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118 Creative St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Updated on: Mar 21, 2024

Whether or not you’re Irish, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is always an enjoyable time. You probably want to have some good St. Patrick's Day party ideas to liven up the mood! You want your guests to have fun at the party, and of course, you want it to be a memorable day.

One way to make the memory last is by handing out unique giveaways at the end of the party. Impress your guests with these St. Patrick's Day activities, party favors, food ideas, and decorations. Keep reading for a fun, entertaining list of things to do on St. Patrick's Day! You might want to manage your expenses as well, so consider downloading our expense tracker to do just that. Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean you have to go wild with your money!

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Party Favors

Wearable Party Favors

1. Green Necklaces

For an easy and fun favor, give your guests some green bead necklaces! They can show off their Irish spirit by wearing these during the party and then they can take them home afterwards!

2. Shamrock Headbands

Nothing says St Patrick’s Day more than walking around with shamrock headbands! Decorate the headbands with shamrocks or clover-shaped accessories for the guests to wear and make sure to add some glitter so they really pop!

3. Temporary St Patrick's Day Tattoos

Have your guests choose from a selection of temporary St Patricks Tattoos! Your guests can wear these St Patricks Day designs, featuring shamrocks, rainbows, and more all day!

4. Rainbow Bracelets

Add a touch of St Patrick’s Day magic to your party favors with cheerful rainbow-colored bracelets! Your guests will cherish these charming symbols of good fortune and hope as they celebrate the holiday!

5. Shamrock Socks

Hand out fun and colorful St Patricks Day socks to give your guests a good laugh! Design them with shamrock or leprechaun patterns to keep your guests feet in the St Patricks Day spirit!

6. St Patrick's Day T-shirts

Your Irish-themed T-shirts will be the perfect go to St Patty’s Day outfit for many years when you decorate them with Irish phrases or St Patrick’s Day designs!

7. Mini Leprechaun Hats

When your guests arrive at the party, hand out mini leprechaun hats that they can wear during the festivities and take home at the end! Your guests could even decorate them with stickers!

8. Green Irish Sunglasses

Make your party cooler by giving your guests some fun and stylish green sunglasses! Guests will be ready to rock Irish spirit while shielding their eyes from the sun!

9. St Patrick’s Day-themed Scarves

Keep your guests toasty by providing them with St Patrick’s Day scarves! Allow them to choose from a variety of scarves decorated in green or Irish patterns!

10. Green Four Leaf Clover Pins

Your guests are guaranteed to get some extra irish luck when they wear the four leaf clover pins you offer them! These pins will complement any outfits your guests wear as fun lapel accessories.

11. Leprechaun Bow Ties

Really get into the St Patrick’s Day festive fun by wearing leprechaun bow ties! Your guests will love wearing these cute and fun mini bow ties with leprechaun and St Patty’s Day patterns.

12. St Patrick’s Day-inspired Badges

Turn your party favors into a mini game by creating an assortment of St Patrick’s Day Badges adorned with fun phrases like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” and having your guests choose which phrases best fit the other guests!

Sweet and Savory Party Favors

13. Shamrock-shaped Cookies

Cut out some shamrocks from sugar cookie dough and, after they bake, decorate them with icing to create a sweet shamrock cookie treat that everyone will love!

14. Homemade Preserves or Jams

If you want to give your guest something healthy but still delicious you should make them homemade preserves or jams! Prepare these small jars of jams or preserves with locally sourced and organic ingredients and adorn them with a green bow and your guests’ names!

15. Green Mint Chocolate Truffles

Your guests won’t be able to stop themselves once they try some green mint chocolate truffle party favor! These rich and creamy truffles will be infused with refreshing mint then coated in green chocolate and sprinkles!

16. Leprechaun Hat Candy Cups

Gift each of your guests a fun goodie bag in a festive leprechaun hat container! Fill each leprechaun hat shaped candy cup with a variety of colorful sweets for your guests to take home and enjoy.

17. St Patrick’s Day Popcorn Balls

If you have extra time on your hands, you should spend it on making your party favors even more special! Combine popcorn, melted marshmallows, and green food coloring and wrap them in green cellophane to make St Patrick’s Day popcorn balls! Your guests will appreciate the work you put into these treats!

18. Homemade Granola

Give your guests homemade granola for a delicious and thoughtful treat that will leave them feeling satisfied and special! Sprinkle a little green into the nutritious organic and locally sourced ingredients and package them in reusable glass jars!

19. Rainbow Candy Bags

Give your guests all the colors of the rainbow with candy! Fill St Patricks’ Day themed goodie bags with rainbow-colored candies such as skittles or rainbow licorice!

