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36 Glamorous Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Ideas

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

If you are planning an Audrey Hepburn theme party, you must love her as much as we do! She is an absolute icon known for her fashion, kindness, and unstoppable attitude. This birthday party will call for decorations, favors, food, activities, party supplies, and invitations that would have been approved by Audrey herself. Prepare for a party and treat your guests like movie stars as Audrey would, to host the perfect Audrey Hepburn-inspired event. Here are a few fun ideas to express the glitz and glam of classic Hollywood.

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Decorations

The Hollywood sign at dawn

Source: Unsplash

The decor is the most important part of setting up a memorable party. Without this, the food and the party favors don’t have anything to work upon. We want to help you host a party that will shine as brightly as Audrey Hepburn did. Get ready to get creative with these decoration ideas.

1. Movie Premiere

Everyone knows all the big-name celebrities are located in Hollywood. Decorate the venue with movie and TV symbols to reflect the red carpet and a night in Hollywood.

2. Photos

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To incorporate Audrey Hepburn, display Holly Golightly wall art, or hang photos of the guest of honor dressed like Audrey doing an Audrey-inspired pose. You can also put photos on all of the tables or have a photo book displayed somewhere. This idea is a great way to make the guest of honor feel special at her Audrey theme party.

3. Scene Décor

Decorate according to a scene from your favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. For instance, for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene, you might pile your food table high with breakfast pastries and make it the focus of the room by framing it with a faux window frame and hanging chandeliers above it.

4. Centerpiece

Create a table centerpiece with large, sparkly white candelabras and black votive candles. Simply place a candle in each candelabrum and place the candelabras in the center of your table. Instead of flowers, fill clear vases with Tiffany blue diamonds for a fun and elegant alternative. Decorate the vase with a piece of satin ribbon.

5. Table Décor

For a Hepburn-style table try a blue tablecloth covered with a black polka dot table runner. Further down are some party supplies for the table that will add subtle details, which will tie everything together.

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Favors

Several shopping bags

Source: Etsy

With our help your party is going to stay in your guest’s memories forever, but why not seal the deal with some party favors. These favors will be a physical reminder of your party and the fun that was shared.

7. Tiffany Box or Bag

To play with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, give out all of your favors in the iconic Tiffany blue box or bag. You can fill them with small trinkets like fake diamond jewelry or Tiffany blue-colored candies. For added flair, get them personalized for the event and add "<insert name> & Co."

8. Long Gloves

Some of her most famous pictures show Audrey Hepburn with long gloves. These can be any color or material, but long white or black satin gloves will be the most authentic. Give each of your guests a pair so that they can dress up like Audrey.

9. Handkerchiefs

Give each of your guests their very own white lace handkerchief. This is a lovely, vintage favor that goes perfectly with your Audrey Hepburn theme. If you want to go above and beyond you can monogram the handkerchief with the guest’s initials.

10. Sleep Mask

Sleep mask. Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleeping mask. Holly Golightly sleep mask. Audrey Hepburn mask. Handmade gift for women. Gift for her.

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After all that partying, it's time to get a goodnights rest with this recreation of Holly Golightly’s sleep mask.

11. Stationery Set

Your guests will love receiving a set of Tiffany blue stationery or even a Thank You note written on Tiffany’s stationery.

12. Tiaras

Audrey Hepburn is shown often with a tiara in her hair. Your guests will love receiving one to wear themselves. These can either all be the same or unique to each guest.

13. Lipstick

Miss Hepburn was a big fan of lipstick. Gift your female guests with red lipstick with custom labels that echo your party theme or their personality!

14. Tiffany's Danish

Say goodbye to your guests in the most memorable way by giving each a danish like in the famous opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Add a custom tag to go with it and your guests will surely love it!

15. Books

Often, Audrey Hepburn's movies were based on books. For instance, Breakfast at Tiffany’s was based on the book of the same title by Truman Capote. The original versions of Audrey Hepburn movies would make unique favors.

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Food Ideas

A bar of chocolate

Source: Unsplash

Food brings us all together. Eating tasty food with your friends and family creates a warm fun environment. Audrey was a firm believer in eating a little bit of everything. So why not try a bit of all our ideas. With these ideas to get you started, everyone will go home happy.

16. Chocolate

While this can’t be called a true meal, it is a must for an Audrey Hepburn theme party. She loved chocolate and had some most nights. Be sure to have many varieties available for your guests to enjoy.

17. Audrey Hepburn Meals

One option is to mimic what Audrey would eat on a normal day. She would eat a simple breakfast of jam on toast, a lunch consisting of a chicken dish with pasta, and a dinner made up of chicken noodle soup with veggies. There is a lot of room for creativity here. Depending on the time of day of your party you could choose just one meal or have bits of each represented.

