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17 Fun and Stylish Groomsmen Socks

Groomsmen Socks

Updated on: Feb 15, 2024

For an upcoming wedding, it's essential to make sure that your groom's party is dressed their best — sporting classic tuxedoes, shined shoes, and our favorite accessory, groomsmen socks. Whether wearing a tried-and-true design or a fun novelty pattern, a pair of socks is the best way to show off each groomsmen's personality. As you search for the perfect pair, our in-depth groomsmen socks guide can inspire every style and budget, ensuring that your party looks and feels its best on the big day. Also, be sure to check out our bridal party ideas.

Classic Groomsmen Socks

1. Solid Cotton Crew Socks

For a classic look, pick out a pair of solid crew socks for your groomsmen to wear. Choose a neutral color, like black, white, or khaki to keep it simple; or, go bold with a bright blue or red. Helpful tip: matching the socks to other accessories, like ties and cufflinks, can help to keep everyone well-coordinated. Purchase a pair here.

2. Color Block Socks

Combine minimalism and artistic flair with color block socks. This style takes simple solid socks to the next level by incorporating multiple colors. A range of color combinations is available — from black/charcoal/gray to pink/blue/orange — making these socks fully customizable to fit each guy's style.

3. Simple Patterned Socks

For an added visual appeal, try incorporating a pattern into your groomsman's socks. A simple design, like stripes or polka-dots, can elevate the party’s look without going overboard. Coordinate patterns or have each groomsman sport a different design.

4. Argyle Socks

Argyle socks, with their geometric patterns and pops of color, add a fun twist to the traditional pair of dress socks. Keep it consistent with matching pairs, or let each guy pick out a different color personalized to their own style. Save money by purchasing a pack of socks rather than individual pairs.

5. Floral Socks

A pair of floral socks can add an unexpected air of elegance. Think outside the book with different floral designs, from palm leaves to cactus blooms to rose bouquets, to freshen up your look. Perfect for spring, summer, and outdoor weddings.

6. Mismatched Socks

Mismatching a pair of socks doesn’t have to be an accident anymore. For the truly adventurous groom’s party, put on a pair of mismatched socks and wear them all the way to the altar. Take any pack of socks and mix-and-match the styles at random, or buy pre-sorted mismatched socks.

7. Monogrammed Socks

Add a personal touch to your dress wear with monogrammed groomsmen socks. Several text options are available — from each groomsmen’s initials to the bride and groom’s names to the wedding date. A variety of colors and styles can be incorporated as well. Purchase a customizable pair here.

8. Custom Face Socks

What better way to honor the groom than by donning a pair of socks with his face on them? For added fun, pick a pair of custom face socks for the groom's party to wear, incorporating your favorite (or funniest) photo of the groom. Guests and groomsmen alike will get a kick out of them. Find them here.

9. Custom Pet Socks

Custom pet socks are the perfect way to include your favorite fluffy friend on the big day. Have each groomsman customize their socks with a photo of their pet, or keep it consistent by featuring the groom’s pet. Available in over 30 colors.

10. Superhero Socks

For an individualized approach, test out themed novelty socks. These will allow each groomsman to sport a separate but cohesive look. A superhero-themed sock is a classic, helping each guy show off their strengths. This pack from YUMILY, for instance, offers a wide range of options, from Superman to Batman to Captain America socks. Good luck picking a favorite!

11. Tuxedo Socks

Since your groomsmen will already be dressed in tuxedos on the wedding day, keep the theme consistent with tuxedo-themed socks. This simple, clean design is a great way to incorporate novelty while still maintaining a sharp appearance.

12. Cognac and Cigar Socks

From time to time, most men enjoy having a drink and smoking a cigar with friends. Celebrate this favorite past-time — and raise a glass to the new couple — with a pair of cognac and cigar socks, available here.

13. Sports Socks

In the eyes of a true sports fan, game day is every day; and a wedding day is no exception. To commemorate your party's shared love of sports, pick out each groomsman a pair of sports socks that highlights your favorite team. Or, for a more general look, try a pair of basketball, football, or hockey socks.

14. Video Game Socks

15. Grill Master Socks

To commemorate the group that loves to grill and chill, consider purchasing barbecue groomsmen socks complete with chicken, steak, and burger patty designs. Find them here.

16. Patriotic Socks

To honor a soldier or veteran in your wedding, or to simply celebrate the red, white, and blue, choose a pair of socks incorporating the US flag. Designed for the most patriotic of groom's parties. Shop here.

17. Music Socks

To pay homage to a music-loving man, have your groomsmen wear music-themed socks.

Groomsmen Socks: Conclusion

During the wedding ceremony, your groomsmen will be front-and-center. Boost their confidence and set the right tone for the day with a pair of fun and stylish socks. Keep it simple with a classic design, create a unique look with a personalized pair, or spice things up with a novelty pattern. However, you choose to go about it, remember that with the right pair of socks, there will be no cold feet at the wedding.

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