20. Bags of Money

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Get little green or St. Patty Day-themed goodie bags and fill them with chocolate coins. Or to get a little more creative, buy mini plastic pots and fill those with the chocolate coins instead. You could give these out as little pots of gold for guests to take home and enjoy.

21. St Patrick’s Cake Pops

Your guests are guaranteed to get int the holiday spirit when they eat their St Patrick’s Day cake pops! Decorate the cake pops with green and gold accents and some shamrock sprinkles!

22. Green Apple Gummy Rings

Capture the taste of St Patrick’s Day by handing out green apple gummy rings as a sweet and tangy party favor! Guests will enjoy the burst of flavor and festive green hue, which makes them the perfect gift to share on this lucky day.

23. Irish Cream Macarons

Delight your guests with exquisite Irish cream macarons! Created with a rich Irish cream filling and adorned with shamrock designs, these elegant treats will leave a lasting impression of sweetness and Irish charm for all your guests!

Drink-themed Party Favors

24. St Patrick's Day Beer Mugs

Raise a toast with St Patrick’s Day beer mugs! Guests will love the festive St Patrick's Day design on the beer mugs and filling them with their favorite brews!

25. Bottles of Irish Whiskey

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day by incorporating Ireland’s deep history with whiskey into your party by handing out mini bottles of authentic Irish whiskey!

26. Leprechaun Shot Glasses

If you’re looking for something funny and cute as party favors then leprechaun hat shot glasses are the way to go! These leprechaun hat-shaped shot glasses will be perfect for serving festive shots and a great laugh!

27. Green Lemonade Bottles

Keep your guests refreshed with green lemonade bottles! Suitable for all guest ages, these green lemonade bottles are not only festive but also refreshing!

28. St Patrick’s Day Wine Charms

Add a touch of St Patty’s Day fun to everyone’s drinks with St Patrick’s wine charms! Each glass can have their own glass charms with shamrock or Irish-themed designs and will ensure that each drink can be easily identified.

29. Irish Coffee Mugs

Your guests will love drinking classic Irish coffees from their new Irish coffee mugs! You can embellish the mugs with St Patrick’s Day-themed designs or phrases, these mugs are sure to be a hit!

30. Green Smoothie Recipe Cards

Inspire your guests to create some delicious and healthy green smoothies when you give them green smoothie recipe cards! Challenge your guests to create their own smoothie recipe using all kings of ingredients, from fruits to kale to spinach!

31. St Patrick’s Day Beer Steins

Elevate your celebration with custom St Patrick’s Day beer steins to a touch of tradition and charm! Feature some festive designs on the steins and add each guests’ names in a fun font! These gifts will not only enhance the festive atmosphere but also keep your guests’ beverages colder for longer so they can savor their drinks!

32. St Patrick's Day Wine Stoppers

Preserve the festive spirit as well as your guests’ wine with St Patrick’s Day wine stoppers! Make sure to decorate the stoppers with shamrock or Irish-themed designs so that they can keep the party spirit alive long after it ends!

33. Personalized St Patrick’s Shot Glasses

Whether they are used in group games or as decorative accents, personalized St Patrick’s Day shot glasses will bring a sense of camaraderie to your party! These shot glasses will be extra special when they are decorated with the guests’ names and St Patrick’s Day motifs.

Eco-friendly party Favors

34. Plantable Shamrock Seeds

Give your guests the chance to create some luck when you give them packets of shamrock seeds! Your guests can plant them and see if they can grow their own lucky four leaf shamrock!

35. Biodegradable Confetti Poppers

Keep your guests in a festive spirit while being eco-friendly with biodegradable confetti poppers! These poppers can be filled with Irish flag colored confetti that will dissolve harmlessly into the environment!

36. St Patrick’s Day Recycled Paper Notepads

Offer your guests recycled paper notepads for a useful party favor that is also safe for the environment! You can add some flair to each by featuring St Patrick’s Day-themed designs or Irish blessings and possibly even personalize them with each guests’ names!

37. Organic Irish Tea Sampler

Give your guests something truly Irish with an organic Irish tea sampler! Package Irish tea bags in eco-friendly materials and have your guests enjoy this soothing favor at home.

38. Handmade Green Soap Bars

Put your crafting skills to work when you make your guests their own handmade soap bars! Create these natural soap bars using organic ingredients and green coloring, then wrap them in recycles or compostable packaging!

39. Reusable St Patrick’s Day Tote Bags

Your guests will be able to show off their Irish spirit to others when they wear their reusable tote bags! Decorate the tote bags with St Patrick’s Day-inspired designs and colors to make them fun and stylish!

