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35 Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Ideas

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower

Updated on: Mar 03, 2024

A special event that brings a miracle to this world is something special, and there are many future adventures to come once the child comes along. There is also a lot of exciting energy that happens before a child is born, so why not create a theme for the mother that gets her excited for her child? Adventure Awaits baby shower theme Is the perfect way to introduce any mother into the world of motherhood or an additional child into their life!

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Decorations

Decorations are one of the vital parts of any baby shower, and a good thing is that you can find a lot of variety with the Adventure Awaits baby shower theme that can go with just about any location. Make sure to also have a checklist of all the decor you want to use so you don't forget an important piece to the baby shower!

1. Banners

Banners are good for just about any type of baby shower! Having a banner that “pops” out the theme is a good way to catch the eyes of guests and get the mother excited for her little one! There are a variety of Adventure Awaits Baby Shower banners that will go to the liking of the guests and mother. You can also be creative and find your own DIY banners that you can make for your liking if you have the time to create the banners as well!

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2. Check-In table & Food tables

A table to have guests check-in will introduce everyone to the baby shower and allow people to “check-in” to the adventure! This will be a good way to warm up guests and give any gifts they may have for the mother and give an opportunity for guests to catch up with the mother.

Tables for food can be set up so guests can relax and enjoy the environment. Along with the tables for guests, you can have a separate table for food and desserts that they can go and pick out!

3. Place cards

Place cards make it easy and identifiable where they should sit and also can provide meaningful decorations that add to the baby shower! The nice thing about place cards is that they can be customized or you can make them on your own! Some cute placeholders and cards can be found on certain retailing websites if you can’t think of your own place cards.

4. Backdrop

Behind every table is a beautiful backdrop to complete the scene! The backdrop will complement the check-in table that you decide to set up! A complementing backdrop idea is one that shows all the countries that promotes a sense of adventure! There are plenty of Adventure Awaits backdrops that you can use to really bring the baby shower together.

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5. Flower Arrangements

Who doesn’t love flowers and the sense of adventure? Flower arrangements will be great for decorations that you can put on both the dining tables and the check-in table along with the banners that you put up! Also, certain flower arrangements can also be used as banners that you can use at the entrance or even along the tables!

6. Balloons

Balloons are a staple of party decorations. They are essential to add more scenery and flavor to your room. To fit the theme of adventure, globe balloons are a great choice to liven up your party.

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7. Centerpieces

A key to tying together great party decoration is through centerpieces for tables. These pieces help make the scene more lively and can take up space if you are having trouble filling up tables. Fitting the adventure awaits theme there are many centerpieces available that look great for it.

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Favors

What’s a baby shower without some favors for the guests? Favors are a special way of marking the occasion and giving guests something to thank them for coming. Luckily, there are budget-efficient ideas to choose from and with this theme, there are bound to be memorable little gifts to make the event even more special for everyone!

8. Mini Suitcases

Seeing suitcases makes you think of traveling right and the sense of adventure, right? Well, why not use these mini suitcases that you can place mini candy inside! Guests will love the simple favor that they can use as a decoration and have some sweets after the baby shower! You can place some of your favorite candies such as miniature M&M’s that would fit well in the mini suitcases!

9. Tribal Boxes

Another way to create a sense of adventure is using tribal boxes that you can place more candy in! It can even be used as simple decorations around the tables where guests can pick from the boxes that you put out! You could create surprise treats in each one which makes it an adventure for everyone to find the box they like the best!

10. Passports

Passports resemble the sense of adventure and traveling that every human does during their lifetime. Both adults and kids can have fun with the fake passports and imagine all the places they want to go to! An idea would be to get passport party favors, that can be made into coloring books where each guest can fill out famous landmarks that will beside the passport coloring book. Another good idea is to make it into a photo album! Place spots within the passport where guests can place pictures within the party favor and it becomes their personal adventure passport!

11. Globe

Finding fillable mini globes are fun ways that will make guests think of the world and all the possibilities they can get from all the adventures in our world! The miniature globes can be filled with an assortment of candies that you want to give to guests. It’s simple, easy, and fun for everyone.

12. Adventure Awaits Stress Ball

This party favor will be good for just about everyone, as we all have stress in our lives that we have to deal with. Stress is a difficult thing, but with the Adventure Awaits stress ball, it’ll leave the guests thinking about their next adventure and have something to release their stress into! This fun idea will leave guests with some entertainment and something to remember from the baby shower!

13. Keychain Souvenirs

One way to make a party memorable is to give your guests something special to go home with. Party favors like keychains are a great way to keep the memory of the moment fresh in your guest's minds.

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Food Ideas

Having food is always something smart to have at a baby shower as guests will usually be satisfied by food. With this type of theme, it’s easy to come up with a variety of food items that everyone will enjoy!

14. Tableware

Having tableware is important as guests will need these supplies in order to have a proper meal and to clean up after themselves. You can find tableware kits that eliminate the hassle of having to find plates, napkins, and other silverware. Many of them you can find that match the theme of the baby shower!

15. Cake Toppers

One of the main desserts you can find at any kind of event is cake. Cake is a safe option that will leave most people satisfied. You can decorate the cake to your liking, and if you’re not sure how to decorate it, there are some Adventure Awaits décor options that you can put on your cake!

