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131 Creative Baby Shower Tea Party Ideas

Baby Shower Tea Parties

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

Who doesn’t love baby showers, better yet, an afternoon tea party baby shower? They are special occasions in both the mother and father’s life. So, are you looking to celebrate your newborn to be with a baby shower tea party but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, there are plenty of baby party ideas! We have a complete guide from invitations and decorations to food and activities that all your tea-lovers will enjoy. If you need help staying organized we also have a baby shower budget sheet and checklist for you. Now let's get this part-tea started!

Baby Shower Tea Party Decorations

1. Floral Theme

If you are going for a more simple yet pretty setting, like a garden theme tea party baby shower, why not have a delicate floral theme for your decorations. Get some floral vines to hang as banners and dress the tables with vases full of colorful flowers. If you decide to have this baby shower party outside, you can use nature’s beauty as a backdrop.

2. Teacup Centerpiece

If vases full of flowers are too complicated, here is another centerpiece option. A teacup centerpiece will add awe and class to your setting. There are always more tea party centerpiece ideas as well though!

3. Hanging Teacups

Instead of hanging vines, hang teacups! This floral teacup hanging decoration is too cute and creative, and such a different type of baby party idea to not include in your decoration options.

4. Vintage Color Scheme

If a color scheme is more your fashion, natural earthy colors like forest green and earthy brown would fit the vintage tea party setting more nicely. Pull out that old family china set to sit on top of neutral-colored table cloths.

5. Alice in Wonderland Arrow Cutout Banners

Is your mom-to-be a Disney fan? If so, a Mad Hatter Baby Shower Tea Party is the best theme to decorate. Include some fun arrow cutout banners.

6. Mushroom Paper Lanterns

These hanging paper lanterns shaped like mushrooms give the party a magical sense of being in Wonderland.

7. "Let's Partea" Letter Balloons

Would it really be a baby shower event without balloons? Why not get some “Let’s Partea” rose gold colored balloons! They are big balloons that can serve great as a backdrop. Add the teacup banner to your decorations!

8. Chalkboard Signs

Want to add a cute touch to your party? Decorative chalkboard signs are a simple and stylish way to add to the theme! Use them to label different areas, or favors such as food and drinks.

9. Decorative Bird Cages

Decorative bird cages are a great way to mix nature with elegance. Fill the cages with various decorative pieces such as flowers or candles. For even more classy touch, you can drape the cages with pearls as its finishing touch.

10. Antique Teapot Flower Vases

For a more vintage feel, decorate your party with antique teapot flower vases. This will surely be an eye-catching element that will work well as beautiful centerpieces.

Baby Shower Tea Party Favors

Sweet Tea-Themed Party Favors

11. Honey Jars

Want to add to the tea theme? Small jars of honey are the perfect way to do so. This sweet treat is a great favor for guests as they can add it to their tea, and seal it away nicely to take home for later.

12. Miniature Tea Cakes

Tea cakes, but make them mini! This sweet treat is bound to satisfy guest sweet tooths. Using decorative boxes, bake and package this sweet good and hand them out to guests.

13. Assorted Tea Cookies

Cookies are a great addition to any tea party. Bake or buy an assortment of different flavored tea cookies, in different fun shapes, and package them up in cute tins or bags to be given out.

14. Homemade Fruit Jam

What's a better flavor than a tea party staple, jam! Using a recipe, make the most delicious homemade fruit preserves, with flavors such as strawberry or raspberry, and offer it to guests in cute little jars.

15. Tea-infused Honey Sticks

Circling back to the honey, another tasty snack to please your guest are Infused honey sticks with tea flavors. Package them nicely, and there you will have a cute and tasty party favor!

16. Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Another goodie guest will love dip fresh strawberries in chocolate, you can never go wrong. Package them nicely in a decorative box, or bag, and hand them out to guests to enjoy a delicious treat.

17. Tea-infused Popcorn

Infuse popcorn with tea flavors like green tea or chai and package them in individual bags.

18. Tea-flavored Marshmallows

Make tea-flavored marshmallows in different varieties like Earl Grey or hibiscus, and package them in pretty boxes.

19. Tea-inspired Rice Krispie Treats

Make rice krispie treats flavored with tea extracts or matcha powder, and package them individually.

20. Tea-infused Fudge

Create tea-infused fudge in flavors like Earl Grey or peppermint, and present them in decorative boxes.

Salty or Savory Tea-Themed Party Favors

21. Gourmet Olive Mix

Grab your favorite olives, and package them in little jars, to bring a savory & tangy flavors to your tea party.

22. Assorted Cheese Miniatures

Cheese is a great addition to tea parties. Select some of your favorite miniature cheeses, anand backpacked them in individual boxes, for guests to have the option to enjoy wherever whenever.

23. Tea-inspired Snack Mix

Want to please your guests with an assortment of different goods, create a snack mix. Packaged in individual bags, and your snacks of choice. You can choose any of your favorite foods, including pretzels, dried fruits, yogurt chips, the options are endless!