40. Organic Herb Starter Kits

Encourage your guests to get in touch with nature when you give them organic herb starter kits! Fill the kits with organic herb seeds, biodegradable pots, and soil pellets to jump start their own herb gardens!

41. St Patrick’s Day Glass Candle Holders

Your guests will be reminded of their St Patrick’s Day fun when they light their eco-friendly soy candles in St Patrick’s Day scents such as clover or green tea, and don’t forget about the recycled glass candle holders that they will be kept in!

42. St Patrick’s Day Mini Planters

Customize your party favors by giving your guests St Patrick’s Day mini planters with their name drawn on the pot! These small planters can be filled with clovers, succulents, or mini ferns, and they can symbolize luck and growth.

43. Beeswax Wraps

Your guests can take home some of your party’s amazing treats when you gif them beeswax food wraps! These wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic wraps and will keep the food fresh for longer while reducing waste.

44. Herbal Bath Salts

If you want to give your guests a gift that will help them relax after attending your amazing party, you should give them herbal bath salts! Create small jars of homemade herbal bath salts using organic ingredients such as epsom salt, dried herbs, and essential oils.

45. Wooden Shamrock-shaped Magnets

Get in touch with your artistic side when you craft wooden shamrock-shaped magnets! Use sustainable wood and paint them with non-toxic water-based paints!

Other Party Favors

46. Personalized Irish Claddagh Rings

Give each guest a truly special and personalized gift with custom Irish claddagh rings! Your guests will love showing off their rings and especially their initials engraved inside the band of the claddagh ring.

47. Lucky Blarney Stone

Search online to find a salt dough recipe to make into a good luck stone. Once you make the dough, form it into any shape you want, such as a four-leaf clover. You can also make the stone into a bracelet or necklace; just make sure you put a hole at the top to put a string through. Put the prizes in a small box or bag. Make sure to include a small description of the meaning of the stone and the value of kissing it for good luck!

48. St Patrick’s Day Wall Art

Help your guests spread the St Patrick’s Day festive spirit when they bring home their own custom St Patrick’s Day wall art! You can personalize each art piece with different St Patrick’s Day designs or messages and of course each guest’s name or initials!

49. Leprechaun-inspired Stress Balls

Offer your guests a gift that is both fun and mentally beneficial with leprechaun-themed stress balls! These leprechaun shaped stress balls will add a touch of whimsy to your guests’ everyday lives as well as help to relieve their stress!

50. Top of the Mornin' Pencil Toppers

For these unique favors, you will need glitter, glue, green craft foam, pencils, scissors, shallow boxes, and stickers. Sketch or trace the shape of a leprechaun’s hat or four-leaf clover onto the green foam paper. Cut 2 small slits into the foam where the pencil will be inserted. The slits should be pencil width, horizontal, and parallel lines. Decorate the hats or clovers and insert the pencil into the foam with glue on it. Poke the pencils into the shallow box to allow them to dry.

51. St Patrick's Day-themed Pencil Sets

Encourage your guests to utilize their artistic skills and creativity when they draw with their St Patrick’s Day pencil sets! These pencils can feature Irish-themed designs and will be the perfect tools for your guests to draw some St Patrick's Day-inspired doodles or write their family a St Patrick’s Day card!

52. St. Patrick’s Day Play Dough

Purchase green molding components or clay and pack them in plastic containers. Decorate the containers with stickers or ribbon. You can also get circular plastic containers and flip them over so the lid is on the counter. Paint the container green to resemble a leprechaun’s hat. Then, tie a black ribbon with a small gold square glued to it around the bottom of the container.

53. Custom St Patrick’s Day Coasters

Raise a toast to the luck of the Irish with personalized St Patick’s Day coasters! Engrave the guests’ names or initials onto each coaster and decorate them with festive St Patty’s day designs or personalized messages! These coasters are sure to add a touch of charm and practicality to the celebrations!

54. DIY Shamrock Craft Kits

Embrace the spirit of St Patrick's Day by making your guests DIY shamrock craft kits! Fill each kit with all the materials needed to create delightful shamrock crafts, such as shamrock magnets or bracelets. From paper to beads to magnets, this kit will make it easy for guests to create all sorts of crafts as a fun and creative activity at home!

55. Leprechaun Bookmarks

Not only is this a gift that people will be sure to use, but if you have kids, it’s a gift they can help you make! All you will need for these St. Patty’s Day prizes are popsicle sticks, green felt or construction paper, orange string, glue, and a permanent marker. The leprechaun’s body will be the popsicle stick, and you can cut out a hat and clothes from the construction paper or felt to glue onto the body. Make 2 dots on the popsicle stick for the eyes and use the orange string to make the beard. For personalized giveaways, add the guests’ names on the back.

