaphone template or even a wooden-shaped megaphone, send them out as invitations and you are good to go. Premade megaphone invitations are also available.

23. Ball-Shaped Invitation

These invitations are sure to make your party a ball! You can mix up which invitations you send out so everyone has a chance at getting a unique sports invitation! This invitation also gives insight into the sports your party will be focused around.

24. Equipment-Shaped Invitation

If you are feeling extra creative you can order sports equipment in bulk and write out your party information on the piece of equipment itself! For example, you could write out your party information on a plastic baseball bat. Not only does this allow the guest to have a souvenir, but also allows them to have a unique invitation that (hopefully) won’t be thrown away.

25. Sports Team Invitation

You can always order a pack of sports team party invitations which allows your guests to learn even more about various sports teams. For a party centered around basketball, you can order NBA team invitations here. If you have a local team in your area you could order invitations with their logo on them as well.

Sports Bday Party Ideas - Sports Themed Party Supplies

26. Sports Napkins

To continue with the theme of preventing a mess, be sure to pick up some sports-themed napkins as well. Pass them out together with the paper plates! These can also be recycled.

27. Sports Cups

Sports-themed paper cups are a fun way for kids to enjoy their beverages. It will truly look like a sports-themed party once you see dozens of these paper cups spread across the backyard.

28. Sports Paper Plates

Prevent a mess and do it in style by purchasing some sports-themed paper plates to hold your sports-themed food! Keep any leftovers and recycle the used plates at the end of the party.

29. Sport-Themed Straws

Straws are the best party go-to when it comes to preventing spills! They are simple and easy to clean as they can be thrown away. You can purchase straws that are sports themed to go with your party as well.

30. Sports Tablecloth

Whether you are planning on having one main table or a mass of tables, sports tablecloths are the way to go. Not only do they relate to your party, but the tablecloths will also keep your tables clean and scratch-free throughout your party.


While some may consider these sports bday party ideas mainly for boys, the truth is that any gender can enjoy sports and we encourage parents to use this theme regardless of it. I guarantee that this party theme will do a better job at tiring your kids out than most others because the main focus centers around physical activity! Not only will you get an extra hour of sleep, but you are promoting a healthy lifestyle to your child in a fun and interactive way.

If you get creative and think outside the box for your personal circumstances then anything is possible. Have fun, and I hope your party is a grand slam! For more awesome articles and birthday party ideas, visit!

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