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31 Easy Tea Party Ideas

31 Easy Tea Party Ideas

Updated on: Mar 25, 2024

Looking to throw a tea party but unsure where to start? Look no further! Here at Easy Event Planning, we have compiled a list of tea party ideas for when you’re planning your next “pinky up” party. Hiring a decorator for assistance is always an option when it comes to party planning, but if you’re ready to take it on solo, here is a do-it-yourself link to help you plan like a pro!

Tea Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to make your guests feel appreciated. Show you care with these easy party favor ideas!

1. Tea Infuser

What tea lover doesn’t want their very own tea infuser for making tea at home? The cool thing about tea infusers is how many different kinds they make. You can purchase a simple and beautiful teapot-shaped one for your guests or find a quirky teabag theme. You could also choose infusers based on your party theme. To top it off, give your guests a couple of new local teas to try!

2. Small Tea Set

This tea party favors ideas and is especially fun for kids. Go to your local dollar store and pick out small tea sets. Give them to your guests at the beginning of the party and allow them to use their very own tea set during the party. What’s even better is they get to take them home afterward and host their own tea parties in the comfort of their own homes!

3. Candles

If you’re looking for a great and innovative gift for your guests, try making a teacup using small candles! These are absolutely adorable and super easy to make. Grab some teacups and candle wax from your house or your local store. Be sure to choose a variety of teacup patterns or candle wax colors to make each one unique. Then, heat the candle wax and place a wick inside the teacup. Pour the candle wax over the wick, making sure that it stays centered. Allow time to dry and voíla. You’ve just made some classy giveaways for your tea party.

4. Sweet Paint Can

Who said paint can have to be filled with paint? Well, this one does not. Fill small clear paint cans for a party with assorted candy such as lollipops, gummy bears, gumballs, etc. Have fun with the favor by adding colorful candy. A personalizable label can add a thoughtful addition to this favor.

5. Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are always a hit. To add a little sparkle, use an extravagant tea kettle treat gift box, or a cute favor bag. Try to stick with the tea party theme, so gather some honey sticks, tea bags, or small teaspoons for each bag. Your guests will love the variety of gifts they get, and each one will come in handy for their next tea time!

6. Tea Tins

Tea tins are perfect for any modern or antique-themed tea party. Fill them with your favorite treat or mint to give to your guests as a thank you. Even after your guests are done with the treat inside, they can use them as cute containers to organize their belongings. Find tins with cute decorations or patterns on them for a more exciting gift.

Tea Party Ideas: Activities and Games

Incorporate games or activities in your tea party to break the ice! Fun activity ideas will have guests wanting to sip more tea.

7. Decorate your own Teacup

Not only will your guests love socializing while decorating a teacup, but they’ll also love taking this teacup to favor home. Pick out some assorted stickers, paints, and other supplies for your guests to use on their teacups. Depending on your budget, this activity can be completed with a special paper cardboard cup or a DIY ceramic cup.

Tea Cup

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8. DIY Charcuterie Board

What goes better with tea than sweet treats or a charcuterie board? Buy your guests a small charcuterie board of their own! Top it off with some olives, cheese, crackers, jam, and honey for the perfect party favor. Your guests will love this idea as charcuterie boards are becoming a hot commodity. This is an especially cute idea if you have a charcuterie board of your own at your tea party! Some boards can be customized by size and shape.

9. Tea Collages

Create cute tea collages by cutting and pasting pictures together on small canvas boards. Include classic, old tea time photos as well as colorful teacups and kettles. And of course, add some fun quotes. This will be a cute gift your guests can take home and use as decoration in their own homes.

10. Tea Attire

Tea parties are known for classy and elegant attire. Even if you’re having a casual tea party in your backyard, you can include some fun clothing accessories as favors. Try making some cute tiaras or decorate your own fan and feel free to make them as fancy or as wacky as you like. Just make them memorable! You can set up a photo booth for your guests to take photos in them, and be sure to send each guest home with their own special little hat.

Japanese fan

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11. Teapot Art

This is a fun way to see who is great at drawing or can make the funniest picture. Give each guest a piece of paper, a colored pencil, or marker, and a silk blindfold. The goal of the game is to draw a teapot without looking. Set a three-minute time limit to draw and then see who drew the picture that most resembles a teapot or is the funniest looking if none come close.

Tea Party Idea Decorations

Adornments can transform a dull setting into a beautiful one. Your guest will be transported to an extravagant tea parlor with these ideas.

12. Glam Placemats

Glam up your tea party table by adding a fancy placemat per seat. A glam placemat can add a pop of color that can leave your guest mesmerized. With an elegant placemat to complement the dishware, any guest would be excited to chow down on the delicious spread you provide.

Teacup coasters

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13. Teapot Centerpiece

Teapots can be used to hold flowers, acting as a floral centerpiece. You can add fresh or artificial flowers and stems for a unique look. Guest eyes will linger on the bright colors of flowers and may want to commemorate the display with a picture, as a colorful centerpiece can liven up any table.

14. Create a Floral Centerpiece

Floral arrangements can be expensive. Therefore, creating your floral centerpiece may be ideal for adding detail to your tea party tabletop. You can incorporate flowers or use eucalyptus branches to span along the length of the table. This centerpiece is excellent no matter the setting, whether indoors or outdoors.

15. Balloons

Heliemize your tea party with balloons that embody a fun, relevant phrase. Balloons with pun-like sayings can set your party designs aside from others and leave a humorous expression to the said guest. Also, phrase balloons may be a great addition to photo backdrop activities.

16. Vases

Blossom your tabletop with mini flower-filled vases. Spreading the vases on the table can reduce the clutter and add a touch of detail to any bare table. If you're looking for extra pint-sized vases, look no further, as flea markets and thrift stores typically carry affordable vases.

