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215 Creative Bee Baby Shower Ideas

Bee Baby Shower

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

Looking for bee baby shower ideas? There are endless themes you can choose from for this happy moment. However, we have got you covered with a complete guide ranging from decorations, menu ideas, to party favors and invitations for this bee themed baby shower. These suggestions would make event planning fun and easy while creating the best experience for you and your guests. Our website also offers a checklist to make your planning process a breeze. Here are some great ideas to turn your baby shower into a bumble bee blast!

Bee Baby Shower Decorations

Decorating the space is one of the most important thing when you are planning an event. There are many creative ideas that can potentially inspire you for your baby shower, but creating a honey bee theme will be adored by all your guests.

1. Honeycomb Backdrop

Backdrops are a quick way to make the vibe of your party feel completely different. You can use different honeycombed-shaped decorations to create a unique backdrop for your party.

2. Beehive Centerpieces

Centerpieces are crucial when you are looking to spice up the design on your tables. Having mini beehive replicas as your centerpiece is a fun way to make any table feel more bee themed.

3. Bee-Shaped Paper Lanterns

You can hang paper lanterns in the shape of bees from the ceiling. This can make your party seem much more fun and exciting and even feel like you are inside a beehive with some of the bees!

4. Beehive Piñata

Filling a piñata with small treats and toys is a staple in the party industry. It is a sure way to make everyone have fun.

5. Bee Balloons Garland Arch

Balloons are a must for decorations. Using black, yellow, and white, or even bee-shaped balloons can set the theme easily. You can choose to buy individual balloons and design the garland yourself or you can buy the garland arch kit to assemble.

6. Bee Cutouts

You may set up bee-shaped cutouts on doors or walls to add a nice decor to your party.

7. Honey Dipper Stirrers

Placing honey dippers into glasses or cups has both fun and practical uses at your party. They provide a fun and on theme aesthetic as well as function as stirrers.

8. Bee Themed Table Runner

Adding a bee themed table runner can range from simple to complex. You can go simple with just black and yellow colors, or a little more complex and have bee patterns, a design of bees flying around, it can resemble a honeycomb, the possibilities are endless!

9. Bee-Shaped Confetti

You can scatter little pieces of bee-shaped confetti anywhere you want to make your party seem more upbeat and on theme.

10. Yellow Flower Bouquet

Flowers are one of the best elements for decorating parties. Adding flowers gives the baby shower an elegant atmosphere while making it fun. For example, sunflower bouquet would be suitable for this bee baby shower theme. You can also have the baby shower in the garden if you want to use some current plants you have in your yard.

11. Honeycomb place cards

You can make place cards directing guests where to sit in the shape of a honeycomb to add some flair to your table decor.

12. Bee Trail Floor Decals

You can put vinyl bee trials decals or stickers on the floor leading guests to various places. For example a trail leading to the dance floor, or food area, or bathroom, etc.

13. Buzzing Beverage Station

You can create or rent a self serving drink station for your guests. Be sure to include bee themed decals as well as honey for drink sweeteners.

14. Bee Tablecloth

Bee tablecloth is a good snack table decoration, especially if you are planning on using a rectangular long table to place the food. It helps to bring the bee baby shower theme together easily if you are not ready to spend a ton for decorations. You can also purchase tablecloths with a honeycomb design for a great beehive decoration idea!

15. Bee-Themed Cupcake Stand

An easy way to spice up your bee themed party to create a beautiful aesthetic would be to implement a cupcake stand that resembles a beehive.

16. Honeycomb candles

If you want to add a warm and comforting glow to your party, consider implementing beehive/honeycomb shaped candles to create a cool ambiance.

17. Buzzing Utensil Holders

Mason jars decorated with bee motifs for the purpose of holding forks, knifes, spoons, etc can add a cute aesthetic to your tables.

18. Bee-Themed Wall Decals

Something as simple as adding bee-themed decals or sticks to your walls can really make your party pop to your guest’s eyes.

19. Bee Banner

Bee banners are easy to make and you can customize them depending on what design, pictures, or words you want to be on them. These make the best bee decorations for an outdoor or indoor baby shower. If you are not the greatest artist to customize your own, you can also print out images and glue them on the banner to make this decoration simple and easy.

20. Honeycomb-Shaped Serving Bowls

Add some honeycomb-shaped serving bowls to your shopping list! This unexpected decoration will be sure to excite your guests and get them in the “Bee” mood.

21. Bee-Themed Baby Clothesline

You can hang miniature baby clothes with bee designs on them as a decorative display. This is both on theme for the “bee” theme as well as supports the baby shower aesthetic.

22. Tissue Paper Pom Pom

These tissue paper pom poms are fun and creative. There are many ways to decorate with pom-poms. For instance, you can hang them on the ceiling, place them on the snack table, tape them on the wall, or make them into flowers to put in a vase.

