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Company Holiday Party Checklist

Company Holiday Party Checklist

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

Happy Holidays! Have you been put in charge of planning a company holiday party this season? Then try our Company Holiday Party checklist template that will both help you find out how to plan a company holiday party and help you schedule the tasks so everything gets done on time for the event date! Our company holiday checklist is a guide that gives you all the important tasks from décor to catering in an easy to use spreadsheet that will countdown to the day of the event. Check out the features you will find in our checklist!

5 Reasons You will Love our Company Holiday Party Checklist

1. Auto-Scaled Timeline

Add the day you are starting to plan your event, along with the event date, and our checklist will provide you with an automatic timeline for all your tasks! Wondering what should be done first? The company holiday party checklist will give you a comprehensive list of all the tasks you’ll need to complete.

2. Event Specific

This checklist isn’t your average generic template that is used for anything. This is one specifically dedicated to company holiday parties! So you won’t find frivolous tasks that don’t pertain to your event.

white wedding table setup with napkins and chairs


3. Visuals

Our spreadsheet is conditionally formatted to help you see what needs to get done first fast! It also helps you easily see what tasks are already done or still need to be completed.

Did you find your event date? Check the box for that task, and the row will turn green. This helps you easily spot the remaining tasks!

Planning a party along with getting business done can sometimes lead to a time crunch. But don’t worry about forgetting any tasks! Our company holiday party checklist will let you know when a due date is approaching or has passed. If a due date is coming up soon, it will turn yellow. If it passes, it will turn red. This will help you prioritize your duties.

4. Shareable!

If you are working with some co-workers on planning this party, you can easily share this company holiday party checklist with them through google drive and everyone will be on the same page at the same time! Using the document this way allows you to edit the sheet together in real-time.

gmail browser on computer screen


5. Links

Our company holiday party checklist isn’t just about planning time and making sure no tasks are forgotten. It’s also about making your event planning experience easy! To that end, helpful links are included in respective tasks so you don’t have to do research for them along with everything else!

How to Use The Company Holiday Party Checklist

Click ‘download checklist’ and you’ll be able to save the checklist spreadsheet. After that, you can go to our instructions page where we give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the sheet. Many frequently asked questions are answered there from how to share the document to how to alter tasks. Follow these instructions and planning your company holiday party will be a blast!

Company Holiday Party Checklist: Conclusion

Planning your company holiday party will be super easy when using our checklist template! No details will fall through the cracks, and you’ll have a timeline set up for planning even into the event day. If you enjoy this company holiday party checklist, then you might find our other checklist templates helpful, too! Find our other checklists for various holidays on this site!

Written by Jennifer Hoang