12 Types of Nightclubs and Restaurants

12 Types of Nightclubs and Restaurants

Are you looking for a night on the town? What kind of entertainment are you looking for? Do you want to dance, eat, drink or relax? Many nightclubs and restaurants can offer one-stop solutions to all of these, but it depends on which type you choose. While many places have their own specialties that differentiate them from each other, trying these types of nightclubs and restaurants in your area can give you a unique night out


1. Sports Themed

For those who love sports, nothing beats a sports-themed entertainment venue. There are a variety of brewpubs, Irish restaurants, and other hot spots that can cater to these needs with their large-screen TVs. Some also offer billiard tables and arcade games. Many times these are in microbrewery restaurants or Irish pubs, though there are other options depending on your area. 

2. Dance Clubs

Dance clubs are perhaps the most popular of nightclubs. They offer a great place to meet up with other people and show off your moves. In a dance club, you can meet a variety of people who share your dancing passion. You can often get a great cocktail or other drink from the bar located inside. 

3. Comedy Clubs

If you’ve had a long day or you just want to laugh, comedy clubs are the places to go. They often offer both local and headlining talent in sketch and stand-up routines. Some may have a minimum drink requirement in place of a cover charge or advance tickets. 

4. Live Music

Traditionally known as jazz clubs, these venues have evolved past the calm and cool atmosphere jazz provides. In these venues, you can access local, and sometimes even international, music talent. The music offered has moved beyond only jazz as well. You can find a venue offering just about any music genre you’re interested in.

5. Adult Clubs

If you’re looking for something a bit spicier, adult clubs offer a variety of performances. Often visited for bachelor parties for their performances as well as a drink or dinner, many of these clubs will meet the needs of anyone looking for a strip club or topless tavern. Sometimes the term “adult” also refers to content that may be involved in comedy routines or other entertainment. 

6. Dueling Instruments

Whether you’re a fan of piano music or fiddles, these establishments offer a fun and exciting evening out filled with phenomenal live performances and group sing-alongs. The entertainment usually involves two resident musicians hashing it out against each other for tips and great entertainment.

7. Irish Pubs 

Irish Pubs often include live music and alcohol, the specialty of beer. It is a big place to get drinks and have a blast with loud music and dancing. Great for meeting new people and going out with your friends. Please note: Irish Pubs are not family-friendly.


8. Fast Food

For a quick and simple finger-licking good meal on the go, fast food chains offer convenience and efficiency. However, what you save in cost could be made back up in food quality. 

9. Fast Casual

If you want something relatively quick but in a more relaxed and comfortable environment, fast-casual restaurants have the best selection for your event. 

10. Casual 

Also known as family-style, this is typically the most popular type of eatery. These places offer a sit-down experience that has table service. Referring back to the name, this style can be quite casual and is the perfect setting for family or group nights out. Microbreweries and local restaurants fit into this category and can have a café or bistro feel. 

11. Buffet

Though technically part of the casual group of eateries, the service style in buffet venues places them in their own category. They can be casual or upscale depending on the location and they are known for providing a large selection and variety of foods. 

12. Fine Dining

Most fine dining experiences offer the top of line service and food. Many have a high rating in one of several professional rating services, including Michelin or Forbes. For a night of fine dining, or even for a high-class bachelorette party, you may want to dress more formally--leaving the jeans and t-shirts at home. Many times there is often a famous, or at least highly-skilled, chef creating gourmet masterpieces in the kitchen. All this expertise and special treatment come at a cost, so don’t be too surprised when you get the bill. Odds are the dinner was worth every penny.  

Written by Kimberly Vona and Jillian Smith; Contributor: June Park