23. Honeybee Fairy String Lights

The bee fairy string lights are great for setting a warm and soft atmosphere for your mommy to bee baby shower. You can choose to hang them on the walls with nails or set them on a decorative table for centerpieces. Either option would be beautiful.

24. Beehive-Shaped Gift Box

You can create a beehive-shaped box for guests to drop off their gifts for the parents-to-be. You can even put a sign with a joke or a funny pun, “parents to bee”.

25. Beehive Mimosa Bar

You can set up a mimosa bar with items such as; honey infused syrups, various fruit juices, and champaign to celebrate this joyous occasion.

26. Bee Party Decorative Wreath

A Bee wreath would be awesome to place at the entrance of the baby shower whether it is on a door or hanging on a wall. A wreath would be the start of the theme that opens up the view of all other decorations. If you choose to have your party inside, placing these bee wreaths throughout the room will be great decor to fill any empty spaces.

27. Bee-Themed Onesie Decorating Station

You can provide your guests with plain white onesie fabrics and give them markers, stencils stickers, etc. and encourage them to create their own custom bee-themed baby onesies.

Bee Baby Shower Sweet Flavored Party Favors

28. Honey Lollipops

You can make lollipops with real honey in various flavors, such as honey lavender or honey lemon. This is a on theme and delicious treat for your guests to take home with them. You can put them inside of a plastic bag or a mason jar to complete the aesthetic of the gift.

29. Honey Butter

Give out small jars filled with delectable honey-infused butter to all your guests for the purpose of spreading it on toast or scones.

30. Honey Almond cookies

Delicious almond cookies sweetened with some honey and beautifully packaged would be a great thank you gift for all your guests.

31. Bee Themed Candy Box

This bee themed gift box can be used for any kind of shower favors, including store bought sweets and homemade goodies.

Paper Treat Boxes for Bee Party Favors (3.5 x 3.5 x 5.5 in, 50 Pack)

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32. Honey Caramel Flavored Popcorn

Serve gourmet style popcorn coated with honey caramel to give your guests a sweet and crunchy treat.

33. Honey Glazed Nuts

You can give your guests an assortment of nuts such as almonds, pecans, or cashews glazed with sweet tasting honey and other spices.

34. Honey Vanilla Marshmallows

Giving soft and fluffy marshmallows infused with honey and a hint of vanilla would be a lovely treat for your guests.

35. Honey Infused Olive Oil

Give out small bottles of honey-infused, they are perfect for drizzling over salads or bread.

36. Honey

Honey is the easiest shower favor that matches the bee theme. Almost everyone uses honey at home for their meals or snacks. It is a great gift that is cute and also practical.

37. Honey Jellies

Pack assorted fruit jellies flavored with honey into small mason jars. You can decorate the jars with sunflowers or any other bee-themed decals.

Bee Baby Shower Salty or Savory Flavored Party Favors

38. Honey Mustard Pretzels

You can put bite size pretzels, coated with honey mustard seasoning, in a jar to give your guests the perfect salty treat.

39. Honey Roasted Nuts

Treat your guests to an assortment of nuts including; peanuts, cashews, and almonds coated in honey glaze and roasted.

40. Honey BBQ Popcorn

Serve popcorn seasoned with a savory honey BBQ seasoning in mason jars or some other small container for your guests to bring it home in.

41. Savory Honey Cheddar Biscuits

You can give your guests flaky cheddar biscuits with a small amount of honey for a delightful flavor

42. Honey Glazed Bacon Bites

You can serve tasty bite-sized bacon pieces glazed with honey for a savory-sweet twist. Your guest’s tastebuds will thank you later.

43. Honey Sesame Snack Mix

A mixture of nuts, pretzels, and sesame sticks seasoned with honey. You can serve this in a small bowl, jar or plastic bag.

44. Honey Herb Roasted Chickpeas

Serve chickpeas seasoned with honey, herbs and spices, then roast until they are nice and crispy.

Bee Baby Shower Drinkable Party Favors

45. Honey Mint/ Honey Berry Lemonade

Served in a bottle/mason jar, honey mint or honey berry flavored lemonade would be a cool, refreshing and flavorful drink for your guests on a hot summer day.

46. Honey Lemon Tea

DIY honey lemon tea mixed in cute jars or sachets for your guests to enjoy at home would be a wonderful idea.

47. Mini Honey Jars

Fill small jars with honey, along with cute drink recipe cards that incorporate honey to stay on theme.

48. Honey Tea Sampler

Give out individual tea bags in different flavors, such as honey chamomile or honey green tea.

49. Honey Infused Syrups

Give to your guests bottles of various flavored syrups infused with honey, like honey lavender or honey cinnamon.

