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27 Fun and Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Posted on: 30-Nov-2021

Updated on: 02-Oct-2022

27 Fun and Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Weddings may be common but that doesn't mean they can't be unique. Many people today are trying to find non-traditional venues to celebrate their special day. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right spot. Whether you want outdoor, indoor, or underwater, we have options that are sure to fit your dreams. We have 27 unique wedding venue ideas to add a little spice to your wedding day to ensure it to be a memorable one!

Outdoor Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Outdoor Unique Wedding Venues Idea

1. Rooftop Venues

Can’t think of a unique wedding venue? Just look up! A venue and a priceless view all in one. Imagine saying “I do” with the Boston skyline behind you. Or the New York Skyline. Or anyone you can dream of! A rooftop wedding is sure to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience and endless photo ops. You’re guaranteed to feel on top of the world on your wedding night! The State Room: A Longwood Venue in Boston is an amazing option as a venue.

2. Sports Facilities

When the team isn’t using the stadium, it’s fair territory. In other words, it’s possible to get married at your favorite sports stadium! Whether it’s Fenway Park or STAPLES Center, Dignity Health Sports Park, or Lincoln Financial Field, one player’s homecourt could be where you say “I do.” Just imagine the pictures of the couple in an empty stadium that can hold thousands of people, very unique and unforgettable. This is a cool option for anyone with lots of fans… I mean guests.

3. Treehouses

Unleash your inner child and say your vows in a treehouse! This is a very up-and-coming trend that is perfect for unique and intimate ceremonies. Many tree houses offer spectacular views of the surrounding woodlands and often have nearby cabins guests can stay in. This is perfect for those nature lovers as they’ll be surrounded by it. The new couple can even celebrate with a campfire... and s’mores are a must!

4. Festival

The more the merrier… right? A festival is a unique option for those wanting a unique wedding experience. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of excited people and you won’t have to worry about hiring any entertainment. This is more popular among millennials but is a cool option for anyone!

If you don’t mind the risk of some crazy people who might be there, you’re sure to love this untraditional idea. Coachella, Bonnaroo, and the Hangout Festival are just some examples of festivals that people have already gotten married at, so choose one of those or choose one of your own!

5. Winery

With the combination of the beautiful scenery and a variety of wines, it is easy to see why a winery is a classy choice for a wedding. This works for any size wedding and is easy to decorate to make your dream come true. Some wineries or breweries will even include a wine tasting for your guests, which will ensure them to be pleased. This is a good option for those Covid weddings that want to enforce social distancing, as they are outside and you’ll have plenty of space.

6. Conservatory or Botanical Garden

Flowers. Gardens. Water fountains. Oh my! Celebrating your special day at a conservatory or botanical garden is sure to provide exquisite views and unforgettable scenery. You’ll save money on decorations and provide guests with a unique experience. This venue will guarantee limitless photo opportunities and a setting most would dream to get married in. Jardin de Buis in New Jersey is a beautiful and popular option, but you can find any local ones just as beautiful.

7. On a Boat

Not only would you be on a boat, but you’d be on a boat in the middle of wherever you want! A boat provides unique wedding venue ideas with a limitless amount of views. If you time it right, you could be saying “I do” with the sunset and ocean in the background! It is a convenient option to be able to have the ceremony and reception all in one place. This is an amazing way to have an intimate ceremony, or have other boats join to celebrate in a more extravagant way!

8. Christmas Tree Farm

A perfect idea for those winter weddings! Get in the holiday spirit by celebrating the special day surrounded by thousands of Christmas trees. It is a perfect idea for those rustic weddings or can be decorated to fit any style you want. Christmas tree farms often have a cabin they may be available for your party to use, so your ceremony and reception can all be in one place.

You’ll ensure a perfect Christmas card for the next holiday season and feel like you belong in a Hallmark movie! Trinity Tree Farm in Washington is a beautiful option for this type of venue. In fact, their main page shows a couple who decided to do this!

9. Underwater

I think this takes the cake when it comes to unique weddings. Getting married underwater is an experience that anyone witnessing will not forget! Whether you love scuba diving or you just want to be adventurous this is a wonderful way to go.

This is becoming more and popular and many places are offering venues to support this idea. Some of them don’t even require you to know how to scuba dive, they’ll teach before the ceremony! If you get creative enough, you can find a venue where you say “I do” underwater but everyone can watch above ground.

