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117 Exciting 1920s Party Ideas

1920s Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

The 1920s was a memorable and noteworthy time. Known as the “Roaring ’20s” and the “Jazz Age,” this decade was known for people letting loose, and we have a few 1920s party ideas so you can recreate it! Many characterize the era by its defiance of Prohibition laws, abandonment of restrictive styles of clothing, and adoption of new styles of dance and dress. Celebrate this unique era using some of our exciting 1920s party ideas!

One of the most iconic symbols of this decade is women known as flappers. Flappers redefined womanhood and challenged societal norms. They wore loose, short clothing so they could show off their legs and dance the night away. They did whatever they could to guarantee that they could have a carefree, fun night.

As we’re all aware, COVID-19 is still affecting our daily lives. It’s best to ask your guests to bring a mask to cover their mouth and nose and abide by social distancing rules. These steps are good precautionary measures for not only yourself but for others, too. A party with this theme, or any other theme idea can still live on, but things will have to change. Here are some great ideas for throwing the best socially distanced Roaring '20s party. Get ready to channel your inner flapper using some of our 1920s party ideas!

1920s Party Ideas - Decoration Ideas

1. Follow a Color Scheme

The 1920s are often associated with the colors black and gold. For your 1920s decor, you can use gold metallic tinsel curtains and black and gold balloons. Another idea is to use gold beads wherever you can.

5 Great Gatsby 1920s Themed Party Signs

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2. Peacock Feathers

Add an authentic 1920s touch to your party by incorporating peacock feathers into your decor in honor of 1920s extravagance and flair! Their vibrant iridescent colors will adorn your space in a Gatsby-esque allure, and bring some extra glamour to the Art Deco festivities!

3. Crystal Beads

Your party will shine when it is covered in dazzling crystal beads! Reminiscent of Gatsby’s extravagant parties with beads cascading from chandeliers, your enchanting crystal beads should be draped around the lights, doorways, and tables! The dazzling reflections of light hitting these strings of crystals will reflect the glamorous excesses of the Jazz Age!

4. Speakeasy entrance

Welcome your guests into the party through a classic and mysterious speakeasy entrance that is sure to get your guests excited to party! Mimic the secrecy of a 1920s entrance with a hidden door or a bookcase that opens to the party. Your guests will love being transported back in time as they walk through one of these historical entrances into a magical roaring 1920s celebration!

5. DIY Centerpieces

Line the tables with a black tablecloth to make your 1920s centerpieces pop. One suggestion is to try making a fun, eco-friendly DIY centerpiece. You can use any recycled bottle but paint it in gold if you're using a black and gold color scheme. For decoration, you can wrap the bottle with pearl garland and place white feathers inside of the bottle. This could even be a good idea for party favors and maybe a gift idea.

6. Vintage Posters

Incorporate vibrant historical charm into your decor with a display of vintage posters, newspapers, and photos. Adorn your venue walls with posters showcasing legends of the era such as jazz artists Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith or replications of critical newspapers like the announcement of women’s right to vote. These vintage prints will transport your guests to the glamorous speakeasy nights and surround them with 1920s culture!

7. Art Deco Backdrops

Pay homage to the Art Deco movement which defined the lavish aesthetics of the Jazz Age with Art Deco backdrops! Design these backdrops with geometric patterns, sleek lines, and metallic accents to create an elegant and nostalgic background for your guests to pose in front of and be immersed in the glitz and glamour of the time!

8. Vintage Cars

If you have the means, a display of vintage 1920s cars outside the venue would take your party to the next level! Evoke the extravagant excesses that characterized much of the 1920s with classic automobiles that were widely popular during the era, like the Ford Model T and Rolls-Royce Phantom, parked outside. These cars will not only be memorable decor pieces that will make your party stand out but also function as a unique photo background that your guests will love!

9. Snap a Pic

A photo booth can be a wonderful addition to your 1920s party. Your guests can have a lot of fun taking photos with a 1920s backdrop.

Even a century later, photo booths are still a party staple. With this feature, guests can take their pictures home as a party souvenir or save their photos to post on social media. If you decide to go with this photo booth idea, make sure you place plenty of 1920s props from mustaches to headbands and martini glasses!

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10. Chandeliers

Mesmerize your guests with the timeless elegance of crystal or art deco-inspired chandeliers which will evoke the Gatsby-esque extravagance of the era! Hang these dazzling chandeliers around your party, in reminiscence of 1920s grand ballrooms and speakeasies, to illuminate the space and cast a radiant glow over your celebration.