24. Tea-infused Nuts

Keeping up with the tea theme, bring your choice of mixed nuts to a roast, and coat them in tea-infused seasonings. Include flavors such as chai spice and green tea matcha for guests to enjoy.

Drinkable Tea-Themed Party Favors

25. Flavored Simple Syrups

Leave guests experiencing it all with flavored simple syrups. Lavender, vanilla and mint are all among the various amounts of different flavors you can introduce to your guests. Leaving them able to flavor their own drinks to their cup of tea! Package them in small bottles, and there you have another great favor.

26. Homemade Fruit Infused Water

Want another thirst quenching drink added to the list? Offer guests individual bottles of fruit-infused water combinations. This refreshing favor would be a great addition to the favor menu.

27. Hot Chocolate Mix

Want guests to have the option to enjoy a nice warm drink, hand out individually packaged hot chocolates mix. This chocolatey good can be served with flavored stirrers and marshmallows to add a finishing touch.

28. Fruit Tea Concentrates

Want a good refresher, hand out small package bottles, filled with fruit tea concentrates. The variety of flavors gives guests plenty of options that they are sure to enjoy.

Wearable Tea-Themed Party Favors

29. Tea-themed Bracelets

Want to add charm to your tea party? Give out cute bracelets with tea inspired pendants to create a charm bracelet that all guests will be sure to love.

30. Floral Hair Accessories

Tea parties and flowers are always a great pairing. So, why not gift guests with floral decorated accessories such as hair clips, headbands, or hair ties. This will be a nice touch, for guests to add a little charm to their hairstyles.

31. Tea Cup-shaped Brooches

Give out stylish brooches for guests to wear to accessories their outfits, get some tea cup-shaped brooches so they fit the theme even better!

32. Tea Party Hats

Mini tea party hats are perfect wearable party favors. Offer guests a variety of different hat options to turn the tea party into something more fashionable.

33. Tea-themed Scarves

Add a fun touch to the party by offering guest tea-related patterned scarves. These colorful prints will be an eye-catching accessory for all guests.

34. Tea Cup-shaped Earrings

If you're looking to offer a guest jewelry piece, earrings are a cute and decorative way to add flair to their outfits. Tea-cupped shaped earrings are cute and quickie, and perfect for the theme.

35. Tea Party Masks

Everyone loves a good masquerade party, so why not combine the two themes and offer guest tea themed face masks. This will add a fun twist for guests, and will be a good statement piece.

36. Floral Tea Party Gloves

Want to add an elegant party favor into the mix, offer guests floral printed or lace tea party gloves. This party favor will add a sophisticated touch!

37. Tea-themed Necklaces

A cute necklace is always a nice party favor. Hand out necklaces decorated with tea relayed pendants such as teapot or tea cups, or for a fancier touch hand out faux pearl necklaces for guests to experience a high-end tea party!

38. Tea-themed Rings

Offer guest tea-themed rings. You can adventure with whatever style you feel best, it doesn’t have to just be a ring with a teacup on top. A cute floral ring, or any delicate designs or gemstones accents are perfect for fitting the vibe of a tea party.

39. Tea Party Tote Bags

Tea theme party tote bags are a great way to give guests something practical and stylish. Guests can use them during or after the party to carry their essentials, or just to use to go shopping.

Eco-friendly Tea-Themed Party Favors

40. Reusable Tea Bags

Reusable tea bags are the way to go when you want to provide guests with an eco-friendly party favor for a tea party. Not only does it fit the theme well, but it also is a way to enjoy a drink while helping the environment at the same time.

41. Seed Packets

Encourage your guest to have a green thumb, with these seed packet party favors. Offer guest packets of seeds of your choosing, or allow for variety, so guests can then take the tea party to their garden!

42. Plantable Coasters

Plantable coasters are the perfect party favor for guests. They can use them at the party for their beverages, or they can just take them home, to add nice decor to their coffee tables or counters.

43. Organic Tea Samplers

Organic tea samplers are the perfect gift for guests. Offer guests a variety of different organic tea samplers that are in biodegradable or compostable packaging to add an eco-friendly touch.

44. Wooden Tea Scoops

Wooden tea spoons are a cute party favor for guests to take home, adding to their kitchen essentials. These are perfect for measuring tea, and a perfect way to encourage guests to make their own!

45. Glass Straws

Glass straws are a great addition to the list of party favors you can offer guests. This essential is not only cute and fancy, but also eco-friendly. No more plastic straws are needed with this party favor.

46. Herb-infused Bath Salts

Bath salts using natural ingredients is a clean and eco-friendly party favor that guests can take home and enjoy. Herb-infused bath salts are the perfect things to fit the them as well

47. Recycled Glass Tealight Holders

Tea Light holders made from recycled glass can be a great party favor as well as a great accent for a home. Combining sustainability with decor, guests will sure love this new piece in their own place

48. Upcycled Tea Canisters

Want to add a vintage look to the guest pantry while simultaneously being eco-friendly, package loose-leaf tea into repurposed tins or glass jars. This is perfect to cut back on any unnecessary waste like cardboard or plastic, and gift guests with something reusable.

