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14 Beautiful Irish Wedding Blessing Ideas

Irish Wedding Blessing

Updated on: Feb 12, 2024

In this article, we will be covering 14 of some of the most beautiful Irish wedding blessing readings. These blessings can be used as ideas of inspiration for all your different wedding situations. Your friends and family will be blown away by your caring and thoughtful wedding blessings that will mean so much to the bride and groom as well.

Irish Wedding Blessing Ideas

1. Irish Blessings for Positive Health

This blessing is normally given by a parent or grandparent who would read the Irish blessing to everyone. It is usually done at the actual wedding ceremony or sometimes at the reception. The next time you find yourself at a lovely reception at a restaurant in Cork, you can use this blessing to impress the newlyweds and the guests alike. The blessing: "Health during your life, A wife of your choice to you...And the light of heaven after this world for you." This is a sweet blessing to encourage a happy and long life for the groom and bride.

2. Irish Blessings from your Friends

This Irish blessing is usually read at the reception by friends of the bride and groom and is a fantastic blessing to wish your friends the best of luck together. “If you lie, may you do so to keep a friend? If you cheat, may you do so only in death? If you steal, may you steal your lover's heart? If you drink, may you do so deeply out of the joy of your new life together?"

3. A sacred Irish Blessing

This sacred wedding blessing should only be read off by the priest or the officiant during the wedding ceremony and should only be read if the 2 parties are certain of acting upon these blessings. “May your issues disappear and your gifts increase. May the most difficult day of the future be no less than the simplest day of the past. May your hands be forever held in friendship. And your hearts forever joined in love. Your lives are special, God has blessed you in so many ways. May his blessings resonate inside of you and fill all your coming days. We promise by love and peace to stand, Heart to heart and hand to hand."

4. A Irish Sentiment

This Irish wedding blessing is fantastic for when you are giving a toast or a speech about the bride and groom. It's guaranteed to give out a good message. The blessing goes like this: "Oh Lucky stars, the sun will shine your way, too many people who love you both so much, enjoy the work and play and Laughter because it will outweigh each troubling feeling, In your heart a lullaby, A gladness waiting everywhere for the rest of your living life.”

5. A Toast to Bring the Families Together

This Irish wedding blessing should be read by both sides of the family in turns to bring the family together and bring a sense of these 2 families coming together on this special day. "Here's to you and your family and mine and our family, And if your family and my family ever stumble into you and your family, I hope you and your family will do as much for mine and our family, As mine and our family have done for you and your family." A blessing like this is a nice way to unite both sides of the family.

6. A Blessing to the Groom

This blessing is best read by the best man of the groom during a toast to show the importance of the relationship. "May you always have money for you and your name, a woman to hold and love, and a grin on your face forever." It's a simple and sweet gesture!

7. A Wish for the Couple

This blessing is for people who may have a hard time with words. The blessing is an easy read that wishes the absolute best for the newlywed couple. “Here's to the both of you, an amazing pair on the birth date of their amazing relationship...May this couple be lovers for the rest of their lives."

8. Irish Blessings of Wisdom

This is a great Irish wedding blessing for friends and parents alike. It's a way to show appreciation and shared love for the couple and families involved. “Have a love that never ends, endless amounts of money, and tons of friends... whatever it is you do, may God send many blessings to you!"

9. A Wish For the Children

This Irish blessing is meant to be read by the grandparents and shows a bit of the love and compassion shared between these relatives. "May all your troubles be small and insignificant, and all your children be trouble and carefree." A blessing like this is an easy yet effective way for grandparents to show their love and support.

10. Blessings All Around

This is a very powerful Irish wedding blessing that is amazing for wedding ceremonies and helps capture the love and care for the couple in a simple and fast way. “With the first ray of sunlight, Bless you. When the day is long and hard, Bless you. In your happiest moments and your worst, Bless you. Through every day you make it to the next, Bless you.”

11. Irish Blessings for the Beginning of your Marriage

This Irish wedding blessing is best read by the priest or officiant and gives the sweetest blessing for the start of a happy and long marriage. "May you walk in the sunshine for the rest of time. May you never need more. May the Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door." A blessing like this is positive and sentimental.

12. Irish Blessing from the Community

Along with many of these other blessings, the priest or officiant should read these blessings during your ceremony. “May your neighbors protect and respect you as you protect and respect them, May trouble scare away from the sight of you, May the angels accept you into the heavens and save you from all evils."

13. An Iconic Irish Wedding Blessing

This is an iconic Irish wedding blessing that is most familiar in Irish weddings. “May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun warm your face, The rainfall heavily upon your fields. And when we meet again, God will hold you in the palm of his hand." It can be nice to have a traditional blessing thrown into the mix.

14. An American version of these Irish Wedding Blessings

This wedding blessing could be read by a number of the couple's relatives: from grandparents to parents. It is a great American take on these amazing and historical Irish blessings. "May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow. May the soft winds freshen your spirit. May the sunshine brighten your heart. May the burdens of the days rest lightly upon you. And may God enfold you in the mantle of his love." This blessing is a positive way to wish good health and happiness to the newlywed couple.

Irish Wedding Blessing: Conclusion

These were all the 14 Irish wedding blessings for all of your wedding speech inspirations. You can use one or multiple of these ideas together to create the right speech for you and your family. Feel free to use these ideas to create a special moment during the wedding ceremony and to emphasize the importance and happiness of the newly found bond between the wedding couple. The audience and married couple are sure to remember your sweet gesture! If you or someone you know if having a wedding, check out our wedding checklist and our resources about wedding ceremony ideas, vows and speeches, and other wedding ideas.

Written by Mitchell Glassford; Contributors: Jack Leduc and Blake Anderson

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