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20 Ideas for Bridesmaid Robes

Bridesmaid Robes

Updated on: Feb 24, 2024

Want to surprise your 'Bride Squad' with the best gift? Bridesmaid Robes are a tradition to give to the Bridesmaids leading up to the big day everyone has been waiting for! Not exactly sure where to begin planning this perfect gift? At EasyEvent Planning, we will help you make this gift-giving process one of the easiest you have ever done! Here are 20 ideas that will help you pick out the best robes and alternative options for the best bridesmaids!

The Best Bridesmaid Robes

1. Spa Day Robe

Imagine you and your bridesmaids getting hair and makeup done all in matching robes on your special day! Spa Day Robes will make you feel just as if they were at a spa relaxing, taking the stress from what will be the most memorable day of your life. These robes can be customized to your likings.

2. Ruffled Detailed Robe

For a simple and sophisticated look, ruffle detailed robes will be the best fit for you! The lightness of these robes will be a perfect addition to any spring or summer wedding!

3. Velvet & Lace Robe

Planning on having a fall or winter wedding? Consider opting for chic velvet & lace bridesmaids robes. These robes will make your special pampering moment with your ladies more meaningful, plus it will make you a little warmer!

4. Pop of Color

For the most part, bridesmaid robes are pastel colors, so why not add a pop of color to your special day? For this gift, pick colors that are a part of your wedding colors, but make sure all your bridesmaids are matching, while your robe is an outstanding and unique color. Adding a pop of color will definitely add that sense of spice to your special day

5. Floral Robe

A cute, elegant, and simple floral pattern to the pampering session before walking down the aisle will be the perfect addition to the perfect garden or outdoor wedding. These floral bridesmaids' robes will look beyond beautiful in photographs!

6. Waffle Style

You cannot go wrong with purchasing a waffle style robe! These bridesmaid robes are not only comfortable but also super light for a summer wedding. Be sure to customize these robes with embroidered names on the back or front to make them more special for your special ladies!

7. Long-Ankle Length Robe

Change it up a little from the traditional knee-length robes and do a long-ankle length robe for your special ladies! This will add a modern twist to your pampering time, while also making it comfier for everyone.

8. Silky Lace Robe

Now imagine this… beautiful trim details and your wedding colors all in one robe style. Elegant and simple trim details will add a twist to any photograph, especially when it comes to the classic champagne toast celebrating the Bride!

9. Rhinestone Robe

Celebrate your special ladies the way they will celebrate your big day! Rhinestone robes will definitely make your bridesmaids stand out. These robes will look fabulous in photographs, making each and every rhinestone shine bright just like your bridesmaids will!

10. Fleece Style

Be all cuddled up before your big day! These fleece style bridesmaid robes will help you and your special ladies warm up and release a little bit of stress before the big day! These ropes can also be reused on those cold winter nights, which is a win-win for everyone!

11. Special Theme

If you are having a beach or outdoor wedding, be sure to express that in your bridesmaid robes! For an outdoor wedding, a robe with leaves would be the perfect fit. Personalizing these special robes will definitely make a statement to everyone!

12. Cozy Cotton Robe

Be sure to relax a little before making the most memorable memories of your lifetime! This cozy cotton robe will help you and your ladies to do so. Soft cotton is gentle on everyone’s skin, so be sure to also pamper the little ladies of the night, too!

13. Satin Robe

Keep it classy with Satin Bridesmaid Robes for you and your special girls! These robes will be loved by everyone because of their soft and silky texture. Customize your robes to the names of each bridesmaid to keep this gift more special than it already will be!

Alternative Options for Bridesmaid Robes

14. Flannel Matching PJs

Wanting to add a different approach to your gift-giving for your special ladies? The perfect flannel matching PJ set will be loved by everyone! It will keep everyone warm and cozy if you are having a fall or winter wedding. The photographs in these PJs sets will come out looking fabulous, especially if there is snow outside!

15. Silk PJ Set

For a cute and simple pampering outfit, a silk pj set will be the best alternative for bridesmaid robes! You can decide to get these cute little sets in the color combination of your wedding or any other color you may like!

16. Bridesmaid Sweatpants

Who doesn't like to be comfortable when getting their hair and makeup done? Bridesmaid sweatpants will be the perfect alternative for robes. Keep in my mind that these sweatpants can also be customized! They will look so cute with the date of your special day on the sleeve of the leg!

17. Elegant Rompers

If you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and beautiful, while they are getting pampered before your special day, check out elegant rompers! Rompers are very similar to robes but give you a secure sense. Like robes, rompers will definitely not ruin anyone’s hair or makeup!

18. 'Bride Squad' T-Shirt

Spice up your pampering sessions with your special ladies with ‘Bride Squad’ T-Shirts. This gift will give your bridesmaids a more comfortable look, while also giving them the freedom to express their style!

19. Sleep Shirt Dress

If robes just are not your thing, consider getting yourself and your special ladies a sleep shirt dress. This an adorable alternative for bridesmaid robes, it is comfy, and you can also customize it to your likings! Keep it casual before wearing your beautiful dress!

20. Silk PJ Shorts

Want something more on the casual side? Surprise your ‘Bride Squad’ with the comfiest silk shorts! Customize these shorts to each bridesmaids’ name or just keep it simple, so everyone can wear them once again!

Bridesmaid Robe Ideas: Conclusion

With this list of 20 ideas for Bridesmaid Robes and alternatives, you will for sure find the best gift that suits your ‘Bride Squad.’ Have fun picking and creating these gifts, make them as memorable as your special day will be! Check out our budget guide, wedding ideas, and checklist for help planning the wedding.

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