50. Honey and Fruit Smoothie Mix

DIY smoothie mix in jars, along with honey and dried fruit.

51. Beehive Hot Cocoa Mix

Give your guests individual packets of hot cocoa mix in the shape of beehives. You can complete the look by adding honey stirrers.

52. Honey Iced Coffee Concentrate

Hand out bottles of pre-made honey-sweetened iced coffee concentrate for your guests to enjoy later.

53. Honey Mint Mocktail Kit

Small kits containing fresh mint leaves, honey, and recipe cards for your guests to create honey mint mocktails.

54. Honey Fruit Punch

Give your guests small bottles of honey fruit punch with a mix of many different tropical flavors.

55. DIY Honey Cocktail Set

Hand out miniature bottles of honey, along with small bottles of liquor and cocktail recipe cards.

56. Honey Ginger Iced Tea

Bottle up some honey ginger iced tea to give your guests a zesty and sweet beverage to go home with.

Bee Baby Shower Wearable Party Favors

57. Bee Antenna Headbands

Give your guests cute headbands with makeshift bee antennas on them that your guests can wear during the party and take home with them afterwards.

58. Beehive Hairpins

Hand out beehive shaped hairpins, this is perfect for adding a touch of bee-themed style to your guests hair. This will also make your guests feel that they are involved in the theme of the party and will create a more friendly atmosphere.

59. Bee Socks

Give your guests comfy socks with bee patterns embroidered on them. You may wish to include a couple different pairs with different designs or colors.

60. Honeycomb Bracelets

Bracelets designed to resemble honeycombs, made with silicone or metal materials.

61. Bee Wings

Hand out miniature bee wings that guests can wear as a fun accessory and even take home afterwards.

62. Bee Hats or Caps

Give your guests hats or caps with bee motifs or bee-related phrases. Your guests can wear them at your party to feel more connected with each other and show their support.

63. Honey Bee Earrings

Cute earrings in the shape of bees or featuring fun bee charms>

64. Honeycomb Necklace

Hand out to your guests necklaces designed to resemble honeycombs, available in various materials.

65. Beehive Scarves

Give your guests scarves with bee-themed patterns or bee prints.

66. Bee Brooches

Delicate brooches in bee-like shapes to pin onto your guests' clothing.

67. Bee Wristbands

Give your guests silicone wristbands with bee inspired designs on them. If you wish to simplify this idea you can give your guests plain black and yellow wristbands.

68. Bee Sunglasses

Sunglasses with bee decals on them, or bee-shaped frames would be the perfect baby shower party favor for a hot summer day.

69. Honey Bee Pins

Hand out enamel pins with bee illustrations, bee-themed puns, or baby shower-related phrases.

70. Bee-Themed Face Masks

Give out custom face masks featuring bee patterns or bee graphics.

71. Beehive Pendants

Delicate bee hive pendants on chains that your guests can wear as necklaces at your baby shower.

72. Bee Finger Puppets

Give your guests cute bee finger puppets for them to play with and wear on their fingers. Not all of them have to be bees, some can be sunflowers, honeycombs, or anything else bee related.

73. Honeycomb Temporary Tattoos

Give your guests temporary tattoos in a honeycomb design for fun, temporary body art.

74. Bee Anklets

Hand out anklets adorned with tiny bee charms for a cute and subtle touch of bee-inspired fashion.

75. Bee Badge Reels

Practical badge reels with bee designs for your guests to wear at your party, work, events or wherever they wish.

76. Bee Gloves

Give your guests gloves with bee details and designs, such as wings and stripes, this is perfect for keeping hands warm as well as stylish.

Bee Baby Shower Eco-Friendly Party Favors

77. Bee-Printed Cloth Bags

Hand out reusable cloth bags with bee prints, this is perfect for carrying groceries or everyday items.

78. Honey in Recycled Glass Jars

Give out locally sourced honey packaged in recycled glass jars with bee themed labels or with bee themed stickers or other decals on the jar.

79. Seed Bombs

Give your guests handmade seed bombs containing bee-friendly flower seeds, which guests can plant to support pollinators.

80. Beeswax Wraps

Hand out reusable beeswax wraps that can replace single-use plastic wrap for sustainable food storage.

81. Bee-Friendly Planters

Give out small biodegradable planters with pollinator-friendly flower seeds or seedlings.

82. Bee-Shaped Seed Paper

Hand out seed paper shaped like bees that guests can plant to grow different types of wildflowers.

83. Honeycomb Beeswax Candles

Give out beeswax candles molded in honeycomb patterns for a natural and eco-friendly ambiance.

84. Honeycomb Notepads

Hand out notepads made from recycled paper with honeycomb motifs on the cover.

