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Company Picnic Checklist

Company Picnic Checklist

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

One of the ways to foster a great company culture is to hold a company picnic! Having a company picnic can help everyone at your company get to know each other better while enjoying great food and engaging in fun games and activities. However, planning a company picnic can be complicated if you don't know where to start. Our company picnic checklist and picnic supplies checklist help you begin and organize your plans to hold a great company picnic.

Reasons to Use Our Company Picnic Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

You may be wondering: how long does it take to plan a company picnic or how to plan a company picnic? We believe that that answer should be up to you. General checklists can make you feel anxious or "behind" before even planning. Still, our Company Picnic Checklist template prevents you from feeling that way because of our automatic timeline feature. All you need to do is enter the date that you're planning a company picnic, and from there, all of the tasks in the checklist will have their own due dates that fit into a schedule that'll ensure they'll be done in time for your picnic.

2. Event-Specific

All of the tasks in the checklist are relevant to planning a company picnic, so you don't have to worry about any irrelevant tasks in the template.

picnic event


3. Visuals

The picnic planning checklist organizes all of its tasks efficiently so that you can see which tasks you need to prioritize when planning your picnic.

  • Found a date to hold the picnic? Check off the box in the row of that task, and that task will turn green to indicate that it's done.
  • Are you caught up with work? All of the tasks that have upcoming deadlines will turn yellow; the tasks that have passed deadlines will be red.

This color code system gives you a better view of what tasks need to be completed first and helps you make sure that all of your tasks will be completed on time before your picnic happens.

4. Shareable

Our checklist is shareable if you're planning a company picnic with a few of your coworkers. As long as everyone you want to share it with has a Gmail account, you can share our Company Picnic Checklist (which is a Google Sheet) with anyone. From there, you all can edit the sheet whenever you'd like; multiple people can even edit it at the same time! That way, everyone can edit the checklist to indicate that they've either completed a task, added a new task, edited an existing task, or even deleted an irrelevant task.

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5. Helpful Links

Our checklist is equipped to direct you with links and resources to help you out with all of your picnic planning needs! Do you need to survey your coworkers on a day/time to hold the picnic? We can direct you to different websites/apps.

  • Need to get picnic supplies? Click here!
  • Want to find games/activities to have at the picnic? We have you covered with blog posts that'll get you inspired.
  • Want to book a space at the park? We can connect you to different services - from venues to caterers to more - that you may need for your picnic.

How to Use Our Company Picnic Checklist

Just click the download button, and you'll immediately get access to the checklist! We have a step-by-step guide that you can refer to when using the checklist; it's full of complete and detailed instructions on how to use every feature that the checklist has to offer.

Company Picnic Checklist: Conclusion

A company picnic is a great way for your coworkers to bond and take a break from work. We hope that using our Company Picnic checklist will help you organize your event so that your picnic is the perfect balance of work and fun for all of your coworkers! Take a look at our budget worksheets as well for an even easier party planning experience.

Written by Jennifer Hoang