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Easy Game Night Budget Worksheet

Game Night Budget Worksheet

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Game nights are entertaining ways to spend time with friends and family. To make things easier on you, Easy Event Planning can provide you with a game night checklist. This will help you to your manage your expenses and organize costs so that you can save money without trading off the fun stuff! Our sheet includes the usual items you need for an event, including snacks, drinks, and even a nice new outfit for yourself. The best part? It is completely on the house! With just a click of a button, you can download it into Google Sheets and get started right away.

Once you are done adding up your charges, check out our game night checklist too!

6 Reasons Our Game Night Budget Worksheet Will Change your Life

1. You Can Share It!

To avoid the risk of making mistakes, you can send the template through Google Sheets to everyone working with you. Using the same sheet means everybody will be on the same page and there will be less confusion in the long run.

2. Simple to Sort

Our ‘who pays’ column allows you to assign an individual for each cost. This way everyone is chipping in and your budget remain organized.

3. Caters to Your Event

Unlike other budgeters, our expense tracker supports the different ideas you and your guests may have for your night. Our categories were made with game nights in mind, so the only thing you have to worry about is filling in the numbers.

4. A Payment Tab for Each Planner

The Payment tab (found at the bottom of the worksheet) allows you to easily put in the Total Cost for every item and give it to a specific person. You can then put in any payments done and it will calculate the amount left.

5. Organized for a User-Friendly Experience

Who wants to deal with a long list when you are trying to plan a relaxing night? Our expense sheet separates it into simple categories to make sure everything is accounted for.

We also have estimated and actual columns in our worksheet to come up with a rough budget and finalize it once you are comfortable with your game night expenses.

6. Pie Charts to Sweeten the Deal

The pie charts at the top of our budget planner may not be as yummy as the actual treat, but it will make your planning much sweeter. As you fill out your costs, they will allow you to see your spending broken up by category. This way you can move any money around to cover different needs as you see fit.

Tips On Using Our Game Night Budget Worksheet

After clicking the "Download" button on our page, choose to "Make a copy" button. This way you will have full access to our game night budget sheet through your Google Drive. When ready, use our instructions page to learn how to utilize the worksheet. If you have any concerns or are still confused after reading this article, you will find the answers here.

Now Let's Get Planning!

Hopefully, now you are ready to begin your stress-free event planning. With our budget calculator, you can manage your game night expenses with ease and focus on having fun with your loved ones. If you are looking to plan anything else, say a wedding, you may want to look into our other budget worksheets! Our site has plenty to choose from. Feel free to check it out during any future planning endeavors!

Written by Michael Stewart and Zach Nowlin; Contributors: Gianna Rutigliano and Jack Leduc

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