56. Leprechaun Coin Purses

Capture the whimsy of St Patrick’s Day with leprechaun hat coin purses! Guests will treasure these adorable and useful accessories, the perfect location to hold loose change and trinkets!

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Food

57. St Patrick’s Day-themed Cocktails

Who doesn't love a good cocktail? Spice it up by making green punch, Shamrock shakes, or even Bailey's Irish floats for some great Saint Patrick Day party food! Most of these drinks can be made without the alcohol as well! Simply omit the alcohol from the drinks for a kid-friendly version of each of the cocktails. There's no reason this holiday can't be enjoyed by children and adults alike! Get your Irish party on!

58. Irish Soda Bread

Treat your taste buds to the authentic flavors of Ireland with Irish soda bread! This rustic and hearty bread is made with simple ingredients such as flour, buttermilk, & baking soda, and would be a delicious addition to your celebration’s menu. Served warm and sliced, its tender texture and subtle sweetness will transport your guests to Emerald Isle, evoking a true sense of Irish culinary heritage!

59. Shepherd’s Pie Cups

Savor the taste of Ireland with delightful and convenient shepherd’s pie cups! These mini servings of the classic dish feature layers of seasoned ground meat, vegetables, and creamy mashed potatoes, baked into golden perfection in adorable cup-sized portions. Your guests will savor the heartwarming flavors and love getting a taste of a beloved Irish comfort food!

60. No-Bake Leprechaun Cookies

We know you have a thousand other tasks to do to make the perfect St. Patty's Day party, so we included an easier idea (you're welcome!). Gather a few boxes of Nutter Butters, depending on how many people you plan on hosting. In order to make the leprechaun's beard and hat, stop by your local craft store and pick up green and orange candy melts (icing would also do, although it would be a bit messier). You will also want to pick up some chocolate chips for the eyes. Then you're all set with some cute leprechaun cookies!

61. Irish Cheese Platter

Add some variety to your menu with a flavorful St Patrick’s Day Irish cheese platter! This thoughtfully curated selection of Irish cheeses, ranging from tangy Irish Cheddar to Dubliner to Cashel Blue. Your guests will be able to sample from a large selection of cheeses that will take them on a journey of rich and diverse flavors from the Emerald Isle. Don’t forget to complete your patter with crackers, seasonal fruits, and nuts!

62. Bailey’s Irish Cream Desserts

Make sure your desserts are a hit at your St Patrick’s Day party when you infuse them with the classic Bailey’s Irish cream! From velvety Bailey’s cheesecake to delectable Bailey’s chocolate mousse, these Bailey’s desserts will captivate your guests’ taste buds and add a touch of luxury to the celebration. One taste of any of these Bailey’s desserts is sure to evoke the true essence of St Patrick’s Day for everyone!

63. Rainbow Fruit Skewers

For a healthier option, include rainbow fruit skewers in the mix. These skewers should have a layer of melons, pineapple, berries, and grapes so that they are in a ROYGBIV order. Not only does this snack look wonderful, but it also tastes wonderful. As the Skittles commercial notoriously says, "Discover the rainbow, taste the rainbow."

64. Lucky Charm Marshmallow Pops

Keep it simple and sweet when you make Lucky Charm marshmallow pop as a whimsical treat that is guaranteed to make everyone smile! Dip the marshmallows in white chocolate and adorn them with Lucky Charms cereal and colorful sprinkles to enchant guests of all ages!

65. Clover Rice Krispie Treats

Celebrate St Patty’s Day with a charming twist on classic Rice Krispie treats when you serve Clover Rice Krispie treats! Simply combine melted marshmallows and rice Krispie cereal then shape the treats into clovers and decorate them with green icing and make them shine with edible glitter!

Legend says that Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland?! To keep the fun in your Saint Patrick Day party food, give out gummy snakes to your guests before they leave or make a dessert out of gummy snakes. It'll be your own way of saying, "Get out of my house!"

67. Irish Cream Fudge

Your St Patrick’s Day party menu won’t be complete without at least one dessert using some iconic Irish cream liqueur, so make sure to add Irish cream fudge to your menu! This creamy and velvety fudge is made from a mix of condensed milk, white chocolate, and of course Irish cream liqueur.

68. Rainbow Cupcakes

Embrace all the colors of the rainbow with tasty and eye-catching rainbow cupcakes! Bake the cupcakes in rainbow colors and cover them with bright frosting in rainbow hues. Don’t forget to top them with gold sugar or a small shamrock decoration to uplift the festive atmosphere!