85. Bee Habitat Kits

Give your guests DIY bee habitat kits containing materials and instructions for creating bee-friendly spaces.

86. Honeycomb Enamel Pins

Hand out enamel pins in the shape of honeycombs, made from eco-friendly materials.

87. Bee-Shaped Wooden Keychains

Give out keychains made from eco-friendly wood, shaped like bees or other bee associate items, such as honeycombs, honey dippers, sunflowers, beehives, etc.

Bee Baby Shower Electronic Party Favors

88. Bee Themed Digital Wallpapers

Create and provide for your guests downloadable bee-themed wallpapers for guests’ smartphones or computers.

89. Bee Emoji Stickers Pack

You can develop a pack of bee-themed emojis and stickers for your guests to use in their messaging apps.

90. Bee-Themed Digital Photo Frames

You can create digital photo frames with bee illustrations that your guests can use to display their favorite pictures.

91. Bee Baby Shower Music Playlist

Create a playlist of bee-themed or baby-related songs for your guests to download and enjoy.

92. Bee Mobile Apps

You can recommend and provide your guests a list of educational bee-related mobile apps for both kids and their parents to use.

93. Bee-Themed Social Media Filters

You can design and share bee-themed filters for your guests to use on their social media posts. Your millennials guests will appreciate this one.

94. Buzzing Baby Shower E-Book

You can create a digital e-book with bee-themed baby shower tips, trivia and games for your guests to download.

95. Honey Recipe E-Cookbook

Compile a digital cookbook featuring honey-inspired recipes that your guests can download. Most people keep paper copies of their cookbooks, this would be an easier way for people to access their cookbooks with it all in one place.

96. Bee Meditation Audio Guide

You can create a guided bee-themed meditation audio file for your guests to listen to and relax. With people nowadays becoming more and more concerned with their mental health, your guests will greatly appreciate this kind gesture.

Bee Baby Shower Custom/Personalized Party Favors

97. Personalized Honey Jar Labels

Customize honey car labels with the baby’s name, initials or the event date on it.

98. Customized Bee Keychains

Hand out bee-shaped keychains with the baby's name or initials engraved on them.

99. Personalized Beehive Wall Art

Create personalized wall art with the baby’s name and a bee-themed design.

100. Custom Honey Bottle Tags

Give out personalized tags tied around honey bottles with a special message or the baby’s name.

101. Personalized Bee Nursery Mobile

Create a bee-themed nursery mobile with the baby’s name hanging from it and give it to your guests to enjoy as party favors.

102. Custom Honeycomb Thank You Cards

You can Design thank you cards for your guests with honeycomb patterns and personalize them with the baby's name.

103. Personalized Bee Seed Packets

Customize seed packets with the baby’s name and something like, “bee loved” or another sweet pun for your guests to enjoy.

104. Personalized Bee-Shaped Placemats

You may design placemats with the baby’s name for each guest's place setting. These placemats can be in the shape of bees, honeycombs, flowers, or any other bee-related object.

105. Custom Bee-Themed Water Bottles

Provide your guests with personalized water bottles with the baby’s name or initials and bee illustrations.

Bee Baby Shower Unique Inedible Party Favors

106. Mini Beehive Terrariums

Give out small glass terrariums filled with bee-friendly plants and decorative bee figurines.

107. Bee-Themed Succulent Planters

Hand out small planters decorated with bee motifs, containing succulent plants.

108. Honeycomb Coasters

Honeycomb coasters are one of the best shower favors for bee baby shower. Your guests would definitely appreciate this cute gift. You can pack a few in one gift pouch if you are feeling generous.

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109. Beehive Stress Balls

Give your guests beehive-shaped stress balls for your guests to squeeze and relieve their stress.

110. Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm

Burt’s Bees lip balm is a symbolic bee theme party favor that is useful. It is simple but thoughtful, and it is suitable for everyone on your guest list.

111. Bee-Themed Tote Bags

Hand out reusable tote bags with bee illustrations or phrases as a practical and eco-friendly favor

112. Honeycomb Puzzle Cubes

Give out mini puzzle cubes with honeycomb patterns for a fun brain teaser.

113. Honey Scented Honeycomb Soap

Honey scented honeycomb soap is another great party favor. You can either make it yourselves or buy them online depending on how much effort you want to put in preparing for your baby shower.

114. Bee-Shaped Fridge Magnets

Hand out cute bee-shaped magnets for your guests to display on their refrigerators.

115. Bee-Themed Coloring Books

Give your guests coloring books with bee illustrations and honey-themed coloring pages. This is a fun activity for your guests to do with their children to make the party fun for them as well.

116. Honey Dipper

Honey dippers are a great party favor idea for this bee baby shower. It would be even better and unique if you want to give out both honey and honey dipper as a pair.

