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Kids Theme Party Ideas

Kids Theme Party Ideas

Updated on: Mar 20, 2024

It has come back around to that time of the year where you are starting to plan your little one's birthday party! This can be their first birthday or even their 10th. Sometimes depending on how old your little one is turning, planning their birthday may not be the easiest task as there is so much that goes into birthday party planning. We have tons of kids theme party ideas to help you out with your planning! We make theme party planning fast and easy!

Kids Theme Party Ideas by Ages

When you go to look for ideas and inspiration for your child's birthday party, you probably type in their age. We have already done some of that work for you with these articles that are filled with kids theme party ideas by their ages.

1st birthday party themes featured image

Gender Neutral Kids Theme Party Ideas

These party ideas are perfect for any child as they are gender neutral! This meaning anyone and everyone can enjoy one of these party themes. There are tons of ideas within each of these articles ready for you to use!

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Kids Themed Party Ideas for Boys

Birthday parties for you little boy can be super simple and straight forward, but they can also be difficult. Especially if your little man is indecisive and doesn't know what he wants for his birthday party theme! We have tons of ideas that you can pitch to him and go from there.

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Kids Theme Party Ideas for Girls

Everything from fairies to a princess in a castle, we have lots of ideas for your little girls special day!

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Character Theme Parties

Why not plan your kid's birthday party around their favorite character? We have tons of kids theme party ideas centered around different characters, brands, and toys! Pick your kids favorite and get to planning for their special day.

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Animal Theme Parties

If your kid cannot choose their favorite character, why not see about their favorite animal? There are millions of different animals out there, that means that there are millions of different kids theme party ideas out there! Now, of course, we cannot put together all the millions of ideas, but we have a few to get you started.

Bunny Theme Party

Gift Ideas and Inspiration

Are you stuck on what you get your kid for their birthday? Or if you are an invited guest, are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the birthday boy or girl? Not only do we help you out with kids theme party ideas, but we also have loads of gift ideas for the birthday kid!

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Tools, Tips, and More

You have your theme picked, but honestly that's the easy part! We have tons of tips, tricks, and more to help you out. Everything from budgets to party favor ideas. We are so much more than just kids theme party ideas!

Kids Birthday Party Budget Worksheet


We have lots of kids theme party ideas a long with gift ideas and even handy tools like budget sheets and checklists! We want your party planning process to be as fast and easy as possible. Don't see something that works for you? Keep checking back to our website, we update it constantly!

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Written by Lauren Bolt