69. Traditional Irish Meal

Traditions are meant to be upheld, so you should consider feeding your guests a traditional Irish meal. The most classic Irish dish may be corned beef and cabbage. This dish may be easiest if you are hosting a lot of guests, as it would be simple to serve buffet style. Another traditional Irish dish includes beef stew. This stew is made up of vegetables, beef, potato, and occasionally beer (oh, the Irish and the beer). Impress your guests and make one of these homemade meals!

70. Irish Apple Cake

Add some flare to your menu with a moist and spiced Irish apple cake! This delightful St Patrick’s day cake is filled with tender apple slices and topped with a crunchy cinnamon sugar crust! One bite of this dessert will enchant your guests, especially when it is served with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream!

71. Guinness Chocolate Cake

Take your party menu to a new level when you include a Guinness chocolate cake! Full of the rich and decadent flavors of Ireland, the moist cake is made with iconic Guinness beer, layered with creamy chocolate ganache, then decorated with Guinness-infused frosting and sprinkled with gold sugar. The iconic Irish stout beer has a deep and complex flavor profile that pairs perfectly with rich chocolate to create the perfect dessert!

72. Green Party Foods

Green party foods are a staple at any St. Patrick's Day party. You can make any food or drink green if you try hard enough. Even if you try hard enough, I am not sure if the food or drink should have been made that color! However, for the purposes of this holiday, anything goes! Some colorful food and drinks that are sure to get you in the spirit include shamrock cookies, leprechaun lime drink, green popcorn, avocado crab boats, and lemon-lime punch. The list of green snack ideas could go on and on.

73. Shamrock-Shapes Tea Sandwiches

If you want to add some variety to your menu so that everyone can have the food that they want, make sure to set out some shamrock-shaped tea sandwiches!! Use a shamrock cookie cutter to make the dainty tea sandwiches and fill them with an assortment of fillings. From cucumber to cream cheese to smoked salmon, all of your guests are guaranteed to find their perfect sandwich!

74. Beef and Guinness Pie

Savor a taste of Ireland when you dig into a Beef and Guinness pie! This deletable pie is filled with tender slow-cooked beef, onions, carrots, and mushrooms which are braised in a rich Guinness gravy and all encased in a flaky pastry crust. Serve this amazing dish piping hot with a garnish of sprinkled freshed herbs to capture the essence of classic Irish hospitality!

75. Irish Party Snacks

Whether you're Irish or not, Irish party snacks can serve as great, little snacks throughout the party. If you wish, you could serve the food via appetizers. Either way, the guests are sure to enjoy them. Some great options for the snacks include mini shepherd's pies, potato skin bites, and cabbage dumplings. Serve your guests however you like, and enjoy!

76. Dublin Coddle

Perfect your menu with the addition of the traditional Irish dish Dublin Coddle! This one-pot dish features layers of sausages, bacon, potatoes, and onions slow-cooked together in a savory broth, creating a comfortable and satisfying meal. After it is finished cooking, serve it hot and garnished with fresh parsley, your guests will adore the authentic touch of Irish charm that it brings to your festive gathering!

77. Irish Potato Leek Soup

Capture the essence of Irish warmth and honor its culinary heritage with Irish potato leek soup! This creamy and velvety soup is made with tender potatoes, sautéed leeks, and savory herbs then garnished with a sprinkle of fresh chives or a drizzle of cream! This heart-warming dish will be a highlight of your celebration!

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Games

78. Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun

This game caters to all audiences, so no need to worry about that. To play, you should supply a face-covering material (e.g., eye mask) and a printed out leprechaun hat to the guests. Before the party, you should print out a full-size leprechaun and tape it onto a wall. For more of an added fun, the adults are allowed to have a few drinks beforehand and see where the game leads them! Who doesn't love games that include alcohol?!

79. Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt

Challenge your guests to see who can hunt down the largest number of leprechauns in a friendly Leprechaun Hunt! Simply, hide miniature leprechaun figures or pictures around the party area and wait for them to be found! Hope that the game doesn’t get too heated when you announce a fun prize for whichever guest finds the most leprechauns!

80. Pot of Gold Race

Get your guests working together in a spirited Pot of Gold race competition! The first step to this fun activity is to provide small pots and either coins or rocks that are painted gold. Next, divide your guests into equal numbered teams with assigned pots and sprinkle gold coins around the area. Lastly, start the timer and see which team can get the largest number of coins into their pot the fastest! This festive race will get your guests energized and encourage teamwork to create joyful memories!