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117. Beehive Coin Banks

Hand out small beehive-shaped coin banks for your guests to save their spare change.

118. Bee-Themed Hand Fans

Give out handheld fans with bee patterns or bee graphics, this is perfect for those hot summer days.

Bee Baby Shower Hobby Party Favors

119. Beekeeping Starter Kits

Provide your guests with small beekeeping starter kits including basic equipment and information for interested guests.

120. Bee-Themed Gardening Tools

Give your guests bee-themed gardening tools like gloves, trowels, or seed markers.

121. DIY Beeswax Wrap Kits

Prepare for your guests, DIY beeswax wrap kits with materials for your guests to make their own eco-friendly wraps.

122. Beekeeping Books

Offer your guests books about beekeeping or honeybee facts as party favors for your guests to expand their knowledge on the subject.

123. Honey Infused Skincare Products

Share with your guests honey-infused skincare products like lotions or lip balms for those interested in natural skincare.

124. Bee-Themed Sewing Kits

You can prepare sewing kits with bee-themed fabric and patterns for your crafty guests.

125. DIY Honey Soap Making Kits

You can create DIY soap making kits with honey and other essential oils for your guests to craft their own honey soap.

126. Bee-Themed Scrapbooking Materials

You can provide scrapbooking materials with bee motifs for craft enthusiasts to create bee-themed scrapbooks.

Bee Baby Shower Menu Ideas

127. Honeycomb-Shaped Chocolates

Give your guests honeycomb-shaped chocolates or honey-flavored treats.

128. Waffles

Waffles are not just for breakfast but also great for snacks. You can choose to make it classic or add some chocolate flavor to it. Believe it or not, substituting maple syrup with honey would be great, too. This is a perfect food idea for a sweet as can bee baby shower, keeping the theme sweet and delicious.

129. Honey Mustard Meatballs

Who doesn’t love meatballs? Serve tender meatballs coated in a tangy honey mustard sauce.

130. Bee-Shaped Tea Sandwiches

You can use a bee-shaped cookie cutter to create cute tea sandwiches with various fillings. You can also use any other bee related shape, beehives, honeycombs, flowers, etc.

131. Honey-Roasted Nuts

Give your guests a crunchy and sweet mix of honey-roasted almonds, walnuts and cashews.

132. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are great party food that is easy to make. Guests are able to grab and eat without making a mess. Dress it up with chili powder and parsley to make it even prettier.

133. Bumblebee Caprese Skewers

Serve skewers with cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, mozzarella balls, drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

134. Pollen Salad

You may wish to serve a vibrant salad with mixed greens, edible flowers, fresh berries and a honey-based dressing.

135. Bee Breadsticks

Serve breadsticks twisted to resemble bees, you may wish to serve this with a side of honey flavored dipping sauce.

136. Honey Glazed Chicken Skewers

No rules say party food has to be desserts. Honey glazed chicken skewers are delicious and perfect for your bee baby shower. This would even be a better idea if you are holding the shower at mealtime like lunch or dinner.

137. Honey Glazed Carrots

Your guests will be sure to enjoy some roasted carrots coated with a honey glaze, garnished with fresh thyme.

138. Beehive Deviled Eggs

Serve deviled eggs piped with a creamy filling and decorated with a sprinkle of paprika to resemble beehives.

139. Honey Butter Croissants

Serve delicious flakey croissants with a side of whipped honey butter.

140. Honey Glazed Ham Sliders

Serve mini sliders filled with honey-glazed ham, swiss cheese and mustard.

141. Beehive Mini Quiches

Serve bite-sized quiches made with eggs, cheese, and veggies in the shape of beehives.

142. Honey Lollipops

Honey lollipops are the best candy choice at a bee baby shower. You can make it into any shape you want depending on what you prefer. Be as creative as you can! Also for a fun dessert, a bee themed cake would have your guests buzzing. You can purchase one, or if you are on a budget, simply make your own cake and get yellow and black frosting to top it off!

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143. Bee Pollen Energy Bites

Serve healthy and nutritious energy bites made with nuts, dates, and bee pollen.

144. Beehive Cheese Ball

A cheese ball shaped like a beehive, coated with crusted nuts and served with crackers. This is a treat that everyone will enjoy.

145. Honey Panna Cotta

Serve a creamy panna cotta infused with honey and garnished with fresh berries.

146. Honey Glazed Salmon

Serve grilled or baked salmon filets brushed with a honey glaze for a sweet and savory dish.

147. Lemon Loaf

Since the theme revolves around yellow, the lemon loaf would also be a good food choice for this bee baby shower theme. A whole loaf is plenty of food that can satisfy your guests easily.