11. Neon Signs

Ignite the vivacious spirit of the roaring 20s with the dazzling glow of neon signs! Featuring exuberant phrases from the era such as “The Bee’s Knees,” “Prohibition Party,” and “Flapper Fabulous,” you can hang these signs around your venue. These captivating neon signs will add a playful charm to your decorations and foster an atmosphere of spirited revelry!

12. Mirror Balls

No roaring 20’s party can be complete without dancing! Hang mirror balls from the ceiling to create a glamorous dance floor where your guests can show off their moves! Just like they did for the glitzy dance floors and lively soirées in the Jazz Age, these mirror balls will cast shimmering patterns of light and create an irresistible and glamorous allure. Your guest won't be able to resist hitting the dance floor and maybe even attempt classic 1920s dances like the Charleston!

13. Jazzy Jams

It wouldn't be a 1920s party without some good jazz music! You can play some jazz music in the background. Some artists to think about are Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Red Hot Peppers. The jazz music really adds to the 1920s aesthetic.

14. Fairy Lights

Illuminate the festivities with the enchanting glow of fairy lights! They can be draped along the walls, hung from the ceiling, or wrapped around pillars. Not only will they create a warm glow and make your decorations look more elegant, but they will also create an air of mystique and magic around your party!

15. Cigar Lounge Area

The world created in the 1920s was characterized by a sense of refined indulgence that was exhibited in the cigar lounges of the time. Designate a section of your venue as the lounge area and adorn it with plush seating, dim lighting, and vintage-inspired decor to resemble the exclusive lounges of the past. This carefully curated space will contribute a sense of sophistication and camaraderie to your celebration!

16. Gilded Frames

Transport your guests back to the 1920s by decorating your walls or tables with ornate gilded frames that contain black and white vintage photos from the era! These beautiful vintage frames will evoke the glamorous Art Deco styles and extravagant spirit of the Jazz Age!

17. Play A Silent Movie

Silent movies were very popular in the 1920s. Try showing a silent movie from the 1920s in the background of your party for ambiance. You can also try playing the 2013 film, "The Great Gatsby," if you want to give your party a more modern twist.

18. Vintage Gramophone

The gramophone revolutionized the way people in the 1920s listened to music, allowing them to enjoy recorded sounds at home. In honor of this mechanical marvel, use a vintage gramophone or record player to play your jazz party tunes! Your guests will love listening to the rich and nostalgic tunes of the Jazz Age from a vintage gramophone!

19. Prohibition-themed Signs

Mimic people’s defiance of Prohibition and the culture of speakeasies and bootleggers which stemmed from their noncompliance with fun Prohibition-themed signs! Create signs that reflect the critical components of the clandestine world such as “Speakeasy,” “Bootleggers Only,” or “Gin Joint” signs. These signs will transport your guests to the era of hidden indulgences and rebelliousness that we all know and love!

20. Table & Room Decor

Jazz up the theme with color-coordinated napkins and tablecloths that reflect the glamor of the Roaring 20s. You can get as creative as you want with these table settings that give the party an extra sense of the themed decade decor. You can get even fancier by adding lanterns with a touch of gold or black balloons to fill the room and enhance the Roaring 20s vibe.

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21. Vintage Cameras

Bring your guests back in time to the roaring 20s when they look through vintage cameras! Scatter vintage cameras around your seating area as table decor or create a display of old photographs. These cameras will not only be a blast into the past to the fabulous party life of the 1920s but also give guests a taste of the past when they take photos with the cameras!

22. Vintage fans

Pay homage to the 1920s revolutionary fashion styles with vintage fans! Essential tools for women at the time will become the perfect decoration for your party and enhance the atmosphere with nostalgic charm and elegance! Your guests will love staying cool and posing with these fans as they visit the Jazz Age for an unforgettable night!

1920s Party Ideas - Activities

23. Costume Contest

Everybody loves an excuse to go all out and dress up! Let your guests know in the invitation that they should dress up in 1920s-themed costumes. You can find plenty of 1920s costume ideas online. An important piece of every costume should be a mask to avoid contracting the virus. Who knows, the mask could even spice up your costume!

