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Party Themes

Party Themes

Updated on: Mar 28, 2024

Planning a party can be so much fun, especially when you set a theme! Theme party planning really lets you use your imagination to put together the best shin-dig for you to enjoy with all your guests. We have great ideas for party themes and are here to help with all your party planning needs. We make party planning fast and easy!

Seasonal and Color Party Themes

Sometimes the perfect theme for your party is more simple than you think. Just look out the window and use the seasons as inspiration! Or use your favorite color and go from there. The ideas are endless when it comes to these party themes.

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Location Theme Parties

Now, we aren't saying you have to physically go to these locations - unless you want to of course- but you can always bring the location to you! Bring any location to you, anything from New York City to the west coast or wild west.

casino theme party featured image

Timeframe Party Theme Ideas

Take your guests all the back to the '20s. Or take them all the way to the future! Whatever decade you are wanting to travel to with your guests, we can help you get there!

Animal Theme Parties

Another super simple party theme is your favorite animal! There are millions of different animals in the world, so that means there are millions of different party theme ideas right there!

Frog Theme Party

Food and Drink Party Theme Ideas

Everyone loves food. And get the right drinks, game over! Just plan the whole party around your favorite foods and drinks to make for a very simple but fun party!

beer theme party

Hobby Theme Parties

Bring all your buddies together and celebrate your favorite things! It is always the best feeling when you can share your hobbies with people, especially if these people have the same hobby. Here are some hobbies and ideas for them. Feel free to mix and match these to make your perfect hobby theme party.

Music Theme Party

Kid's Theme Parties

Planning kid's parties can be so much fun! But it can also be just as stressful. Let us help you out with that by giving you tons of party ideas that include everything from decorations to invitations!

glow party ideas

Character Theme Parties

Pick out your or your child's favorite character, or actor, movie, or even author, and go to town with planning! There are more party themes for your favorites than you may think.

Spongebob Party

Sports Party Themes

Sports is the perfect way to bring people together! Even if it is just to simply watch a game together, there is still every reason in the world to make a whole party out of it!

Hockey Party

Holiday Theme Parties

Of course, there are parties for holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. But we cannot forget about Oktoberfest and April Fools Day!

Oktoberfest Party

Party Themes for Professions

There are for sure some professions that deserve celebrations! Here are some professions and how we think they can be celebrated accordingly.

Ambulance Theme Party

Various Party Theme Ideas

There are so many categories for party themes that we could make for you, but sometimes it makes more sense to just give you our final ideas for party themes. Here are some miscellaneous ideas for party themes!

Black Tie Theme Party


As you can see, there are so many different types of party themes you can choose from! It can be overwhelming for sure, but we have you covered with all sorts of ideas and how to put them together for your guests! Don't see an idea that works for you? Check out our website frequently, we update it constantly to stay up to date with the latest trends.

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Written by: Lauren Bolt