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10 Effective Event Planning Tips

Event Planning Tips

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

Event planning can be stressful, and sometimes you don't want to hire event consultants, which is okay! Party planners can alleviate your stress, but if you plan on your own, there are resources to help you do so. Here are some tips to help you successfully plan your event!

1. Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

You need to set realistic goals and doable time frames to achieve them. This is one of the keys to party planning. You must know the objectives of all of the events you plan before you begin the real preparation.

2. Conduct Research

Look at all the different venues in your city before choosing to be confident in your decision and as satisfied as possible. Consider your options, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you're looking for something specific.

3. Leaning on Friends and Family

Get help. Planning your event doesn't have to involve professional wedding planning businesses or event coordinators, but it should at least include some friends! For things like sending out invitations and deciding whom to invite, you don't usually use your event coordinators. Instead of doing it all by yourself, hand these small tasks out to friends and family who offer their help. Dividing up the responsibilities can be a huge help, and you can still be involved in all of the planning. This will keep you sane before the events you are planning.

4. Budget List

You have to know your budget before you can make any plans, so get out your pen, paper, and calculator and set this early on! Moreover, if you organize everything, including what you spend, you will be able to better regulate your budget instead of not paying attention to the very end of the process and being surprised when your event coordinators hand you the bill.

5. Vendor List

A vendor list and a budget list will ensure that you know the details of what you are purchasing and who you are hiring for your big day. At, we have both of these for you in one place.

6. Preparation

Good wedding planners and event planners all have one thing in common—they are prepared. If you are planning your event without coordinators and other planning professionals, you must make sure that you are the prepared person. Sometimes that means being resourceful and packing extra things that you might need to cover any emergencies!

7. Combined Location

Keeping all your event planning lists, objects, and information in one place is something minimal that you can do to make party planning so much easier. You will not have to waste energy shuffling around through papers or files and running all over the house or your computer to find what you need.

8. Organized Communication

Make sure your email inbox stays neat. You do not want to have to sift through messages and miss important ones. Keeping the communication pathways clean will help you spend less time on just searching. Everyone involved in planning, including the venue staff, must know exactly what you want so that everything is done correctly.

9. Rest Up

Planning such a big event with wedding planning businesses at your service can get hectic. Make sure you take time out for yourself to relax and kick back. Keep the nerves calm, so you are glowing for your big day!

10. Enjoy

When the night comes, throw in the towel and enjoy all of your hard work!

Event Planning Tips: Conclusion

No matter which city you live in, if you need to find a great vendor for your event, go to and use our vendor directory. Coming up with ideas for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc., can often be extremely challenging and stressful, but it is essential to ensure a hitch-free event. Using our list of quintessential event planning tips, we can assure you that you will throw an event to remember!

Written by Samantha Birk, Annette Girion, and Aditi Parikh; Contributors: June Park and Jack Leduc

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