24. Charleston Dance Lessons

Teach your guests some new moves that epitomize the spirit of the Jazz Age when you hire a professional to teach your guests the Charleston dance! Representative of the era’s liberation and rebellion, the energetic dance is characterized by its fast-paced footwork and flapper style. Your guest will love hitting the dance floor and showing off with this carefree and youthful dance!

25. Silent Film Trivia

Challenge your guests’ knowledge of the 1920s with a silent film trivia contest! This playful and educational game will test your guests on iconic silent films, legendary actors, and cinematic culture! This game will not only entertain your guests but also give them a window into the dazzling world of black-and-white cinema that celebrates the Jazz Age!

26. Jazz Band

The Roaring 20’s would be nothing without the Jazz bands that became the soulful beating heart of its cultural revolution! Hire a jazz band to play classic music from the era to become the heart of your party as well with its fusion of African rhythms, European harmonies, and improvisational melodies! From sultry saxophones to toe-tapping trumpet solos, the electrifying tunes will make your party unforgettable!

27. Swing Dance Lessons

Your guests won’t be able to help but dance the night away after they learn swing dance! Hire an instructor to teach some basic steps and even a few simple partner dances. The vivacious and exuberant social phenomenon of swing dance will allow people to experience the youthful and wild spirit of the Jazz Age! From its dynamic partner moves and electrifying rhythms, your guests will love learning this dance and showcasing their new skills!

28. Dance Contest

Open the dance floor to a dance-off. Play a video of people doing the classic Charleston or the Lindy hop and have a contest of who could best recreate it. This gets your guests up and moving to energize the party. Just be sure the audience is sitting at a distance from each other to ensure people are practicing social distancing.

29. Silhouette Artist

Bring a touch of 1920s artistry to your party by hiring a silhouette artist to create portraits of your guests! Silhouette art flourished during the era with its modernity and sophistication, and now your guests can bring home a profile of themselves in this minimalistic and evocative style!

30. Murder Mystery game

Deputize your guests as detectives and challenge them to solve a murder mystery! Immerse your guests into the world of crime-solving and deduction as they attempt to solve a murder mystery within the roaring 20’s speakeasies and secret rendezvous! Your guests will love unraveling the intricate plots while playing the roles of detectives, suspects, and of course the murderer!

31. Card Games

Since most casinos are closed down because of the pandemic occurring, bring the casino to the party. Gambling was such a huge part of the roaring twenties with the likes of blackjack and poker, and there are plenty more 1920s card games to choose from. There will be an added twist however, be sure to have everybody bring their own cards and poker chips to ensure minimum contact. You can also find other kinds of Roaring 20s themed "Drink If" games to kick the party up a notch!

Big Dot of Happiness Drink If Game - Roaring 20's - 1920s Art Deco Jazz Party Game - 24 Count

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32. DIY Headband Station

Your guests will love elevating their outfits with personalized headbands that they will make at your DIY headband station! Supply your guests with feathers, beads, and sequins they can adorn their headbands with! Headbands were a crucial component of the fabulous flapper styles that were popular during the era, and they will make all your guests' outfits even more fabulous!

33. Cocktail Mixology Class

Despite Prohibition, the 1920s was rampant with alcohol consumed in secrecy and now you can give your guests a taste of these classic speakeasy drinks with a cocktail mixology class! From a Martini to a Sidecar to an Old Fashioned, your guests will love learning how to properly mix these amazing and delicious cocktails. Not only can they make, and more importantly drink, these cocktails at the party but they can recreate them at home!

34. Cabaret Performances

Add a little pizzazz to your soirée with vibrant and electrifying Cabaret performances! A splendid mix of music, dance, comedy, and satire, these performances were a hub of expression and liberation from social norms! Your guests will be enraptured by the daring choreography, decadent outfits, and dynamic performances!

35. Tik Tok

Who doesn’t love TikTok? TikTok is best known for people sharing fun short dances for others to try. Have people create some 1920s TikToks and share your moves with the world!

36. Fortune Teller

With all of the 1920s secrecy, there was also a touch of mystery that made the era intoxicating, and you can bring some of this mystery to your festivities by hiring a fortune teller! Your guests will love learning their futures from tarot card readings and palmistry insights! These fortune tellers will create an air of mystique and intrigue at your party while giving your guests a glimpse into the uncharted territories of the supernatural and unknown!