18. Cake!

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Treat your guests to a beautiful coconut cake filled with pineapple and decorated gorgeous blue cream cheese flowers! Top your cake with sparkly edible pearls and blue, black, and white colors. If you decide to do cupcakes, don't forget to add cake toppers!

19. Tiffany’s Timbertini

Make your party memorable by serving your guests the iconic cocktail from the film. This blue drink is the epitome of chic, just like Audrey Hepburn! Serve in a martini glass for added glamour! To make them more personalized, add names to make it "your drink."

20. Hollywood

If you want to have foods that aren’t explicitly linked to Audrey but still want to fit the theme, you can have fancy Hollywood food. This would include lots of hors d’oeuvres throughout the party. For more substantial food, have things like seafood or steak. Really this is something that you can take and make your own. Anything could be considered Hollywood food as long as it’s presented well.

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Activities

A small photograph camera

Source: Unsplash

21. Breakfast Bar

Set up a table with all the breakfast foods you can think of! You could even have a waffle or omelet station and guests could place an order for a custom meal!

22. Photo Booth

Use your party favors and these Hollywood photo booth props for the perfect glam shot in front of the paparazzi!

22. Watch Party

Have Audrey Hepburn's most famous films playing in the background of the party, or arrange a time for guests to watch.

24. Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired Games

Create a custom bingo card or play some rounds of "How well do you know me?" with these Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired games.

25. Movie Reenactment

Audrey Hepburn had some iconic roles. Her most famous one is probably Breakfast at Tiffany's. From the decorations, favors, and food you can create this classic moment from the movie. This will create a sense of immersion for your guests as you star alongside your favorite actress.

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Supplies

26. Photo Booth Props

Breakfast at Tiffany's Party Printable Photo Booth Props - Tiffany's Bachelorette Party - Tiffany's Party - Bridal Shower- Instant download

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These photo booth props can be instantly downloaded and match the theme perfectly!

27. Champagne Flutes

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Cheers! Have guests drink out of champagne flutes to feel glamorous.

28. Miss Audrey

Star Cutouts, Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany's), Cardboard Cutout Stand-Up, Celebrity Life-Size Stand-In - 71" x 17"

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Why not pay tribute to the guest of honor with this Audrey Hepburn cut out?

29. Plates, Napkins, and Cutlery

Iconic Blue Box Inspired Party Supplies Kit for 24 Guests - Paper Plates, Napkins, Forks, Spoons Knives

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The iconic Tiffany blue is a must-have at any Audrey Hepburn theme party. These plates, napkins, and cutlery are a superb touch to the overall theme.

30. Silver Backdrop

Your pictures will sparkle bright with this shiny silver backdrop!

31. Table Confetti

Dress up your table with Audrey-inspired table confetti. Some options include diamond table confetti and Tiffany blue jelly beans. Some of these can double as party favors as well.

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party Invitations

32. Classic Blue Box

White Bow with Aqua Blue Bridal Shower Invitation Printable Template, Bride & Co. Invitation, Audrey Hepburn Breakfast Inspired Invitation

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There’s just something about that unmistakable light blue box, so let that inspire your invitations. If you are feeling crafty, buy paper this color and wrap white ribbon around it to give the same effect to keep it simple.

33. Little Black Dress

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Encourage guests that attend to dress up. Women can wear a black dress, and men can wear a suit.

34. "Dahling"

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower Invitation, Birthday Invitation, Baby Shower Invitation - Printed OR Printable File

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Audrey herself coined "Dahling" as the iconic phrase it is today, so why not use it as inspiration for your invitation greeting? Get custom invitations with the iconic word printed on them, or use your favorite saying and get creative. Miss Hepburn would love to see her word all around your party!

35. Elegant Style

Picky Bride 25-Pack White Lace Laser Cut Wedding Invitations with Blush Pink Shimmer Insert, Elegant Invite Cards for Wedding / Sweet Sixteen / Baby Shower / Bridal Shower / Birthday Party

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Stay poised to perfection with these elegant style invitations.

36. Easy Event Planning Invitations

Feel free to also explore online invitation options!

Audrey Hepburn Theme Party: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed these Audrey Hepburn theme party ideas so that you can throw the best party for your guests! As with any event, it can get a bit hectic remembering to stick to your budget or even keeping track of your checklist, no fear though because we have a few to get you through it. We even have a collection of party ideas should you need any other ideas. Any last-minute gift shoppers? We have some ideas for you too!

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