148. Beehive Bread Bowl Dip

You may wish to serve a creamy dip, such as spinach and artichoke or buffalo chicken, in a bread bowl shaped like a beehive.

149. Buzzing Bruschetta

Top toasted baguette slices with a mix of honey-roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, and fresh basil.

150. Bee-licious Sushi Rolls

You can create sushi rolls with yellow and black ingredients like mango, avocado, and black sesame seeds, resembling bees.

151. Yellow Fruit Plate

Fruits are a healthy food option to prepare for a party. You can use yellow fruits to continue the yellow theme. Some examples are pineapples, mangos, bananas, citrus fruits, and yellow kiwis. Dry fruits would be a great alternative for fresh fruits as well, if prepping fresh snacks are too much of a hassle for you.

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152. Honeyed Goat Cheese Crostini

Spread some creamy goat cheese on crostini and drizzle with honey, garnished with thyme or crushed pistachios.

153. Cheese Board

Putting up a cheese board adds some variety to the food options. You can pair the cheese with anything you want. Some ideas to match the bee theme include some food choices, such as crackers, black olives, white chocolate-covered pretzels, cheddar cheese, and colby jack cheese.

154. Pollen Infused Salad Dressing

You can prepare a vinaigrette dressing using bee pollen, olive oil, lemon juice, and dijon mustard to dress a fresh salad.

155. Popcorns

Gourmet popcorns are great snacks for a baby shower. Being creative with the flavor can also bring some fun to the food table. You can choose cheddar cheese flavored popcorns, caramel popcorns, or just the classic butter.

156. Honey Iced Tea

For the drink options, you can also make honey iced tea. Use any tea bags depending on your like and add honey for sweetness. Just make sure the tea is at a warm temperature that can dissolve honey.

157. Beehive-Shaped Honey Cornbread

You can bake cornbread in beehive-shaped molds, sweetened with honey for a delightful twist.

158. Honey Strawberry Lemonade

Lemonade is everyone’s favorite that can never go wrong. Sweetening up the lemonade with honey makes it a whole lot better. If you are not a fan of strawberries, you can also switch the fruit to cheery, peach, or other options.

159. Honey Baked Brie

You can serve a warm, gooey brie cheese topped with a drizzle of honey and crushed walnuts, accompanied by sliced baguette.

Bee Baby Shower Games

160. Bee-Themed Trivia Quiz

Prepare a trivia quiz with some questions about bees, honey and other bee-related facts. The guest with the most correct answers wins a small prize.

161. Guess the Honey Flavor

You can arrange a blind taste test with different flavors of honey. Your guests can sample each one and try to guess the flavor correctly. You can give the guest who gets the most answers correct a small prize.

162. Buzzing Diaper Challenge

Start by dividing your guests into teams and give each team a roll of yellow crepe paper. Then they have to wrap one team member from head to toe, creating a “bee” out of the person using the crepe paper, within a given time limit. The team that wrapped their person the best will win a small prize.

163. Who Knows Mommy-to-Bee Best Baby Shower Game

Bee Bingo game is a classic game for a baby shower. Prepare a list of questions to ask your guests and announce a winner at the end. You could give out prizes to the winners or simply enjoy the time with everyone.

164. Bee-Themed Baby Pictionary

Start by creating a list of bee-themed words or baby-related phrases and play a game of pictionary. Guests can then take turns drawing while other guests guess the word or phrase. The winning team can receive a small prize.

165. Honeybee Baby Shower Bingo

You can customize bingo cards with baby-related words or bee-themed items. As gifts are opened, guests can mark off the corresponding squares. The first one to get a line or full card yells “Bingo!”. And obviously the winner can get some sort of prize.

166. Beehive Balloon Pop

You can start by filling yellow and black balloons with small prizes or messages and attach them to a large beehive-shaped board or backdrop. Guests can then take turns popping balloons to reveal their surprises.

167. The Bears and The Bees Card Game

This bee-themed card game is fun and suitable for both kids and adults. There could be 2-5 players at a time and the games last approximately 30 minutes.

168. Bumblebee Baby Shower Mad Libs

You can create a mad libs game using bee-themed or baby-related stories. Guests then fill in the missing words, and then everyone reads the hilarious completed stories aloud.

169. Bee Pollination Game

Set up a game where your guests have to use tweezers or clothespins to transfer yellow pom-pom “pollen” onto different flower cutouts within a given time limit. The winner could receive a small prize.

170. Honey Bee Tree Game

Honey bee tree game is one of the best games at parties. In this game, players are aiming to carefully remove leaves without dislodging the sleeping bees on the tree. Whoever with the fewest bees at the end of the game would be the winner.

171. Honeycomb Building Challenge

You can provide your guests with edible building materials such as pretzels, marshmallows, or honey. Then challenge them to build their own honeycomb structures.