Electronic Tea-Themed Party Favors

49. Digital Recipe Booklets

Electric party favors can be very practical these days, so why not gift guests with digital recipe books. To stay on theme, give them recipe books containing tea-inspired recipes and brewing tips and tricks.

50. E-book of Tea-related Literature

Gift guests with tea-related literature e-books. This is perfect for readers on the go, and an easy party favor that guests will be able to enjoy whenever wherever. With an e-book you can give guests many types of downloadable contact, such as literature, stories, or poetry.

51. Tea Meditation Apps

Tea Meditation apps are a good way to practice mindfulness. A good thing to offer guests is recommendations for tea meditation apps to help encourage them to hone in on their mental and emotional health.

52. Digital Tea Certificates

Provide guests with new enriching experiences by gifting them with digital tea certificates or vouchers. These can be for tea-related experiences, allowing guest to try new things with splendid discounts.

Personalized or Customized Party Favors

53. Personalized Tea Cups

Gift guests pretty tea cups. This party favor is sure to last, and to make it even better, customize the cup with the names of the guest, or and and engraved or printed initial to make it more personable.

54. Customized Tea Spoons

A cute tea spoon is a great gift for tea drinkers, this utensil can come in a variety of patterns and colors, and oftentimes look dainty while looking fancy. Add their names through engraving or stamp it on, and if you're feeling more creative add a special message to go along with it.

55. Monogrammed Tea Towels

Design customized tea towels for guests. This practical and pretty item can be designed with any pattern, and to add the customized touch, their names can be embroidered onto or initials can be monogrammed onto the towel.

56. Personalized Tea Coasters

Personalized tea coasters with the names of guests, and to make it even nicer, add a tea themed design to it. This can be bought or painted on yourself, either way guests will be pleased with this useful gift.

57. Engraved Tea Trays

Tea trays are not only fitting to the party theme, but they are also cute and useful. Pattern them with tea-related designs, and customized with name engravings of guests. This is the perfect favor for guests to take the tea party home.

58. Custom Blended Tea Bags

Custom blended tea bags are great for guests wanting to bring the tea home. Package them in individual tea bags, and allow guests to pick and choose which ones they would like to bring home.


Quiet time and reading is commonly associated with tea parties, as it allows for a calm and relaxing setting. Inspire your guests to read with personalized bookmarks.

60. Custom Sugar Cubes

Order personalized sugar cubes. These can come in a variety of different shapes and colors, and you can package them nicely. Add a couple into a glass jar, tin, or decorative box and hand them out to guests.

61. Goodie Bags

Everyone loves little bags full of goodies! Send your guests home with a cute small favor bag that they can put their favorite tea in or some tasty treats on their way out.

Unique Inedible Tea-Themed Party Favors

62. Tea Infuser

Tea infusers are a unique way to send guest homes with a party favor that is sure to be used. Tea infusers come in many designs, running from hearts to teapots, even some having baby-themed shoes.

63. Tea Party Scratch-off Tickets

Offer guests tea party themed scratch off tickets. These can be customized, with surprise messages or customized prize offerings underneath. Guests can then keep the card as a keepsake, or collect their price.

64. Tea-inspired Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are perfect for guests who like to have their own self-care days. Ofeere guest tea-inspired bath bombs in various different scents and shapes. Guests can then enjoy a soothing tea-inspired bath on their spa days.

65. TeaCup-shaped Planters

TeaCup-Shaped planters can be a cute and decorative way to spice up a home's decor. Gift guests with these cute planters so they can grow their own small plants or succulents.

66. Tea Party Coloring Books

Want guests to be able to relax and enjoy themselves? Offer them tea-themed coloring books, with intricate designs for guests to have the option to sit down and relax on their winding-down days.

67. Tea-themed Puzzle Sets

Gift guests with brain stimulating puzzles! This favor is great for chill days, and to fit the tea theme, provide guests with tea-themed puzzles featuring elegant, or pretty tea related prints!

68. Tea Party-themed Ornaments

Allow guests to take the theme home with cute decorative tea party themed ornaments. These are great to hang on christmas trees, or simple in different areas of homes as decorative accents.

69. Tea-inspired Hand Fans

Tea-inspired hand fans are perfect favors to add an elegant touch to your party. They can come in beautiful tea-inspired patterns, and are great for outdoor tea parties or gatherings.

70. Tea Party-themed Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic mugs with cute illustrations, or charming quotes, would be a perfect parting favor. Send guests home with a practical favor that not only looks cute but signifies the important event it derived from.

71. Tea Light Candles

Tea light candles can really set the mood, so why not give guests some. These favors can be taken home by guests so they themselves can experience a relaxing day or night, with a perfectly lit candle and a cup of tea.