37. Burlesque Show

The rebellious and liberated spirit of the ’20s culminated in the era’s iconic and provocative Burlesque performances! Captivating audiences with a combination of humor, sensuality, and social commentary, these performances offered an escape from the constraints of time! Your guests will be enthralled by the glamorous burlesque show and the exciting costumes and elaborate dances that it contains!

38. Magic Show

Add some extra flair to your celebration with some magic! Hire a magician to perform a spectacle of classic tricks popular during the 20’s like “Sawing a Lady in Half '' and “Vanishing Elephant.” Your guests will be in awe at the showcasing illusions and mystifying feats that invoke a sense of charm and wonder to your party!

1920s Party Ideas - Drinks

If you know anything about the roaring ’20s, then you would know that they loved parties - parties and drinks that is. The 1920s were all about mixed cocktails in order to get away with alcohol during prohibition times. Here are some popular prohibition-approved cocktail choices that you can serve at your adult party.

39. Martini

The martini is a classic cocktail and great for a 1920s party since they loved to drink cocktails during that time. The ingredients include gin, dry vermouth, and a lot of olives - not to mention you can add in flavorings to make the drink more enticing. Make sure you serve your martini in an authentic martini glass so your party really feels like the 1920s.

40. Champagne Tower

For a classic Gatsby-esque centerpiece that will provide a glamorous decoration as well as delicious drinks, create a Champagne Tower! Set up a cascading tower of champagne glasses in the center of your venue then toast to your party as you pour champagne from the top glass and watch it flow over into the other glasses!

41. Prohibition-Era Cocktails

Prohibition might have been intended to stop drinking but instead, it inspired the creation of some amazing cocktails! Set up a bar area of your venue that serves prohibition-era cocktails such as the Sidecar, Mary Pickford, and Old Fashioned. Your guests will love sampling a variety of different cocktails that were popular during the roaring 20s!

42. Absinthe Fountain

Give your guests a taste of the 1920s with absinthe drinks! Absinthe was very popular in the 20s despite the work it requires, and you can serve it more conveniently with an absinthe fountain that everyone will want to try!

43. Classic Soda Pop

Complete your 1920s drinks menu with some non-alcoholic beverages like classic soda pops! These bubbly and vintage soda pops might not have the same kick as the drinks with alcohol but they are just as delicious!

44. Mint Mojito

This drink is fresh and clean. All you need is some fresh mint leaves, white sugar, rum, some soda to top it off, and lastly, 3 drops of bitters. Everyone will surely enjoy this mix!

45. Coffee and Cigarettes

Bring the 1920s coffee shop trend of coffee and cigarettes to your menu! Serve your guests amazing cappuccinos and lattes with the more health-conscious alternative of candy cigarettes!

46. Bee’s Knees

In honor of the 1920’s flappers add the flashy and zesty Bee’s Knees cocktail to your menu! Pour a mix of gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup into a drink shaker along with ice, then strain it into a cocktail glass, and finally garnish it with a lemon twist!

47. Mint Julep Lemonade

Make your menu shine with the addition of a light and relaxing mint julep lemonade! Combine these two complementing flavors by mixing bourbon, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, and a touch of simple syrup then pouring it into a chilled glass!

48. Prohibition Punch

Blast into the past with a prohibition punch that everyone will love! In a large crystal bowl mix rum, brandy, orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine, and a splash of soda water finally, add some ice and let everyone enjoy!

49. Gin and Tonic

This drink is a bit self-explanatory. Literally, all you need is gin and tonic water. If you'd like, you can switch the tonic out with a flavored seltzer.

50. Cucumber Gimlet

Put a twist on a classic gin gimlet by turning it into a crisp and refreshing cucumber gimlet! You can prepare these drinks by blending fresh cucumber, gin, lime juice, and simple syrup then pouring it into a cocktail glass and garnishing it with a cucumber slice!

51. Whiskey Smash

Your guests will be knocked off their feet when they try your 1920’s Whiskey Smash! Create this drink by muddling fresh lemon wedges, mint leaves, and simple syrup into a glass and then pouring in whiskey and adding some ice!

52. Dark and Stormy

Add a drink inspired by the bootleggers of the roaring 20s with the Dark and Stormy! Make these cocktails with a mix of dark rum and ginger beer then garnish it with a lime wedge for a spicy and tangy drink that is so delicious it might be a crime!

