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12 Unique Airplane Theme Party Ideas

Airplane Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

3, 2, 1! You are cleared for takeoff to throw a fun airplane theme party! As the pilot, you need to plan a great flight for your passengers! Easy Event Planning will serve as your flight crew, as we have put together creative ideas for invitations, party food, and decorations that will make your airplane themed party soar to new heights!

Airplane Theme Party Invitations

1. Mini Airplanes

Make airplane-shaped invitations by simply cutting out airplanes from construction paper! On one side of the invitation, draw some windows, color/decorate the airplane, and glue a picture of who the party is for inside the window! On the flip side of the airplane, write out all of your party details!

2. Paper Airplanes

Buying paper airplane invitations or making your own are other creative invitation options! To make your own, simply write all of your party details onto any piece of paper. Then, fold the paper into a paper airplane and place it in a large envelope. You can also hand-deliver your paper planes if you have the time!

3. Boarding Pass Invitations

Buying boarding pass invitations or creating your own are great ways to invite all your guests to your airplane-themed party! While looking at a picture of a boarding pass, you can either type out or draw on paper who the ticket is for, the time of departure (time of party), and where the flight is leaving from (the party venue). There are even printables online!

Airplane Theme Party Food

Airplane themed party with cake


4. Banana Airplanes

Create delicious banana airplanes the whole party will enjoy! All you have to do is slice a banana in half lengthwise. Place one-half of the banana, flat side up, on a plate and spread it with peanut butter. Then, place an entire graham cracker on each side for the two wings and place a quarter of a graham cracker at the end for the tail.

Next, put the second half of the banana on top of the peanut butter. Cut a small slice at the end of the top part and push a small piece of graham cracker in it to make a rudder. Finish it off by adding chocolate chip windows. Creating foods like this is sure to please the younger crowd!

5. Airplane Cookies

Airplane-shaped cookies are sweet treats that your guests will love! Using an airplane cookie cutter, simply cut out several different sugar cookies from a large ball of dough. Bake the cookies and let them cool. Then, decorate your airplanes with any icing of your choice!

6. Airplane Cake

A delicious cake is a classic dessert for your guests to enjoy! You can bake your own cake and then use light blue frosting to cover the cake to resemble the sky. Then, use mini marshmallows to stick on top of the frosting or white frosting to create clouds. Finally, place an airplane cake topper on it! If you do not have time to make a cake yourself, you can also order a plane cake from a local bakery!

7. Drink Cart

One of the best parts of traveling on an airplane is the drink cart that goes around! Create your very own drink cart by creating a “Drink Cart” sign and placing it on top of a big table or on a bar cart with all sorts of beverages. If you make some drinks with alcohol in them for your 21 and older guests, make sure you label them to let your guests know. For even more fun, serve each drink with twisty straws!

Airplane Theme Party Decorations

Boy holding toy airplane outside

Source: Unsplash

8. Dining in First Class

Make your guests feel like they are eating first class up in the sky with some airplane tableware! Covering the tables at your party with airplane tablecloths is a great idea for decorations to keep your tables clean and to add to your theme!

9. Airplane Banners

Airplane banners will be a great touch to your party! You can hang them on the walls, doorways, tables, chairs, etc. at your venue to bring life in the sky down to the ground!

10. Airport signage

Putting "On-Ramp" or "Boarding" sign to the top of the driveway and entrance of the house shows the guest the theme of the party and before even stepping foot into the house knows what to expect.

11. Decorations in the Sky

No party is ever complete without balloons! Order airplane balloon supplies to decorate your venue. They can even be found at your local party city! You can also get blue balloons, white balloons, blue streamers, and white streamers to make your guests feel like they are looking at the sky out of a plane’s window! If you are going with a certain color scheme for your airplane party, then you can decorate your venue with balloons and streamers of those colors.

12. Cloud Backdrop

If you want to have the feeling of being in the air, cloud backdrops are the best option. They are also very easy to DIY either with just stuffing or stuffing inside sewed cloth. Either hanging from the ceiling or attached to the wall adds that extra touch of being up in the sky in your kids' very own airplane.

Airplane Theme Party: Conclusion

Check out the links provided to find other creative and fun gifts for your airplane birthday party or even just airplane themed party. We can also help you maintain a budget! Everything from airplane party favors to other airplane decorations is all in one place for adults and kids alike!

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