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Game Night Checklist

Game Night Checklist

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Picture this: it's the end of the week, and you and your friends are feeling stressed from work, school, or life. What better way to relieve your stress than to have a fun game night? Having a game night sounds amazing, but of course, there's still tons of planning that goes with making the night happen. Our Game Night Checklist has got you covered to make sure that your game night is one for everyone to remember! You can even review our planning checklist to understand exactly how to use them.

Our checklist is equipped with resources and incredible features that'll make your planning process easier, more efficient and will help you stay on the budget you want. Here are some reasons why our Game Night Checklist wins among the other checklists on the web.

Why Our Game Night Checklist Doesn’t Play Around

1. Automatic Timeline - “How long does it take to plan a game night?”

We understand the anxiety and stress that come with dealing with general checklists that don’t account for your personal schedule. That’s why our Game Night checklist auto-scales all of your tasks to fit into accordance with the day you want to have your game night. Just enter the event date and all of your tasks’ deadlines will change to dates that will keep you on track to getting everything done on time before your event.

2. Event-Specific

This checklist was made for planning game nights and nothing else, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with irrelevant tasks already inputted in the checklist’s template.

3. Visuals

Our Game Night Checklist allows you to see which tasks you need to prioritize by organizing them with a color code.

  • Finished picking out what games you’re playing? Check the box in the row for that task, and it’ll turn green to show that it’s finished.
  • Caught up in your busy schedule? All of the tasks that have approaching deadlines will turn yellow; the ones that weren’t completed by their deadline will turn red.

This simple and easy-to-use color code system gives you a better idea of what tasks you need to complete. Since it’s all visually laid out for you, you’ll know which tasks you need to prioritize depending on your schedule so that everything’s taken care of before game night.

4. Shareable

If you want to plan your game night with your friends, our checklist makes it easy for you! Since it’s a Google Sheet, it can be easily shared with anyone you’d like as long as they have a Gmail account. From there, multiple people can edit the checklist and take care of tasks, even at the same time!

5. Helpful Links

Not only is our checklist efficient and easy to use, but it’s also extremely resourceful! We have links to a myriad of resources to help you get connected and inspired in planning your event.

  • Need some ideas for some games to play? We’ll get you connected to some blog articles that have great ideas to get you inspired.
  • Need to survey your friends when to hold game night? We have links to great websites/apps to help you out.

How To Use Our Game Night Checklist

Just click below to download our checklist, and it’ll be immediately yours! For more detailed information on how to use it, we have a step-by-step instruction guide that’ll give you everything you need to know to use it to plan your game night. These instructions are located on sheet 2 labeled "How to Use." It should answer all the questions you could have in the FAQ section and provides links to other checklists if you find this one valuable!

Game Night Checklist: Conclusion

Game Night’s always fun, so the fun of making it happen shouldn’t be taken away because of stress or complicated planning. Our Game Night Checklist isn’t a gamble; it’s a guaranteed tool to make your event planning stress-free!

Written by Jennifer Hoang; Contributor: Jack Leduc