81. Green Balloon Pop Game

Your party won’t grow stale when you set up a daring Green Balloon Pop game! Before the party, blow up a series of green balloons and in each one include a slip of paper that has a challenge or task written on it. Afterwards, attach all the balloons to a board or the wall and have your guests throw darts at them to try to pop a balloon. Finally, your guest will have to complete whichever dare was written on the paper, for example dancing an Irish jig, reciting an Irish blessing, or singing a song.

82. Coin Toss

Test your guests' throwing skills with a fun game of coin toss! Set out a pot, and tell your guests to stand at least 10 feet from the pot. Supply them with a handful of gold coins, and let the game begin! Whoever gets the most coins in the pot wins! This game could easily turn into one of the best St. Patrick's Day games for adults out there: allow the guests to use their real coins for the toss. Whoever wins the game gets to keep the whole pot of coins. Play this version if you're looking to bet some money!

83. Shamrock Shuffle

Start your party off with a fun and light-hearted Shamrock Shuffle challenge! Your guests will love showing off their moves during this whimsy dance-off! This activity can either be a competition of who can dance the longest or who can dance the best to upbeat Irish music! A dance-off is a sure way to bring some laughter and merriment to your party and will allow you to crown the best dancer at the party!

84. St Patrick’s Day-themed Trivia Pursuit

Use St Patrick’s Day to teach your friends and family about Irish history during a brain-teasing St Patty’s Day-themed trivia pursuit! From leprechaun legends to Irish folklore to traditional Irish food, you can fill this trivia game with fascinating facts about the holiday’s origins and traditions that will captivate your guests. Simply divide everyone into different teams and have them answer questions for points and whichever team has the largest score by the end will be deemed St Patrick’s Day trivia pursuit champions!

85. Irish Pub Olympics

Bring some classic Irish pub games to your party by setting up an Irish Pub Olympics! Face off your guests in a series of mini-games inspired by traditional pub games, such as beer pong, darts, ring toss, and more! Decide on one person to oversee each exciting event and keep score to determine the overall winner at the end.

86. Shamrock Bingo

St. Patrick's Day Bingo Game

Bingo! Make any St. Patrick's Day party or celebration even better with a classic bingo game with a St. Patty's Day spin. Includes various shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold and more in assorted colors. Cardstock. (127 pcs. per unit) Includes 12 game boards (6" x 7"), 16 calling cards (1 3/4" x 3") and 99 bingo markers (3/4").

Bingo is just the best. Shamrock bingo? Even better. Guests of all ages will enjoy this activity, guaranteed. It brings everyone together and encourages participation. Simply print out St. Patrick's Day Bingo cards, and you're all set to play!

87. Green Bowling

If you want to set up an easy activity that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy then St Patrick’s Day bowling is the way to go! Set up a mini bowling alley using green-painted water bottles as pins and a small green ball. Then your guests can take turns trying to know down the pins and compete to see who can know the most down!

88. DIY Leprechaun Hat Decorating

Encourage your guest’s creativity with DIY leprechaun hat decorating! Provide your guests with mini leprechaun hats and a variety of craft materials such as stickers, glitter, markers, and ribbon, then sit back and see what their artistry can create from the hats. Your guests will love wearing their personalized hats around the festive party and bring it home as a heart-warming reminder of all the fun they had!

89. Irish Movie Marathon

Snuggle up in a mountain of blankets with your guests and watch an Irish movie marathon! Create a cozy movie area full of pillows and blankets with a large projection screen or TV and complete with all kinds of fun St Patrick’s Day-inspired snacks! Then sit back and relax as you and your guests enjoy a lineup of beloved Irish films, like “the Quiet Man” or “Darby O'Gill and the Little People.” This cinematic experience will be a great way to celebrate while bonding and learning about Irish cinema.

90. St. Patrick's Day-inspired Word Search

St. Patrick's Day activities for all adults and children are hard to come across. A word search is certainly an all-ages activity. Although adults enjoy a good word search, children absolutely love them. If you want to keep the children at your party entertained while the adults are talking, give them a St. Patrick's Day-themed word search. I guarantee they'll love it and stay entertained. Hint: print multiple versions of the word searches to keep them entertained throughout the day. Just like the coin toss is one of the best St. Patrick's Day games for adults, this is one of the best St. Patrick's Day games for kids!

91. DIY Pot of Gold Leprechaun Piñata

Ignite creativity and excitement at your celebration with a DIY pot of gold piñata! Utilizing cardboard and colored paper, unleash your inner artist to create a DIY piñata in the shape of a leprechaun’s pot of gold and fill it with St Patrick’s Day-themed treats. Finally, have your guests take turns trying to break it open with a large green stick!