72. Tea Light Candles

Include some tea light candles in your favor. They can enjoy their cup of tea in their soft candlelit rooms in the comfort of their own homes.

Hobby Tea-Themed Party Favors

73. Painted Mugs

There are a ton of different baby shower tea party favors to give out at these types of plannings. Give your guests a plain white mug or teacup so they can paint their favorite creations and designs on them. Add a little plant in the mug to take home and grow with their tea bags.

74. Miniature Art Sets

Give out miniature art assets, where guests can bring out their inner artist. Included with small canvases, paintbrushes, and paint pallets, guests can have an art studio on the go!

75. Knitting or Crochet Kits

Knitting or crochet kits can be a great way to inspire guests to pick up this relaxing yet satisfying hobby. Make a kit containing yarn, needles, and instructions for guests to enjoy their favorite needlecraft.

76. Puzzle Books

Puzzle books can be great for the mind. Offer guest puzzle books featuring a variety of different types of puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku, or word searches. Guests can take this wherever they go, and use it whenever they want to wind down, challenge themselves, or relax.

77. Origami Kits

Origami kits with colorful paper and instructions on how to make origami figures can be a great gift for guests wanting to create. This party favor is the perfect arts and crafts hobby for people wanting to focus on small projects.

78. Gardening Seeds or Plant Kits

A good tea party always has flowers in some way, shape, or form. Give out gardening seeds, or plant kits to inspire guests to make their own brilliant gardens. This is a good hobby for people wanting to connect with nature, and focus on peace of mind.

79. crapbooking Supplies

Encourage guests to make their own memory albums with scrapbooking supplies. Provided jets with scrapbooking kits, with supplies like decorative paper, stickers, and embellishments to create their own scarbooks.

Unique Tea-Themed Favor Containers

80. Tea Canisters with Chalkboard Labels

Give out tea canisters with chalkboard labels. This is perfect to store tea decoratively, or even take tea on the go, while being able to customize the label. Guests can write their tea flavor, or type that resided in the canisters.

81. Glass Jars with Tea-themed Tags

Hand out glass jars adorned with tea-themed tags. This aesthetically pleasing party favor is great for storing things such as spices, loose-leaf tea, or any other goodies of one's liking. It's a great gift for people wanting to elevate the look of the spice cabinets or pantries.

82. Wooden Tea Chests

Wooden tea chests are cute compartments that can hold tea bags or other small items. This will introduce a stylish and rustic look to guest homes, condensing any tea items or clutter into one small box.

83. Metal Tea Caddies

Give out metal tea caddies to the party guest, these can be decorated to have elegant designs, and used to store tea, or just to have around the house as decorative accents. These can be colorful or neutral, so they are perfect to fit people's individual styles.

84. Tea Bag Dispensers

Give out tea bag dispensers as a nice party favor. Guests can then organize their tea bags in a cute and convenient way. They can store their favorite tea flavors in a more organized way, and guests are sure to love this favor.

85. Vintage Suitcase Favor Boxes

Vintage suitcase favor boxes are a cute way to store small items. Give out these suitcases as favor boxes so they can store their favorite tea-themed items of treats! They all serve as a nice decor piece for homes.

86. Lace-covered Mason Jars

Lace-covered Mason jars are very fitting for the tea theme. They are perfect to give out to guests, as they can be used as charming decorative containers. These containers can be used to store anything from food to miscellaneous items, and do so in an eye-pleasing way.

87. Mini Hat Boxes

Mini hat boxes are a great gift for guests looking for extra storage. Provide guests with mini hat boxes of different colors and designs, to add a more personalized touch, add tea related trinkets or small gifts for guests to enjoy.

88. Woven Bamboo Baskets

Bamboo baskets filled with goods are great party favors to send guests home with. Not only do they get special treats, but they also get a cute reusable basket to store items of their choosing.

89. Teapot and Cake Domes

Fill these teapot-shaped boxes or these small Mad Hatter cake domes with a cute cupcake, cookies, or macaroons to enjoy their tea with.

Kate Aspen Decorative Vintage Floral Tea Party Teapot Favor Boxes / Bridal Shower or Baby Shower Decorations (Set of 24)

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90. Teacup Bottles

If there are children attending this baby shower too, here are some adorable teacups with caps and straws that the little ones can carry their juice in.

Baby Shower Tea Party Food Ideas

Tea party set up

Source: Unsplash

91. Teacup Sandwiches

What better way to have a tea party than having tea party sandwiches. Finger sandwiches for baby showers are the most convenient in general, and fits right in with this theme! Some tea sandwiches will do just the trick for a tea party. Sandwich options can include ham and cheese, cucumber, and chicken salad. Create a variety of options by making them on white, whole wheat, or rye bread. Just cut off the crust to add to the elegant setting.