172. Beehive Ring Toss

It would be fun to create a bee-themed ring toss game with rings tossed onto bee antenna headbands.

173. Honeycomb Puzzle Game

You can create a giant honeycomb puzzle using a foam board or some cardboard, and have your guests try to solve it together.

Bee Baby Shower Party Supplies

174. Bee-Themed Cupcake Wrappers

You can dress up your cupcakes with cute, bee-themed wrappers in yellow and black colors.

175. Honeycomb Drink Stirrers

Provide your guests honeycomb-shaped drink stirrers to add a sweet touch to their beverages.

176. Bumble Bee Table Runner

A bumblebee table runner is a cute decorative piece for your food and snack table. It brightens up the party that also helps to complete the bee theme with ease.

177. Bee-Themed Party Hats

Hand out party hats featuring adorable bee designs for guests to wear during your celebration.

178. Bee Disposable Tableware

Cute bee-themed cups and plates are complimentary for a bee baby shower. You can place them on the snack table for the guests or use them to present the food you prepare. This beehive party idea will be a great touch to include that will tie your whole event together.

Bumble Bee Party Supplies Tableware Set Includes 24 9" Plates 24 7" Plate 24 9 Oz Cup 50 Lunch Napkin Honey Bees Honeycomb Baby Shower & Happy Bee Day Birthday Disposable Paper Dinnerware Decorations

Honey Bumble Bee Set Serves 24: Gift Boutique honey bees Happy bee day party set includes 24 9” Dinner Plates featuring an elegant yellow and white design with honeycombs as the border, and accents of bumblebees in the center with 50 Luncheon Napkins coordinating. 24 7” Dessert Plates is designed with a honey comb background with one buzzing bee and heart-shaped wings with 24 9 oz. cups coordinating.
High Quality: Plates are made of high quality thick paper. Napkins are soft and absorbent. Great for a sweet beehive honeycomb Winnie the Pooh bear party. Do NOT place the plates in the microwave. Cups are for cold drinks only.
Enough For Your Guests: Stock up with this set of quality plates, cups and napkins to make sure you have enough for any honeybee baby shower themed boys and girls gender reveal party or event. The party set really adds dimension to your parties as your guests will love the cute and fun design.
More Time to Enjoy: Disposable paper reduces clean-up time so you can enjoy more time with friends and family at this busy bumblebee themed birthday party. After the party just collect the tablecloths with all the garbage and throw it into the trash can. Presto! Cleanup completed!
Dimensions: Dinner Plates measure 9” in diameter and Dessert Plates measure 7”. Cups are 9 oz. capacity. Napkins are 3-ply and measure 13” x 13” when unfolded and 6.5” x 6.5” when folded.

179. Honeycomb Beverage Dispenser

You can serve drinks from a beverage dispenser designed to resemble a honeycomb, or maybe even a beehive.

180. Bumblebee Party Bags

Provide your guests with bee-themed party bags for them to collect their party favors and other treats.

181. Bee Themed Decorative Metal Pitcher

A bee pitcher is a great choice for a bee baby shower, especially if you are planning on serving hot beverages. This is perfect for hot honey tea, coffee, and other drinks.

182. Beehive Honey Jar Covers

You can decorate small jars of honey with beehive-shaped covers for a delightful touch.

183. Bumblebee Party Paper Cups

By bringing bee-themed paper cups to your bee baby shower open up decorative elements beyond balloons and flowers. When the guests are holding these cups, the bee theme would be carried around the entire space.

Bumblebee Party Yellow Paper Cups - 8 Pc.

Take a sip of honey-sweet party success out of these Bumblebee Party Cups! Perfect party supplies for a baby shower or birthday party, these cute cups look like you're getting a really close look at a honeycomb. Bring the whole hive together with more Bumblebee Party supplies found elsewhere on this website. Paper. (8 pcs. per unit) 3 1/4" 9 oz.

184. Beehive-Shaped Menu Cards

You may wish to place menu cards in the shape of beehives at each table setting to showcase the delicious food options.

185. Bumble Bee Cupcake Toppers

Bumble bee cupcake toppers are great decorations on the food table. If you are not planning on designing the cupcakes to match the bee theme, these are a great option to add in the bee element.

Bee Baby Shower invitations

186. Bee-Themed Baby Shower Evites

You can create digital invitations with bee-themed graphics and some customizable texts. It would be cute to add some bee inspired puns to the invitation. For example, “we would bee thrilled to have you”.

187. Honeycomb Baby Shower Invitations

You can use a honeycomb pattern as the background and incorporate bee graphics or honey jar illustrations.

188. Mommy-to-bee Book Request Cards

This is a bee themed book request invitation. If you are searching for books for your baby, it would be the best invitation card for you to purchase.