53. Speakeasy Mocktails

Even if someone doesn’t want an alcoholic drink doesn’t mean they should miss out on the Prohibition experience, and they won’t have to when you add some speakeasy mocktails to the menu! Set up a mocktail bar and create a series of speakeasy-inspired mocktails for everyone to enjoy throughout the evening!

1920s Party Ideas - Food

54. Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in a blanket were very popular appetizers in the 1920s, and were called, "Pastry Pigs." To make these delicious hors d'oeuvres simply wrap some sausages in puff pastry, cook, and serve. You can even buy them gourmet at stores near you or online, or even from a caterer.

55. Shrimp Cocktails

Shrimp cocktails are delicious and easy to make. They were also very popular at the time. Just take some cooked shrimp and place them on the edge of a glass with cocktail sauce inside.

56. Oysters Rockefeller

Give your guests a taste of the roaring 20’s extravagance through the culinary gem Oyster Rockefeller! Relish the exquisite tastes of oysters draped in spinach, fragrant herbs, and savory spices. This dish reflects the luxury of 1920s indulgences and will enhance your menu!

57. Waldorf Salad

Add a healthy organic dinner option to your menu with the popular 1920s Waldorf salad! This refreshing dish is a harmonious blend of crisp apples, crunchy walnuts, celery, and a creamy mayonnaise-based dressing!

58. Deviled Eggs

Complete your menu with some delightful and timeless deviled egg hors d'oeuvres! Savor the creamy spiced filling nestled in delicate egg whites and garnished with a sprinkle of paprika and parsley! Everyone will love this classic dish!

59. Oyster Vol-au-Vent

Your guests will delight in a taste of roaring twenties cuisine when served a sophisticated Oysters Vol-au-Vent entree! Indulge in the carefully crafted flavors of fresh oysters simmered in a mushroom cream sauce then cradled in a flaky puff pastry base and cooked to perfection. This Gatsby-esque extravagant dish will add a touch of elegance to your table with its gourmet delight!

60. Chicken à la King

Incorporate the delicious 1920s restaurant staple Chicken à la King into your menu for a dish that everyone will drool over! Savor the tender chicken and a variety of vegetables bathed in a creamy sauce and served over buttery toast points. This culinary homage will guarantee that even your pickiest guests swoon over the menu!

61. Cocktail Meatballs

Offer your guests a classic and tasty appetizer of cocktail meatballs that they can enjoy before dinner is served! This beloved dish of beef meatballs is bathed in a tangy-sweet sauce and expertly seasoned to create a festive flavor palette that is reminiscent of the Jazz Ages retro flair and party spirit!

62. Canapés

Infuse your menu with an explosion of vibrant flavors that also captures the festive spirit of the Roaring 20s through the addition of Canapés! These bite-sized marvels will invoke a symphony of flavors when you taste a medley of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and dill served on toasted baguette slices or buttery toast points. These exciting hors d'oeuvres echo the sophistication of 1920’s celebrations!

63. Cheese Fondue

Elevate your appetizers with a cheese fondue station! Delve into the velvety melted cheese with a selection of bread, fruits, and vegetables! These culinary delights are reminiscent of the social essence of the era and will be a delicious addition to everyone’s meal!

64. Flapper Pie

Celebrate the roaring 20’s decadent tastes with a Flapper Pie! This sumptuous treat is a perfect blend of creamy and sweet with its velvety custard filling encased in a buttery and flaky crust. Your guests will be begging for seconds after they get a taste of this elegant dessert!

65. Miniature Fruit Tarts

Add a splash of color to your dessert table with rainbow miniature fruit tarts! Delight in these enchanted desserts created from a medley of fresh colorful fruit nestled in a buttery pastry bed. This fruity tart will not only be a great addition to your menu but will simultaneously give your guests a healthier dessert option!

66. Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Turn your party menu from good to delicious when you serve a pineapple upside-down cake! Your guests will flip when they get a bite of the sweet caramelized pineapple and maraschino cherries baked in a buttery and golden cake. This delectable treat will add some vintage charm and sweet indulgence to your culinary masterpieces!

67. Lemon Bars

Balance the sweetness of your desserts with zesty lemon bars! Revel in the sumptuous combination of a golden crust with a tangy lemon filling and garnished with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. This timeless dessert will perfectly complement any dinner and bring a burst of flavor to your table!