Tea Party Ideas: Food Ideas

Food is a crucial addition to all parties especially tea parties where snacking is a requirement. A list of delicious ideas is mentioned below!

17. Teacakes and Buns

Finish by glazing with the jam of choice by your guest, then serve split or sliced on a glamorous tiered serving stand or a themed serving stand. There are simple recipes, such as teacakes, tea loaves, and easy iced buns. More recipes require a bit more effort, such as Earl Grey tea cakes, Stollen buns, and St. Lucia saffron buns.

18. Scones

Scones don't take long to make, but shouldn't be made any earlier than the day of the party. It would be best to serve these with whipped cream, butter, and jam into a pretty bowl with spoons for your guests to help themselves. There are so many different types, such as fruit scones, lemon drizzle scones, walnut scones, and cherry scones. Hoping to impress guests with genuine British cream visit a British specialty shop that carries clotted cream in jars.

19. Sandwiches

This is a food that is quick to make, and a great snack. You can prepare early by prepping your fillings in advance and then putting them together before guests arrive on a beautiful serving tray. Make sure to cut the sandwiches in the traditional tea food shape, triangles.

20. Biscuits

Use memories of your childhood to come up with ideas for these. It could be cookies, gingernuts, or shortbread. These are easy to make, and all take less than an hour, so you can make them the morning of. Best served on a glitzy tray.

21. Jams

These are perfect for spreading over scones and teacakes. There is also an array of flavors, such as strawberry, raspberry, easy cherry, and blackcurrant served in cute mason jars.

Tea Party Supplies

Supply your guest with practical yet fancy tableware. Guest will be tempted to carry home some of the supplies laid out for them with the ideas below.

22. Teacup and Saucer set

Teacups are a focal point at any tea party. Consider purchasing a colorful bright floral paper or ceramic teacup set or a mix and match tea cup set that includes saucers. If you find the ceramic teacup style to be expensive suggest that guest bring their personal teacup set to the party may be ideal to cut costs. Teacups can set the mood for the party and stand out from tabletop decorations. With any luck, your guest will be brewing at a chance to sip from their colorful teacups.

Teacup with roses designed on it

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23. Tablecloth

An elaborate tablecloth enhances any tabletop. A paper or plastic tablecloth that matches your party's color scheme would be ideal whether the color scheme is blush pink or sky blue. For most tea parties the color is typically pink so a floral pink tablecloth might be a great fit for your party especially if dinnerware complements it.

A tablecloth with roses

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24. Napkins

Napkins are important to have as tea parties require guests to snack frequently. Cute floral napkins or fancy embroidered napkins might be your go-to, depending on the type of tea party you have. You may want a stack of napkins near the snack cart or station. That way, guests can acquire said napkins with ease.

A napkin with an Alice in Wonderland theme

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25. Plates

Beautiful plates can spike up your tabletop decorations and influence your guest to try various delicacies laid out for them. For your tea party, consider cute paper plates or fancy porcelain floral plates. Paper tea party plates come in a wide range of colors and shapes that will meet your expectations without spending a fortune. Paper plates not for you? Some porcelain vintage plates might be affordable, depending on the set number. Browsing your local flea market or goodwill might bring about some promising finds.

A plate designed with a teacup

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26. Cutlery

Silver or rose gold plastic-colored cutlery may complete the tableware. These colors go with whatever party theme color. Stainless steel silverware would be perfect for those using porcelain or glass plates for their extravaganza.


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Tea Party Invitations

Leave a lasting impression by sending a fancy or glamorous invitation to guests. No matter the age range at a tea party a themed invite will have all guests curtsying to attend. Amazing invite ideas are mentioned below.

27. Elegant Tea Party Invitation

A personalized elegant party invitation can leave a lasting impression and excite guests to attend said party. These teapot-shaped invitations contain a layered glittered card stock ribbon with attached registry information, an envelope, and linen cardstock for main invitations 5x7 80Ib. The seller can change the card's color with an extra $15 fee. Before ordering an invitation, include all detail about the approaching party, such as name, time, location, address, etc. The seller will then create your tea party invitations as desired.

A tea party invitation shaped like a tea pot


28. Princess Costume Tea Party DIY Invitation

Who said tea party invitations are only for adults? Those throwing a children's tea party can invite a guest in style with princess tea party invitations. Include all information about the party, and the seller will create and email your invitations in 2 hours.

A tea party invitation with princesses


29. Floral Tea Party Invitation

Are you hoping to amaze guests with a gorgeous invitation without breaking the bank? Well, a floral tea party invitation may be what you're looking for. The cardstock floral tea party invitation has the option to write on or printable template to transfer information.

30. Floral Lets Par-Tea Invitation

Guest will eagerly lift their teacup when they receive these tea cup-shaped invitations. The floral invitation shine with the photo-like image. The invitation includes envelopes and consists of heavy-duty printed cardstock material.

31. Digital Tea Party Invitation

Go the eco-friendly route and send your digital guest invitations. A tea party digital invitation can have the same effect as a physical one. This invitation has assorted colors to choose from to match the party color scheme. Convenient guest management with RSVP options, polls, commenting, etc. Joined address book with address book from minted. Personalizing images is an option as one can add personal photos to invitations.

A computer with a tea party invitation



Whether your guests are five or twenty-five, do something for them that will make them feel special. You want your guests to go home remembering what a cool party you hosted and being grateful for the personalized party favor you provided. These tea party ideas will be sure to elevate your next tea party and entertain your guests. If your tea party is pulling double duty as a birthday party, we have a budget for such an occasion and ideas for an adult birthday party. You can also check out our articles on gifts, party themes, and other birthday party ideas.

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