16. Cupcake Toppers

Another easy and fun option is cupcakes! They are easy to decorate and will be a breeze to complement the rest of the adventure-themed baby shower. You can find some wrapping and toppers that will match the rest of the baby shower if that’s what works best for you! There are many Adventure Awaits décor for cupcakes that you can find online as well.

17. In-flight drinks, snacks, and snack boxes

This idea will give you more flexibility and lots of options for guests to choose from. You can give out snacks such as small chocolates, fruit cups, popcorn, or even nuts. With drinks, you can give out water, soda, or something like sparking juice to add to the food items! You can even use themed snack boxes to liven up your eats.

18. Popcorn box

You’re going to need popcorn boxes if you are handing out complimentary popcorn to everyone! The Adventure Awaits popcorn boxes will help to avoid any messes and will allow guests to walk around with the boxes. You can also find some boxes that match the theme!

19. Themed Silverware

Another fun way to decorate your party is with themed silverware sets. To fit the adventure theme, an airplane silverware theme could be implemented. The small details are what separates a good baby shower from a great one.

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Activities

Activities help all the guests to come together and celebrate such a memorable event. It also helps to form new connections between everyone and gives the baby shower more excitement! The mother will be so excited about the arrival of her new baby with the theme and activities she participates in.

20. Guess that Place

Guests can have fun guessing the different pronunciations of how to say “baby” from around the world! It’s informative and will spark the interest of everyone that’s there. It will also get the mom excited about her soon-to-be-born baby! You can use a map of the world that will help guests identify each place.

21. Bon Voyage

Sending the mother out onto her new adventure on the right note is crucial. She’ll have her hard days, so have all the guests write some advice that will help the mother when she needs a boost! Play "Bon Voyage" to help her reflect on past times and also get the new mother to be excited about her next adventure! This game will get everyone together with some creative ideas that will be fun for the mom and create some good memories! There are also travel baby shower games you can find to fit your idea of the adventure awaits baby shower theme.

22. Raffle

A simple, yet fun way of getting guests to participate and have fun! Have a raffle that everyone participates in and give out small prizes to those who get drawn out of the raffle!

23. Photo Booth

Remembering the event is always something you should try to do, so why not set up a photo booth for everyone to take pictures! There are plenty of Adventure Awaits photo booths that you can find that will match how you envision the baby shower.

24. Baby Traits

Guessing what traits the new baby will get is something fun you can do! There are plenty of baby trait games that you can use to get everyone involved at the baby shower and let guests have fun predicting what traits the baby will get!

25. Toddler Sensory Travel Kits

Sensory kits are great for new parents as they will have something to gift their child. Having a kit that fits the Adventure Awaits theme will fit into your party even better.

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Party Supplies

Having the right supplies can make or break an event and can help with how smoothly the entire baby shower goes. Here are some ideas that you can take into your baby shower that will help you with your decision-making for the baby shower and be affordable for the entirety of the baby shower.

26. Gift bags

Adventure Awaits party Gift bags will be useful when guests need something to carry if they have extra snacks they want to take out, or need the bag from previous prizes they may have won from the earlier activities that were mentioned! They make it convenient for carrying around items at the baby shower and that can be useful.

27. Wrappers

Wrappers will allow you to seal things such as your gift bags or you can put the wrappers on things such as your decorations, the drinks you supply, or just about anything you need! Adventure Awaits wrappers can also be used for the gender reveal if that's something you plan on doing as well.

28. Maps

Mini maps are a perfect detail to make your event space exciting. You can create this on your own by buying a map and cutting it up or you can buy pre-cut map pieces online.

29. Bottle Openers

Being a new mother can be tiring. All of the sleepless nights can make anyone go crazy. You aren't alone, sometimes mothers just need a bottle of wine to be able to relax. This is why an airplane-shaped bottle opener would be a great party supply for your adventure-themed baby shower.

30. Binoculars

No adventure is complete without binoculars! You can either buy or make some binoculars for all of your guests to enjoy during the baby shower.

31. Fake Cloud Decor

A fun way to spice up your baby shower's decor is with fake clouds! It totally fits the theme of adventure and will help you set up tables in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Let's see what your adventure awaits from inside the clouds.

32. Airplane Toy Decorations

When you think of adventures you think of airplanes. Travel is a huge theme of adventure and what better way to spice up your party than small toy airplane decorations.

Adventure Awaits Baby Shower Party Invitations

Invitations are ways of getting the word out about the baby shower give the guests important information on the event. Having a creative invitation idea can really set the tone for the themed baby shower!

33. Cards

This is the most simple way of getting the word out about the baby shower! You can specialize certain messages on the card to each individual guest and tell them about the theme of the baby shower! There are a wide variety of Adventure Awaits party invitations that you can selectively choose from.

34. Message in a bottle

Have you seen where they put messages into jars and put them into the ocean to sail them away? Well, a fun idea is to fill the jar with candy or fun little messages for the guests! Then you can also put the invitations into the jars like in the movies. The message in a bottle would be a hit for most guests and would love to see the unique invitation.

35. Compasses

Sometimes we get lost on our adventures in life and need some direction. Using compasses as a party favor and an invitation is a fun way to give others some “direction” and write a fun message on the back that invites them to the theme party!


Creating the baby shower is ultimately up to you and however, you decide from these ideas will be an adventure! The soon mother-to-be will enjoy the baby shower in fun and creative ways that make her think of adventure and living her best life. Also, if you want to find out more information about topics like these please check out the rest of EasyEventPlanning! Now, enjoy the quest that you take on to prepare for this baby shower.

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