68. Petit Fours

After an extravagant dinner, your guests will love feasting on some delicious and elegant Petit Fours! Baked in a variety of mouthwatering flavors and then adorned with Art Deco patterns and Gastby-inspired decorations, these miniature cake confections will capture the refined taste and artistry of the era!

69. Chocolate Éclairs

Enhance the vintage charm of your 1920s blowout with the timeless dessert of chocolate éclairs! A beloved classic throughout the 1920s, this delightful blend of a light and airy pastry filled with a rich chocolate custard will add a touch of gourmet charm and sweet nostalgia to your celebration!

70. Fruit Parfaits

Have your guests create their own custom fruit parfaits! Set up a station with an assortment of different yogurts, fruits, and toppings for your guests to choose from in order to create their perfect dessert! Served in vintage parfait glasses, these simple yet elegant desserts will bring a sense of 1920s indulgence to your dessert table with their fresh and vibrant flavors and colors!

71. Great Gatsby Champagne Cupcakes

Toast to your grand soirées with a Great Gatsby champagne cupcake! These moist champagne-infused cupcakes are decorated with sweet champagne buttercream frosting and glamorous edible gold flakes. Infused with the effervescent charm of champagne, these extravagant cupcakes perfectly reflect the opulent essence of Gatsby’s great parties!

72. Classic Old-fashioned Apple pie

The quintessential traditional Americana dessert, old-fashioned apple pies evoke a sense of patriotism and nostalgia that is reminiscent of the roaring twenties! From its warm buttery crust to the sourced apple filling to the scoop of vanilla ice cream that it is served with, this simple dish will give your guests a taste of history!

73. Dapper Donut Tower

Elevate your roaring 20s celebration by creating a whimsical dessert display that puts a playful twist on a classic treat with the Dapper Donut Tower! Stack these gourmet donuts high and adorn them with different flavored glazes, such as chocolate, raspberry, and caramel, along with dapper-themed decorations. This delectable tower of sweet donuts will add a dash of charm and style to your desserts!

1920s Party Ideas - Favors

Wearable Favors

74. Vintage Brooches/Pins

Give your guests the classic accessory of vintage brooches or pins as a memento for the extravagant party! Covered in stones and shaped like fun animals, these beautiful vintage brooches/pins will make your guests’ outfits even more beautiful!

75. Silk Handkerchiefs

A popular and fashionable accessory at the time, silk handkerchiefs can make a very thoughtful gift! You can even personalize them by sewing each guest’s name into the border of the handkerchiefs!

76. Beaded Bracelets

Adorn your guests in gorgeous and unique beaded bracelets that they can even make themselves! Decorated in art deco patterns and colors, these bracelets are sure to be a memorable favor!

77. Vintage-inspired Gloves

Offer your guests vintage lace or satin gloves to wear during the party for an elegant and authentic touch to their outfits! Your guests will love wearing these delicate gloves during the party and after the party is long over!

78. Custom Flapper-themed Lapel Pins

Give your guests a party favor inspired by the revolutionary fashion of 1920s flappers with custom flapper-themed lapel pins! Personalize each pin with the guests’ names or a short phrase along with an Art Deco design background!

79. Flapper-inspired Clutch Bags

Provide your guests with a practical and stylish flapper-inspired clutch bag that will be perfect for holding goodies from the party! Adorn these mini clutch bags with crystals, glitter, pearls, and other flapper-themed decorations. These clutches will be the perfect addition to everyone's outfits!

80. Masquerade Masks

Create an air of mystique and intrigue by having your guests choose from a selection of masquerade masks and wear them during the party! These beautiful masks will be a unique gift that your guests will cherish for years to come!

81. Eco-friendly Pearl Necklace

Offer your guests gorgeous 1920s party favors that are also environmentally friendly by handing out pearl necklaces made from sustainable materials! A classic 1920s fashion accessory, these necklaces will give your guests' outfits a vintage touch!

82. Great Gatsby Feathered Hats

Just like the flappers of the twenties, the enchanting Great Gatsby feathered hats you give your guests to wear will shine! Adorned in feathers and sequins these feathered hats are a touching favor for your guests!

83. Jazz Age Tulle Pouches

Provide your guests with Jazz Age tulle pouches that they can fill with small candies or favors! These tulle pouches can be decorated in metallic colors reflecting the glitz and glamor of the 20s!