92. Fruit Salad

Who could say no to a fruit salad? A mixture of healthy and fresh fruits adds some sweet zestiness to the menu. Just mix some grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and whatever else you desire in a big bowl and serve. Include different dressings and flavors on the side.

93. Scones

For dessert, make or purchase some warm scones. Having assorted spreads such as butter, cream, and jam gives your guests more options.

94. Cookies and Macaroons

Do you know what goes great with tea? Cookies and macaroons! Add some oatmeal, chocolate chip, walnut, and peanut butter cookies and some delicious macaroons to the dessert menu.

95. Muffins

Do you have guests who are muffin fans? If so, have an assortment of blueberry, banana nut, and apple muffins on deck for the muffin lovers.

96. Tea

It wouldn’t be a tea party without tea, so include some classics: English Breakfast, Earl Gray, or green tea. Include some fruit-flavored tea such as lemon, berries, orange and cinnamon, and raspberry teas into the mix. Let’s not forget the classic iced tea of course. There are so many cool 'tea for two' party ideas if you would like a more casual and laid back or quint party, this helps it make more intimate.

97. Assorted Cheese and Crackers

A great selection of assorted cheese and crackers is bound to be a fan favorite as a tea baby shower. Not only is it very easy to make and serve, but it also pairs very well with many tea flavors.

98. Mini Quiches

Bite sized quiches not only deliver an elegant feel to a tea party menu, but they are also very delicious, and there's a variety of different quiche recipes to choose from!

99. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are not only easy to make and eat, but they are utterly delicious. You can decorate it using different colored chocolates and sprinkles, and add your own touch to fit the theme of the tea party baby shower.

Baby Shower Tea Party Activities

100. Baby Bingo

Another fun game is baby bingo! The guests will have to guess what gifts the mother will receive for the baby. Hand out some blank bingo cards and writing utensils. Have the guests fill out what presents they think the mother will get in each box. As the mother opens gifts, the guests will check each box for each gift they wrote down. The first one with 5 checkboxes in a row wins.

101. How Big Is Mommy's Belly?

One fun activity to play with the mom-to-be is “How big is mommy’s belly”. In this game, the guests have to guess how big the mother’s belly is. Using yarn, ribbon, or string, each guest must cut the length they feel will fit perfectly around the mother’s belly. The one with the best guess wins!

102. Baby Predictions

Baby predictions games are always fun! Have your guests fill out these baby predictions cards to predict what the baby will look like. They can write their ideas on the card that can be shared with everyone at the party. You can even have a round with possible baby names, and our baby name generator can help get the predicitions going!

103. Photo Booth

You’ll want pictures to remember this special day, so why not rent a photo booth? A photo booth will allow all your close friends and family to have proof of what a great time they had at the baby shower. Include some photo booth props like these to have fun and be silly in those pictures!

104. Design a Baby Bib

Give guests play white bibs and provide fabric markers. Guests can then compete to design the best bib for the baby. The person with the best bib can then receive a prize!

105. Motherly Advice Cards

Leave out cards pertaining to the theme of the showers, and remind them to write down their best parenting advice, tips, or tickets for the mom-to-be. They can then be placed in a jar, or box, for the mother of the shower to take home.

106. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Test your guest with a selection of classic nursery rhymes. Test the guest's knowledge of the nursery rhymes through karaoke, or fill in the blank, even a fun game of charades would work too!

107. DIY Flower Crown

Guests can make their own flower crowns. Provide a variety of different silk flowers and materials for guests to build their own crown, colored, fitted, and designed to their liking. This activity is great for pictures too!

108. Baby-Themed Pictionary

Create a list of baby-related words and phrases for a fun and exciting round of Pictionary.

109. Guess The Tea

Have guests guess the flavor of tea through a blindfolded taste test. Have guests cover their eyes, and take sips of different tea flavor, the guest who guesses the most right gets a prize!

Baby Shower Tea Party Supplies

110. Tablecloths

Tablecloths are a must for parties. They may not be the center of attention but everyone loves a soft tablecloth to cover the hard surface. You can pick a basic colored tablecloth that is also part of your decorations. A floral patterned tablecloth will look great with a china set table. Even a simple white cloth or a vintage tablecloth from thrift or antique stores work wonderfully with the vintage theme.

Nude or Champagne Tablecloths, Rustic, BBQ, Fathers, Derby, Anniversary,Graduation, Tea Party, Bridal Shower, Engagement, July 4th

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111. Plates and Napkins

If you have a china set, don’t be afraid to pull those dishes and silverware out! This would be a great money saver. Having fine saucers will create a classic tea party feel for you and your guests. If you want an easier cleanup, go for these Talking Tables paper plates and napkins with the classic Alice in Wonderland theme.

112. Teacups

If you don’t have fine china but you still want teacups or if you have some fine china but you want a simple cleanup, these paper teacups are for you. These paper teacups have a simple floral pattern with a handle on the side, just like a regular teacup. Here are also some cheap mismatch teacup sets that are beau-tea-ful!

