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Retirement Party Checklist

Retirement Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Everything in life has a beginning and ending, and that includes someone’s time working at the office. One of your coworkers, family members, and/or friends has officially announced their retirement, and it’s important to not let them leave without a proper farewell. Planning the perfect goodbye party for your coworker may seem like a difficult task, but our retirement party checklist is a step-by-step guide in planning the ultimate event. We can also help you plan your budget for your retirement party, so everything goes smoothly!

5 Reasons to Use Our Retirement Party Checklist

1. Automatic Timeline

A lot of people may wonder: how long does it take to plan a retirement party? We believe that you should have all the time you think you need! It's not great to feel anxious and "behind" with a checklist that follows a fixed frame when you've only just started. That's why our checklist is structured to adjust to your own timing and schedule. Just add the day you're going to begin planning your party and when you're holding the event. From there, each task will have a due date assigned automatically, which will help you have every detail accounted for while planning your party!

2. Event - Specific

This checklist was specifically for planning a retirement party! You don't have to worry about irrelevant or unnecessary tasks in the checklist.

3. Visuals

Our checklist's template is formatted to help you see what tasks need to get done, are more important, and have already been finished through a color-coding system. Seeing all of your tasks in different colors will help you see what tasks should be prioritized based on your timing and planning schedule.

  • Finalized a venue? Check the box in the row for that specific task, and it'll turn green, which will indicate that it's finished.
  • Caught up with your busy schedule? If one of your tasks is nearing its due date, it'll turn yellow. If you end up not finishing your tasks by its deadline, then it'll turn red.

4. Shareable

If you want to bring your other co-workers, family, and/or friends into the party planning committee, our Retirement Party Checklist makes it easy to collaborate with others. As long as everyone you want to help you plan the party has an active Gmail account, you can share the checklist with them, add it to whatever organizational system you want, and edit it with everyone however you’d like. You can even edit the checklist at the same exact time as other people you're planning with!

5. Helpful Links

Within the checklist are great resources that can be connected to you in just one click.

  • Want to survey your guests to find the best time to hold your party? Links to useful websites and apps are included.
  • Need to find a florist? Easily find every service - from venues and caterers to DJs and decorators - you need in one place.
  • Use our budget worksheet, created just for Retirement parties, to help with all of your financial needs/tasks! A link to this sheet will be included in the checklist.
  • Need to order supplies? We’ve got you covered. Just click!
  • Want some inspiration with some fun party tips and ideas? We’ll link you right to the articles you need.

How Our Retirement Party Checklist Works

All you need to do is click the download button below (if you haven't already clicked the one from earlier) to get our checklist. We have a step-by-step guide that shows you how to navigate our checklists through different features: sharing your checklists with fellow planners, how to add/edit/delete tasks, how to sort/filter/reorder tasks, etc.

Retirement Party Checklist: Conclusion

We hope that our Retirement Party Checklist helps you plan the best party that your retiree has ever received and that as he or she is experiencing their last company party, they have a proper farewell that’ll leave them great memories as they leave one chapter of their lives and enter another. If you'd like to throw a themed retirement party, try a Bon Voyage theme and check out our ideas here. If this checklist helped you prepare your party, check out our other checklists for any other event you may be planning in the future.

Written by Jennifer Hoang; Contributor: Jack Leduc