Drink related favors

84. Personalized Flasks

Send your guests home with classic and useful flasks as favors! You can personalize these mini flasks by engraving each with a guest’s initials. These flasks will be a sophisticated reminder of the evening!

85. Gatsby Gourmet Tea Sampler

Give your guests a taste of the 1920s by providing them with a selection of organic and eco-friendly tea blends inspired by the roaring twenties that they can choose from!

86. Miniature Bottles of Champagne

Gift your guests a Gatsby-esque favor with miniature bottles of champagne! Decorate these mini champagne bottles with art deco labels for a glamorous and festive favor!

87. Personalized Martini/Wine Glasses

Inspired by the fabulous speakeasies of the Jazz Era, offer your guests personalized martini or wine glasses! Engrave each with guests’ names and a 1920s design then you can attach a speakeasy-inspired drink recipe to the base of each glass for your guests to try at home!

88. Custom Roaring Twenties Cocktail Recipe Book

Have your guests bring home a touch of roaring twenties glamour when they try some recipes from their custom roaring twenties cocktail recipe book! Fill each with fun and delicious 20s-inspired cocktail recipes and draw each guest’s name on the cover!

89. Vintage Cocktail Stirrers

Add some 1920s flare and charm to your cocktails by providing them with vintage cocktail stirrers! Featuring art deco motifs, these stirrers will enhance the aesthetic of your event and add a touch of sophistication to each cocktail!

90. Jazzed-up Jello Shots

Put a modern twist on your 1920s drinks by serving Jazzed-up jello shots in mini martini glasses! The bold flavors of these delightful treats will capture the spirit of the era in a creative way!

Sweet Favors

91. Vintage Candy Jars

Give your guests a taste of the roaring twenties with vintage candy jars! Fill these vintage mini glass jars with classic treats like Charleston Chews, Gatsby-era gumdrops, and gold coins! This party favor will create the perfect nostalgic touch for your Gatsby-inspired soirée!

92. Art Deco Chocolate Bars

Put an Art Deco twist on your party favors by handing out art deco chocolate bars! Decorate the rich chocolate bars with wrappers featuring geometric patterns and other art deco motifs!

93. Jazz Age Cookies

Add some sweetness to your party when you prepare Jazz Age cookies for your guests to bring home and enjoy! Cut into jazz-themed designs like music notes and instruments then adorned with icing and edible glitter, these jazz cookies will be a sweet reminder of the monument influence of the Jazz Age during the 1920s

94. Gatsby Gourmet Truffles

Just like Gastby, send your guests home with some flare when you give them Gastby gourmet truffle treats! Inspired by Gatsby and the sophistication he exhibits, these delicious truffles can be made using a wide assortment of Gatsby-esque flavors and decorated in art deco colors!

95. Vintage Pop Rock Candy

Keep your guests on their toes when they try some vintage pop rock candy! In a wide range of colors and flavors, these small bags of pop rock candy will add extra pizzazz to the festivities and allow your guests to keep the party going after it ends!

Other Favors

96. Roaring Twenties Bamboo Hand Fans

Elevate your guests' outfits with roaring twenties bamboo hand fans! Feature art deco patterns and other 20s decorations such as pearls and small crystal beads to make the fans pop! Your guests will love these cool and stylish fans that they can bring home after the party!

97. Art Deco Perfume Bottles

Create a signature scent for your party inspired by popular flowers during the 1920s like lavender, roses, and wisteria. Bottle this scent into mini perfume bottles adorned with art deco-inspired designs and hand them out to your guests!

98. Jazz Age Vintage Vinyl Records

Have your guests bring home some classic 20’s tunes by offering them a selection of Jazz Age vintage vinyl records to choose from! Your guests will love this retro gift and listening to 1920s classic jazz songs long after the party is over!

99. Prize Bar

If you’re planning to have games and contests, you may want to consider throwing in an extra fun incentive for guests to join in. Offer a selection of 1920s-themed prizes for game winners to spice up the party! Set up a section in an indoor or outdoor area of the party where winners can come collect their unique 1920s-themed prize. These unique party favors can include liquor bottles, wine bottles, cigars, chocolate pearls, and so many more roaring rewards!

100. Roaring Twenties-themed Bookmarks

Your guests will love reading The Great Gatsby when they get their custom roaring twenties bookmarks, each featuring quotes or illustrations from the book and prominent 1920s figures!