Mismatched Tea Cups and Saucers. Party favors for Birthday, Bridal Luncheon, Baby Shower. Comes with tea, spoon, napkin and gift box

Having a tea party!?!?!? These beautiful Tea Cups are a must! This listing is for either: one (1) sample tea cup and saucer (one cup, one saucer) OR one set of six (6) different tea cups and saucers (order as many sets as you like!). You can find tea pots, , plates, cake stands and spoons to compliment your party through the link below The tea cups and saucers can be - purchased alone - with gold plated teaspoon that comes with a Royal Icing flower - with gold plated teaspoon and with an imported tea packet that comes with sugar cubes, - with gold plated teaspoon, imported tea packet, and hand embroidered tea napkin - with gold plated teaspoon, imported tea packet, hand embroidered tea napkin, and gift box You will receive random, BRAND NEW Fine Bone China and/or Porcelain cups and matching saucers that I order from various British tea shops (The English Tea Store, Harney & Sons, Tea Cups London, Stechcol, etc) . Each tea cup and saucer will be bubble wrapped and packaged with care, and insured. Shop with confidence that if anything is damaged in transit, it will be replaced. If you order more than eight sets (48 cups/saucers), chances are you will get duplicates of some themes, colors, design, but with over 2,000 tea sets in stock at any given time, I try very hard to send you all different patterns. On a weekly basis, I ship over 500+ tea cups to happy customers all over, and I also replenish my stock with new patterns and designs, and my inventory turnover is very high, and is dynamic, meaning, it changes, but I always shop for the same 'look', and I take new photos regularly to reflect what I have in stock. I currently have 20 listings for the same exact item, "mismatched tea cups", each listing has 10-12 photos, and all photos are current, I update photos as I receive new sets. Consider this listing, and ALL other listings, your portfolio. You will receive cups like the ones shown (or similar in pattern/colors) in the combination of all these photos (over 200 photos to look through). Please do not shop by just looking at one photograph... and I ask that you don't place an order and ask for specific tea cups from a specific photo... because I have over 2,000 tea sets at any given time, and cannot open/repack every box to find that specific cup. This listing is for random tea sets, they all are beautiful!! In NOTES TO SELLER you can ask for colors/themes, and I will fulfill your order with what I have in stock. Please don't write "send me something fun" or "I want glamorous cups", or "I want sunny colors"... be very specific with colors/themes, because what may be 'fun', 'glamorous' or 'sunny' for you, may not mean the same to me. But if you do not want to receive random sets, and would like to pick the specific tea cups you want, I have created listings for unique tea cups, and you can order from the listings below otherwise, by placing an order with me, through any of my "mismatched" listing, you confirm, agree, and understand that you will receive random assorted tea cups, and there are no refunds, returns or exchanges for not liking the tea cups you receive. To avoid you not liking the tea cups you receive, you do have the option to pick and choose the ones you want through these listings You are also welcome to send me a message prior to placing your order asking if I have particular color scheme (not specific tea cup), but with lack of a specific request, I cannot guarantee which color cup and/or saucer you will receive, or what year they are from. I will pick cups and curate a set by coordinating colors or themes, and hope you like the nice set I picked for you! If you are a collector, PLEASE do not place an order through this listing because this listing is for random tea cups and saucers. You will place an order, you may or may not receive what you thought you would receive, and then you will be disappointed. If you want to add to your collection, please look at my listings for individual tea cups with specific brands and themes. If in doubt, please ask questions prior to placing your order.

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113. Bowls

Have some bowls and containers ready for the food. Have small bowls for each table that are filled with lemons, sugar cubes, jam, and butter packets.

114. Pans

A pan to hold the main course such as this one will make a great display of different sandwiches that will be easier for your guests to see and grab more food.

115. Dessert Tier

Include a dessert tier with your supplies as well. With so many different dessert ideas, you’ll need a simple yet innovative holder to display all the different and delicious options.

FEOOWV 2pcs 3 Tier Round &3pcs Rectangle Serving Trays, Plastic Party Cake Stand and Cupcake Holder Fruits Dessert Display Plate Table Decoration for Wedding Birthday Party Celebration(Set of 5pcs)

✅Material : This cute 3-tier dessert stand made out of plastic so they’re not that sturdy and strong. It is Lightweight,and not heavy at all like the metallic ceramics ones. but if you have mini desserts(cookies,marshmallow/candies) they look wonderful. Suggest you put the heavier cupcakes on bottom tier,and light macarons/cookies/marshmallow on top and middle levels just in case.
✅Feature : 3-tier cupcake stand is a little small, but they look nice adorable and very cute! quick and super easy to assemble and disassembled,It was great practical for holding things but not a lot.
✅Design : Easy assembly,could be disposable or washed and reused. Just be cautious put anything heavier than a few cookies on top.Although it was a bit flimsy, but it held chocolate candies well. And it looked very pretty. Not too bad considering the price.Definitely worth the money.
✅Multi Purpose : Perfect to displaying cupcake, dessert, cookies, candy, chocolate, pastry and snacks for baby shower, showcasing event,Tea party decor,daughters birthday,candy buffet,wedding.
✅Package Includes : 2 x 3 Tier Cake Tray; 3 x Middle Rectangle Plastic Serving Trays

116. Pitchers

Pitchers for your beverages are so important. Get two pitchers for each table so your guests have the option between iced tea and water. Or you can have the pitchers hold ice for each table.