92. St Patrick’s Day Face Painting

Help your guests show off their festive spirits by offering green face painting! Hire a face painter or set up a face painting station where guests can choose from a variety of St Patrick’s Day-themed designs, like shamrocks, irish flags, rainbows, or more painted on their faces!

93. Irish Karaoke

Invite your guests to steal the spotlight when they showcase their vocal talents by belting out classic Irish tunes during a St Patrick’s Day karaoke contest! First set up a karaoke machine or karaoke app and create a playlist of famous Irish songs, then wait to see which guest will be brave enough to take to the stage and enjoy their performance! Karaoke is one of the best kinds of party entertainment as it ensures memorable moments of laughter and applause!

94. Minute to Win It

We all know that the marshmallow pieces in Lucky Charms are the best pieces. What better to do than make it a game of separating these pieces from the normal cereal pieces? Gather your guests together, and tell them exactly that: separate the marshmallow pieces from the regular cereal pieces in a minute. Whoever completes this task the fastest wins. On your mark, get set, go!

95. Celtic Knot Bracelet Making

Give your guests a lasting reminder of your amazing party by organizing celtic knot bracelet making! Provide a variety of materials such as colorful cords and beads for guests to use as they are immersed in the art of celtic craftsmanship! Everyone will be able to create their own custom intricate and meaningful bracelets by using instructions and tutorials for different knot patterns. This activity will give your guests the chance to connect with Irish culture and create a keepsake of Celtic design!

96. Irish Whiskey Tasting

For an age appropriate guest list, there is no better way to add some sophistication to your St Patrick’s Day party than with an Irish whiskey tasting! Your guests will be guided on a journey that teaches them about the distillation process of Irish whiskey while exposing them to the flavors and nuances of various whiskeys with samples, and finally, making them aware of the distinct characteristics that define each blend. The cultural exploration within this activity will educate your guests about the rich heritage of Irish whiskey.

97. St Patrick’s Day-themed Costume Contest

Take your festivities to the next level with a St Patrick’s Day costume contest! Encourage your guests to dress up in their most imaginative and spirited St Patrick’s Day-inspired costumes and showcase their outfits! Select a panel of judges to officiate and award the most creative, impressive, and realistic costumes to the winners. Whether they win a prize or not, everyone will love showing off their holiday spirit and showcase their creativity with their costumes!

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas: Decorations

98. Shamrock Balloons

Gather together four green heart-shaped balloons, and you've got a shamrock balloon! These balloons are perfect decor for the treat table and photo wall. According to Irish tradition, if you find a four-leaf clover, you are destined for good luck, so don't feel as though you need fewer balloons; the 'less is more' rule doesn't apply here!

99. Rainbow Arch

Welcome your guests to your party with a festive rainbow arch over the entrance! Whether you make it out of balloons or colored paper on a cardboard structure, your guests will love the vibrant and festive entrance into the party! Add an image of a pot of gold on one end of the rainbow to make it even more special!

100. Gold Coin Table Scatter

Decorate your seating area as well as the rest of your party scene with gold coins you can scatter on the tables! Sprinkle these plastic or chocolate gold coins over the tables as a fun addition that will make everyone smile!

101. Leprechaun Door Entrance

Transform the entryway into a magical portal with a creative leprechaun door! Decorate the door to look like a door of a leprechaun’s home complete with shamrocks, vibrant colors, an Irish flag, a rainbow, and of course a pot of gold! This entrance will enchant your guests and set a whimsical tone for the celebration as you invite them to step into a world of Irish folklore and festivities! the door or entryway to look like a leprechaun’s home with rainbows, shamrocks, and of course a pot of gold!

102. Irish Flags

Your decorations won’t be finished until you display at least one Irish flag! You can hang the flag along one of the walls or put up a banner with traditional symbols such as a harp or Celtic cross!.

103. Party Table

Every party should have a treat table! Place your decadent treats on your table with a green table runner. On the wall above the table, create an eccentric rainbow with a pot of gold at the end out of streamers. The table should have the sweet treats, rainbow cups, napkins, and plates for your guests to dive right in!

104. Irish Blessing Wall

Celebrate some of Ireland’s history by creating a blessing wall! Set up a wall or bulletin board and provide cards that guests can use to write down their own Irish Blessings or wishes and hang them on the blessing wall for others to read and enjoy! You can also display some well known Irish blessings such as “May the road rise to meet you” and “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish... You’re lucky enough!”