101. Personalized Great Gatsby Journals

Inspire your guests to write their own stories when you give them personalized Great Gatsby journals! Design the cover of the journal with art deco designs and each guest’s name or initials written in a fun font. Watch to see what amazing stories your guests' imagination can create!

102. Jazz Age Mini Trunks

Stay on theme with unique Jazz Age mini trunk containers! These adorable mini trunks are the perfect container for any favor and invoke the 1920s sense of adventure! Your guests will adore these whimsical keepsakes that transport them back to the glamorous era!

103. Vintage Compact Mirrors

Sometimes the beauty of simplicity shines brightest, and your guests will love the practical elegance of vintage compact mirrors! A popular accessory during the 1920s, these mirrors blend nostalgia with functionality and are sure to be cherished by your attendees!

104. Pocket Watches

Your guests will always be on time when they receive old-fashioned elegant pocket watches! A timeless memento that will remind your guests of the exquisite party and serve as a reflection of their sophistication and status, just as they did in the 20s!

105. Art Deco Wooden Coasters

Raise a toast to the roaring 20s with Art Deco wooden coasters! Engrave the guests’ names or initials onto each coaster and decorate them with geometric art deco designs in gold and black! These coasters are sure to add a touch of charm and practicality to the celebrations!

106. Jazzed-up Jute Wine Bags

A nod to 1920s flair, these Jazzed-up jute wine bags will allow your guests to carry home their favorite wine bottle with some style! Crafted from natural jute material and adorned with Art Deco motifs, these bags are sure to be cherished keepsakes!

1920s Party Ideas - Invitations

107. Color Coordinated

Make your color coded invitations as creative as you want while highlighting your party's theme colors. Whether black and gold, blue and gold, or any other color variation you desire for your marvelous decade event, make your invitations stand out with your prime colors in order to enhance the theme of the party.

108. Art Deco Designs

Adorn your invitations with the classic Art Deco designs that the ’20s are known for! Complement geometric shapes with bold colors that reflect the Art Deco style of the era and add some glitter to make them shine!

109. E-Invites

Don’t make your guests wait for their invitations, instead send out some e-invites so they can start counting down the days until the party! Add some 20s flair to these e-invites by styling them to look like vintage 1920s postcards!

110. Speak Easy Password

Start your guests' journey into the 1920s secret world of speakeasies with their speakeasy password invitations! On each invitation put a secret password that they will have to provide to be let into the party so you can make sure your speakeasy doesn’t get busted!

111. Newspaper-style Invites

Your party is front-page news on your newspaper-styled invites! Design your invitations to mimic 1920s newspaper articles or advertisements!

112. Record Invites

The 1920s culture was transformed by jazz music and the vinyl records that people used to listen to soulful tunes! Cut your invitations into the shape of the records and you can personalize each invitation by coming up with a fun song title for each guest!

113. Gatsby Themed

When you think of Roaring 20s... you also think of Gatsby. Start out your dazzling party with glamorous Gatsby gold invitations that will send out "party time" vibes! After all, Gatsby is the king of magnificent Roaring 20s parties.

114. Cocktail Recipe Card

Get your guests excited about your party by starting the drinking early! Attach a 1920’s themed cocktail recipe card to each invitation and encourage your guests to try out the cocktail before the festivities!

115. Casino Chip Style

Design your invitations to resemble oversized casino chips! Cut out a casino chip-shape then feature fun colors and art deco elements on it as well as a personalized message and the party details!

116. Vintage Postcard

Your guests will want to take a trip into the 1920s world you are creating when they receive their vintage postcard invitations! Complete with aged paper texture and handwritten-style fonts, these 1920s vintage postcards will get your guests excited for an adventure!

117. Flapper Fashion

Style your invitations after the flappers whose fashion reflected women’s new freedoms! Include images of flapper dresses and accessories, such as feather headbands and beaded necklaces, along with sparkling glitter to make your invitations glamorous!

1920s Party Ideas: Conclusion

The roaring ’20s was a lively time filled with beautiful dresses, fun parties, and amazing jazz music. Luckily, you can recreate this time by hosting a wonderful 1920s party. We hope these 1920s party ideas make the planning process easier for you and help you generate some great birthday party ideas and also help you keep within budget.

Written by Nathan Rogers, Elisabeth Blair, and Alannah McEvoy-Benisti; Contributors: Isabel Tenney, Jessica Pagel and Michelle Aminov

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