189. Beehive Baby Shower Invites

You can use an image of a beehive as the main design element, with the baby shower details inside.

190. Polka Dot Bee Baby Shower Invitations

You can use a polka dot pattern in yellow and black as the background and add some fun bee graphics for a cheerful look.

191. Bee Baby Shower Invites with Diaper Raffles Cards

Diaper raffle card invitation is perfect for the newborn baby. You guests will love to bring a few packs of diapers knowing they are helping the mom-to-be stock up on some much needed baby supplies. Or you can also give a hint to your guests about gifts that would be helpful for a new mom.

192. Garden of Love Invitations

You can create invitations featuring a garden scene with flowers, bees, and the baby shower details integrated into the design.

193. Vintage Bee Baby Shower Invites

You can create invitations with a vintage-inspired look, featuring old-fashioned bee illustrations and elegant typography.

194. Honeycomb and Bee Silhouette Invitations

You can use a honeycomb pattern as the background and add a silhouette of a bee for a simple yet stylish invitation design.

195. Sweet Ba Bee Invites

This baby shower invite is simple and elegant. You can download it edit with customized information.

196. Busy Bees Baby Shower Invites

You can use a playful illustration of busy bees flying around, with the baby shower details incorporated into the design.

197. Beehive and Balloons Invitations

You can create invitations featuring a beehive with colorful balloons floating above, symbolizing the joy of the upcoming arrival of your baby.

Bee Baby Shower Activities

198. Beekeeper’s Corner

Designate a cozy corner with a vintage beekeeper’s suit, gloves, hat for your guests to take fun photos in and also maybe learn something about beekeeping.

199. DIY Beeswax Candle Making

You can set up a station where your guests can make their own beeswax candles, using pre-cut sheets of beeswax and wicks.

200. Buzzing Baby Advice Jar

Provide your guests slips of paper for guests to write down their best parenting advice and place them in a bee-shaped jar.

201. Buzzing Bookshelf

Ask your guests to bring their favorite children’s books and build a bookshelf display with bee accents or bee-themed decorations.

202. Beekeeper’s Recipe Exchange

Ask guests to bring their favorite honey-inspired recipes to share with the parents-to-be and you can compile them into a special recipe book. You can keep the recipe book afterwards for yourself, or if you exchange recipes beforehand you can make books for your guests to take home.

203. Bee-Themed Thumbprint Art

You can provide your guests yellow and black ink pads and ask them to create thumbprint bees on a large canvas or poster board as a collaborative art piece for the nursery.

204. Honeycomb Beehive Painting

You can provide your guests small canvases or paper and ask them to paint their own honeycomb or beehive designs using yellow and black paint. Another fun twist on this idea would be to blow up balloons and let your guests pain fun bee-themed art on those.

205. Bee Baby Name Game

Have your guests come up with baby names that start with the letter “B” or have a bee-related theme. The parents-to-be can choose their favorite name at the end. Get the game going with some adorable names from our baby name generator!

206. DIY Bee Jewelry

You can set up a jewelry-making station with bee charms, beads, and string. Your guests can create their own bee-themed bracelets or necklaces to take home.

207. Pollinator Planting Workshop

You can organize a mini workshop on planting pollinator-friendly flowers or herbs in small pots for everyone to take home.

208. Bee Crafts

You can provide your guests various craft materials for them to make bee-themed decorations or baby mobiles for the nursery.

209. Honeycomb Cookie Decorating

You may wish to set up a station with plain honeycomb-shaped cookies and various icing colors for your guests to decorate.

210. Bee-Inspired Karaoke

Encourage your guests to sing their hearts out! Host a karaoke session with songs about bees, honey, or other bee-related themes.

211. Bee-utiful Henna Tattoos

You can hire a henna artist to create bee-inspired temporary henna tattoos for interested guests.

212. Bee Movie Screening

You can show a family-friendly bee-themed movie during the baby shower. Perhaps the Bee Movie.

213. Bee-Inspired Yoga

Arrange a gentle yoga session with some bee-inspired poses and decor for relaxation.

214. Honey-Infused Spa Station

Set up a spa station with some honey-infused beauty products such as lip balms and hand creams.

215. Honey Tasting Station

You can set up a honey tasting station with different varieties of honey for guests to sample and learn about.

Bee Baby Shower: Conclusion

I hope this list of bee theme ideas is helpful for the process of planning a bee baby shower. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you can choose to get party planning services and handle everything from decoration, catering, to invitations. On the other hand, if you prefer to save some money, there are baby shower expense tracking sheets and budget friendly shower ideas for you to take advantage of. The most important thing is to share the joy and enjoy the party. We wish the best for you!

Written by Tsaiyen Hu; Contributors: Jack Leduc and Miranda Cooks

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