117. Cupcake Toppers

Make the desserts look more fun and tasty by including cupcake toppers in your desserts. These floral pattern toppers are adorable and will look great on the desserts. If you are putting together an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party, these cupcake toppers are perfect for the desserts. With toppers saying “Eat Me!” and “Take One!”, how can your guests resist?

118. Table Umbrellas

Depending on where you have your baby shower, whether it be in a venue or outside, make sure to place some umbrellas at each table so your guests are comfortably seated at their tables without the bright and hot sunlight on their heads.

119. Mini Milk Bottles

Want to add a vintage touch to your table set up, add mini milk bottles! These are perfect for filling with cream or milk. Guests can use this to add to their tea if they’d like.

120. Decorative Teaspoons

Decorative tea spoons add a great touch to the table set up. They are not only elegant, but they come in many different styles, so there is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect decorative spoon for your tea themed baby shower. They also are sure to be used by guests for their delightful cups of tea.

121. Elegant Cutlery

Elegant cutlery is a must when hosting a tea party themed baby shower! Gold or silver plastic cutlery is not only practical and affordable, but it also adds to the overall theme of the party!

122. Floral Napkin Rings

Floral napkin rings can add a beautiful touch to your table set up. It is aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical, and can really pull the table together for the overall party.

Baby Shower Tea Party Invitations

Invitation with blue envelope

Source: Unsplash

123. Pop-up Invitations

Teapot or baby onesie designs in the form of a pop up invitation is a great way to announce to guests that a baby shower is on the way. Have guess be greeted with a nice surprise upon opening the invitation!

124. Tea Stained Invitations

Tea stained invitations are fitting for a tea-themed party. This unique look would be a great way to announce the bay shower and its theme, as it gives off a unique and thematic look.

125. Tea Bag Shaped Invitations

Tea bag shaped invitations are perfect if you're looking to stay on theme, guests will definitely not mistake the concept of the baby shower!

126. Envelope Seals

Envelope seals provide an elegant touch, add kettle or tea shaped design seals to your invitation envelopes to add a detailed touch to your invitations.

127. Virtual Invitations

Virtual invitations are really practical in this digital age. Design an invitation fitting to the theme of the baby shower, and offer a virtual version of the baby shower for guests who can’t attend.

128. Wonderland Invitation

Some Wonderland invitations to go with your wonderland theme. They are easy to fill in and exude the wonder everyone will be having about your baby shower, making them want to rsvp faster.

129. "A Baby is Brewing" Invitation

These invitations are so cute with their cute phrases such as "A baby is brewing" and "Let's Par-tea". We can help you choose any baby shower tea party invitation wording you desire, make it customized to fit your fun theme! You can choose any invitation you like; they are all beautiful.

Editable Tea Party Baby Shower Invitation Tea Shower Sprinkle Floral Blue Boy Gold Brunch Bubbly Download Corjl Template Printable 0349

MATCHING ITEMS: ★ A great way to invite your guests and to save money by editing and printing the files yourself! Or send them as an evite by emailing or texting your guests! ★ You will receive a link to edit your digital design, no printed items will be shipped! Simply edit using your computer, laptop and phone, no software required! ★ TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ★ Copy and paste this link into your browser to access our FREE demo. ★ WHAT IS EDITABLE? ★ You can edit, add and remove text, font colors, move and resize the text boxes. You can also add your own images/photos. You CANNOT change the graphics included in the design. FOR PRINTED INVITES & PARTY DECOR VISIT OUR ZAZZLE STORE: -------------------------------------------------------- WHAT DO I RECEIVE? -------------------------------------------------------- ★ PDF with instructions. ★ The design is created for printing in size 5x7". ★ An access link to your editable template that will be send to your e-mail address. The link allows you to edit, save and download your design as JPG, PDF or PNG. -------------------------------------------------------- HOW IT WORKS? -------------------------------------------------------- 1. PURCHASE AND RECEIVE THE LINK TO ACCESS YOUR DESIGN. Once payment is confirmed, you will get an email sent to your registered Etsy account, containing the link for you to access your editable design. Make sure the e-mail address registered in your Etsy account is current. 2. EDIT YOUR DESIGN. Simply edit using your computer, laptop and phone, no software required! You can edit, add and remove text, font colors, move and resize the text boxes. You can also add your own images/photos. You CANNOT change the graphics includes in the design. 3. SAVE YOUR FILES Save your edited design as a JPG, PNG or PDF file. You can use the design for printing purposes but also for sending them electronically. You can save the PDF as multiple on a page to save on printing! You also have the option to add crop marks and bleeds. 4. PRINT YOUR FILES If you plan to use a professional printer, we recommend Prints of Love. Our shop has partnered with them to offer fast, high quality yet affordable printing. Simply follow this link: The files you can also print at home or any local or online print shop (e.g. Kinkos, Staples, Office Depot, Costco). -------------------------------------------------------- HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? -------------------------------------------------------- ★ After payment is made the files will be immediately available for download! So no waiting! ★ Thank you so much for watching, have a nice day! ★ © Aniet Illustration. By purchasing this item you agree to not distribute or resell the file(s) contained in this download. For non commercial, personal use only.