105. Leprechaun Hat Centerpieces

Adorn your tables with fun and festive leprechaun hat centerpieces! Simply, use small leprechaun hats with green and gold accents, then fill them with flowers, candy, or small trinkets to make the table centerpieces. These hats will add a playful touch to your tables and be a great conversation starter!

106. Shamrock Garland

Enhance the festive atmosphere of the party with charming shamrock garland! You can make it using cut-out shamrock shapes in various green hues and then drape the festive decoration along walls, railings, or on doors! These delightful shamrocks will add a touch of Irish luck to your party!

107. Paper Clover Wall Art

Perfect your party decorations with a captivating and festive paper clover wall art piece! Intricately craft large paper clovers and arrange them in a decorative pattern on a focal wall to create a backdrop that is a nod to Irish symbolism!

108. Shamrock Streamers

You can never have too much shamrock in your life, especially on St. Patrick's Day! Grab some dark and light green streamers, and get to cutting. You should be incredibly precise with this task. If precision is not your forte, you may want to skip this task, and instead consider buying St. Patrick's Day-themed streamers instead. Or you could invite some friends over, and turn it into a competition! Whoever makes the best shamrock streamers for the party wins!

109. Green Paper Lanterns

Every inch of your party deserves a festive touch, so light it up with green paper lanterns! Hang clusters of green paper lanterns in varying sizes and green shades from the ceiling to create a captivating focal point! These lanterns will cast a warm and enchanting glow to create the perfect ambiance for the festivities!

110. Irish Pub Signage

Incorporate a lively Irish pub atmosphere with authentic Irish pub signage into your party space! Hang classic pub signs with phrases such as “Guinness on Tap” and “Irish Whiskey Specials” to evoke some Irish pub charm and enhance the festive spirit!

111. St Patrick’s Day Tablecloth

Adorn your seating area with decorations to make it just as festive as the rest of your party area with St Patrick’s Day tablecloths! Cover each table in a different vibrant green hue tablecloth to create a cohesive green color scheme across your entire party.

112. Irish Flag Mason Jars

If you are going for an Irish theme in your St. Patrick's Day decorations, consider making Irish flag mason jars. To make them, start with a layer of primer. Then, start to paint with the colors of the Irish flag from top to bottom (green at the top, white in the middle, and orange at the bottom). During the party, you can use these mason jars to put fresh flowers in to make your house smell wonderful!

113. Green and White Paper Straws

Add a festive touch to your drinks with eco-friendly green and white paper straws! These stylish straws not only brighten up your drinks station with the classic holiday colors but also provide a sustainable and delightful way to serve everyone’s favorite beverages.

114. Shamrock String Lights

Amplify the enchanting atmosphere of your St Patrick’s Day celebration with whimsy shamrock string lights! These charming lights adorned with shamrock shapes will create a festive and inviting glow that captures the essence of the holiday.

115. Leprechaun Footprints

Incorporate unique decorations like leprechaun footprints into your party to make it stand out! Craft the footprints using green paint or cutouts of leprechaun feet and line the floor in front of the entrance with them. You guests will love being led into the party with this fun and festive decoration which is sure to pop!

116. Lucky Horseshoe Decor

Channel the spirit of St Patrick’s Day through lucky horseshoe decor as a symbol of Irish luck! Hang these intricately designed horseshoes decorated with shamrocks and celtic motifs on walls or utilize them as rustic and festive centerpieces! Your party is sure to be amazing when it has been blessed by Irish luck!

117. Photo Wall

Download printable St. Patty Day decorations, and print them to put on your wall. This printable set should include a banner; however, if the banner is not to your liking, head to your local party store, and purchase a St. Patrick's Day banner instead. You will also need props to take fun pictures. To do so, download and print pictures that you may attach to rods, so your guests can hold the pictures up to their faces.

118. St Patrick’s Day Wreath

Welcome your guests into the party with a cheerful St Patrick’s Day wreath! Created with greenery, shamrocks, Irish-themed accents, and a large ribbon bow, this eye-catching wreath will add festive flair to your entrance and get your guests excited!


It’s always nice to get a little creative on the work you put into a party, especially a St. Patrick's Day party. They will appreciate you for all the thought and work you put into the party, and be able to enjoy all the little gifts you’ve prepared for them. Make this St. Patrick's Day for kids a special one, but don't forget the adults! Activities for all ages are a great way to include kids and adults.

All of these ideas are simple and inexpensive to put together. You will be able to save money and put a little personal touch on all of the party favors. The favors are especially fun to give out for kids and younger guests. The games, food items, activities, and decorations are great for all ages as well. They will enjoy the goodies for how playful they are. I hope these St. Patrick's Day party ideas helped to plan your event, but most of all, enjoy the party!

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