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18 Fun Biker Theme Party Ideas

Biker Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

VROOM-VROOM- Did you hear that? Someone's revving up their motorcycle engines and getting ready to throw the perfect biker theme party! Whether you're a diehard Harley-Davidson fanatic or as a good time, this party is great for guests of all ages! We have gathered ideas for party food, favors, and decorations to plan the perfect biker-themed party that every guest will love! We also make sure that everything will fit your party budget!

Biker Theme Party Food Ideas

1. BBQ Buffet

Barbecuing is a summertime classic, but you can do it year-round, too! There are unlimited options for foods you can barbecue. Try BBQ-ing chicken, pork, lamb, shrimp, beef, and even vegetables!

Has the idea of throwing a great barbecue party ever come to mind? If so, you might want to check out our recommendations.

2. Biker Bar Food

Traditional biker-bar food will be a great addition to your theme! Try hot wings, barbecue ribs, chili, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and burgers to feed your hungry bikers!

3. Buffet

Want a good cost-efficient way of feeding every party guest? Set up a buffet! You could set up a creative taco, hamburger, or even a pizza bar. Make sure you have enough toppings for everyone! You can also easily enlist any local catering company to cater your party!

4. Appetizers

Appetizers are a great way to feed your guests before the main course. Think mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sandwiches with lunch meat, fruit and vegetables with dip, juice boxes, and hot dogs.

5. Cookies

Need to satisfy your guests' sweet tooth? A delicious treat to make (that goes along with your biker-themed party) is to create your own Harley-Davidson-inspired motorcycle cookies! Buy a motorcycle cookie cutter and some cookie dough of your choice from the grocery store. Then cut out your shapes, bake your cookies, and serve! Consider putting colored frosting on them and adding candy sprinkles that match your color scheme!

6. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great dessert to serve to your guests! Decorate your cupcakes with any colored frosting of your choice. Add some motorcycle cupcake toppers to add to that biker theme!

7. Motorcycle Cake

You can always order a motorcycle or biker-themed cake from a local cake or dessert place, or you can get creative and make your own! Make a round or rectangular sheet cake. Then, you ice it with frosting in the party's color scheme. After that, you create road or tire tracks by pouring a line of delicious crushed cookies or graham crackers over the cake. Finally, you use a small motorcycle toy as a cake topper, and push it into the icing to hold it in place.

Biker Theme Party Party Favors

8. Rub-On Tattoos

If the thought of ink under your skin really gets under your skin, there's no need to get a real tattoo when rub-on tattoos look just as cool! Hand these out to those who don't wish to link themselves up. Buy some motorcycle tattoos for kids to go with your party theme.

9. Motorcycle or Biker Stickers

If your guests are on the younger side, hand out some motorcycle stickers or biker stickers! These stickers are convenient because they usually come in packs.

10. Bandanas

The quintessential biker accessory, this piece of fabric makes for the perfect party favor! Attendees will feel like real-life bikers with this stylish statement. Guests can put them in their hair, tie them to their belt loops, etc. Buy multicolored bandanas so that your guests have options of what color bandana they want! Something like this might kickstart some good ideas.

11. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are another excellent party favor-they'll make your biker guests look tough and edgy! Party favor sunglasses for kids usually come in packs so they're cheap!

12. Toy Motorcycles

You can find fun toy motorcycles just about anywhere, including at your local Dollar Tree. Therefore gifting guests motorcycles is an easy and cheap option for party favors, and it is a great last-minute party favor too since it is so easy to find in stores.

Biker Theme Party Decorations

13. Balloons

A themed party always needs some awesome decorations to go along with it! You can purchase motorcycle-themed décor, such as motorcycle balloons, online or at a party store. If you wish to have a Harley-Davidson-themed party, decorate your venue with orange balloons, black balloons, and white balloons to match the company's colors!

14. Tablecloths and Tableware

No party is complete without festive tablecloths and tableware! Cover your tables with motorcycle tablecloths, and set up motorcycle plates and napkins for your guests to eat in style! Buying plastic silverware for the party is a good idea, too. If you're sticking with the Harley-Davidson theme, continue with the black, orange, and white color scheme for tablecloths & tableware.

15. Rock and Roll Music

A key to hosting the best biker-themed party is to have some heavy rock and roll or 1980s rock music playing! Nothing says “tough” more than some guitar riffs and awesome drum solos! Play some vintage rock-and-roll music in the background of your party (but not too loud so your guests can still converse with each other)! You can decorate the party space with an electric guitar ornament, ensuring your guests will be attracted by this interesting decoration!

16. Lights and Streamers

For a festive feeling, decorate your venue with indoor or outdoor lights! Hang some string lights from the ceiling or outdoor fixtures. Hang flame banners along with the cool stringed lights. Colored streamers of your choice are also great decorations to hang from the string lights, doorways, fans, tables, chairs-- you name it! One-color combination I recommend for your decorations is orange and black. They are the official Harley Davidson colors, and what screams "biker" louder than the iconic Harley Davidson.

17. Posters

To nail the finishing touches on the biker theme, hang interesting motorcycle posters and signs on the walls and doors of your party venue to create a festive backdrop and to take pictures in front of you! Harley-Davidson posters also work great! If you need ideas, this poster might help!

18. Motorcycle Piñata

Piñatas are a sure way to liven any party. It's an all-time favorite among kid's parties, but adults can't deny that they have wanted to play the game as well. Hitting piñatas requires teamwork, communication, and emotional investment in the game that will occupy your guests' attention for a good chunk of time. As long as you're careful about damage hitting piñatas is a tried and true party activity.

Biker Theme Party: Conclusion

This can be a very fun party with friends so please consider these ideas. We hope your guests enjoy these ideas and that your biker theme party is fun! If you have other plans for adult birthday parties, birthday party ideas for children, gifts, weddings, bachelorette parties, etc., we are always happy to help!

Written by Stephanie Castillo and Natalie Davidson; Contributors: Isabel Tenney, Jack Leduc, and Chau Truong

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