130. Floral Invitation

How will people know about your party if you do not send invitations? Here is a cute floral baby shower invitation. With simple yet beautiful colors and cute font, this set of invitations will make your invites want to come. This set also includes diaper raffle tickets and book request cards with the invitations.

Purple Baby Shower Invitation Violet Lavender Blush Flowers Floral Digital Instant Download Editable Template DIY Printable, BA-180

** PLEASE READ ENTIRE LISTING DESCRIPTION ** Thank you for considering Mad and Jules for your special event! This beautiful invitation is the perfect way to announce your shower. ✱✱✱ INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING ✱✱✱ ➤ An Editable Invitation Template in 5" x 7" ➤ Instructions PDF Download Demo it here! ✱✱✱ COORDINATING PRODUCTS ✱✱✱ All Matching Items: ✱✱✱ IMPORTANT TO KNOW ✱✱✱ ➤ All text on this template is editable - edit it to suit your needs! Change font types, sizes, colors, even change the event type! Lines can be deleted, added, moved, and copied. ➤ The size of the template cannot be changed. ➤ The graphics (artwork) on this template are NOT editable. You cannot change the color of the graphics in any way, or remove parts of the graphics. ➤ You edit this template yourself - Mad and Jules does not provide an editing service. ➤ This is a digital product only. No item will be shipped. ➤ Invitation fits an envelope size A7 (5 1/4” x 7 1/4”) ✱✱✱ THE PROCESS ✱✱✱ 1 ➤ Purchase this listing. 2 ➤ You will receive two emails. ➞➞ Email one: will be from Etsy with the link to your Instructions Download found in your Etsy Profile under “Purchases and Reviews”. Download the Instructions PDF. ➞➞ Email two: will be from Templett with a link to your invitation. This email should come within 10 minutes. If it does not, please check your spam or junk folder on your email. Also ensure that you are using the same email that is on your Etsy profile. Emails are sent automatically and cannot be resent. You must provide the correct email on your Etsy Profile. 3 ➤ Open the Templett link from your email, or if you do not have access to your email, visit and login with the email address on your Etsy Profile. You will create a password so you can save and access your template at any time. 4 ➤ Make your edits! Be sure to follow the Instructions along the way. This should answer any questions you may have. 5 ➤ After you're finished with your edits, you can save and then download your file. You will choose from PDF or JPEG options when saving. You can also add bleeds or crops, or do 2 invitations per page. 6 ➤ Print! You can print at home, online or at a print shop. Please check with your print shop on their requirements. ✱✱✱ ABOUT TEMPLETT ✱✱✱ ➤ It’s an easy to use template editor that works in your web browser. ➤ Please use a laptop or desktop for editing. Templett is not available on mobile devices, phone, iPad etc. ➤ Templett should be used with up-to-date browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, not Internet Explorer. [id:1322028] ✱ All designs are property of Mad and Jules Paperie, and are for personal use only.

131. Teacup Invitations

These teacup-shaped invitations are so simple, cute, and fun!

Elegant Tea Party Invitation/Tea Party Birthday Invitations/ Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation/ Tea Party Invitation/ Baby Shoer Invitation

Elegant hand crafted Tea Party Invitations made to order. These can be customized for any occasion, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, etc. Each invitation is $2.75 and comes completely assembled with an envelope. ** Customization for the color of the invite to change, there will be a $15.00 Customization fee** ♥︎WHAT'S INCLUDED♥︎ Main Invitation 5x7 80lb linen cardstock, layered with glitter cardstock Ribbon with Registry Information Attached Envelopes Please enter your information in the personalization section before checkout. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to creating your perfect invitation!

Baby Shower Tea Parties: Conclusion

Baby showers are such an important celebration of life and support the mother-to-be and her baby. There are an infinite amount of tea party table setting ideas and there are so many themes and ideas to display for your baby shower tea party. From Wonderland to designed centerpieces to fun and playful paper teacups to tasty sandwiches and desserts, the possibilities are endless for the celebration of the mother and the life of the newborn to be. We hope these ideas have guided you in the best direction so you can make this cherish-able moment special for everyone who attends. If you enjoyed this blog you may enjoy our others at!

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