10. Apple Orchard

Imagine those fall colors as the backdrop at your wedding. The red, orange, and brown leaves add gorgeous decorations to this venue, and it’s free! Having an apple orchard as a wedding venue will guarantee beautiful photos and will leave the guests with a fall wedding experience like no other. The guest will be surrounded by trees full of fruit so you won’t have to worry about any hangry guests. Alyson’s Orchard in New Hampshire is a wonderful option for this, as they have five ceremony sites on their orchard!

11. Alpaca Farm

As long as you’re not worried about being upstaged by an alpaca, this could be a fun venue for you! This will ensure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a unique experience to tell their friends about. An alpaca farm can have beautiful scenery and a limitless amount of photos with the four-legged guests. With the right decorations, an alpaca farm can become a beautiful wedding venue. Dress it up with some fairy lights and it will add the perfect touch.

12. Waterfall

Celebrate your love for nature by getting married in it! A waterfall background is worth the short hike you’ll probably have to take for this destination wedding. Nature will do most of the decorating for you so it is a cheap affordable option! You’ll probably need to wear some hiking boots, which will make your wedding that more unique.

When couples have to wear different shoes like this, they often get the date written or carved into their shoe. This is a perfect detail to add to the intimate ceremony. Looking Glass Falls in North Carolina is a breathtaking option. You are even allowed to swim in it if you want to make your wedding that much more memorable!

13. Zoos

Combine the couple’s love with their love for animals. Not only will you be surrounded by family and friends, but some animals too! Elephants, kangaroos, sloths, birds… they all make for interesting wedding guests. Zoos are a fun venue that will provide fun photo opportunities and photobombs from some furry friends. It is sure to be a wedding that everyone leaves with a smile and maybe a balloon animal or two. The San Diego Zoo is a fantastic option if you are interested in the unique idea.

14. Amusement/ Theme Parks

Another top one for unique wedding venue ideas. Amusement parks are already such a happy place, imagine the joy of getting married there as well! This is fun for a big and entertaining wedding. If the owner’s nice, maybe they’ll even let the party play some games and get some funnel cake. Maybe do the roller coasters after pictures though… you don’t want to mess up the hair.

15. Field or Meadow

Unique doesn’t have to mean elaborate. A field or a meadow is a beautiful and simple place to say your vows, yet many don’t think of this. There are so many different fields and meadows to choose from you are sure to find one to your liking. Complete the venue by showing off your Pinterest skills and adding decorations and you’ll have a gorgeous wedding venue! Time it right and have the ceremony at sunset and it is sure to be an amazing scene.

Indoor Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Indoor Unique Wedding Venues Idea

16. Special Restaurant

So many people think to get engaged in one but many forget you can get married in one too! Your favorite restaurant can do more than just provide the food, but provide the venue as well. Anything from a Burger King to a five-star restaurant will work. This nontraditional venue can be fitted to any style of wedding you can imagine and will ensure a perfect place for your future anniversaries! This is perfect for intimate ceremonies that want something unique and affordable. 

17. Barn

This non-traditional wedding venue idea is perfect for those rustic, country weddings. Barn venues can be tailored to your interest and are available in a range of locations with a variety of landscapes. With the right decorations, a barn wedding is sure to impress everyone. Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford would agree with this choice, as they got married in a barn themselves!

18. Mansion

Go big or go home, right? Celebrate your big day with an even bigger mansion! This will establish a one of a kind wedding ceremony that is sure to make your wedding dreams come true. Filled with breathtaking views inside and outside of the mansion, it’ll be sure to entertain the guests by looking through all of the rooms.

This day is, hopefully, only going to happen once, so might as well make it as memorable as possible, right? Willowdale Estate in Massachusetts is a beautiful option for locals, but there is plenty to choose from near wherever you are!

19. Casino

You got lucky finding “the one” so might as well try out your luck in a casino. And you don’t have to be in Vegas to do this! This nontraditional venue is a fantastic idea because there are so many ways to celebrate once the vows are said. Casino’s have things from spas to stores to restaurants that are sure to entertain the guests. Some even have a zip line, if your guests really want to have some fun. Casinos will also offer fun and unique photo opportunities for the couple and the attendees. 

20. Library

For all of those literature lovers, getting married in a library is the perfect place! Have your fairytale wedding while being surrounded by thousands of fictional ones. Iconic and historical libraries have beautiful architectural details that will provide a breathtaking background. This venue will guarantee a wedding experience that people will always talk about. Add some fairy lights and it is sure to be a beautiful venue. The Seattle Central Library is just one example of a perfect place to play out this unique idea.

21. Company Office

If Michael Scott can get engaged in one you can get married in one. A company office may be a convenient place for those workaholics and who knows… maybe you’ll get a couple of extra vacation days for that honeymoon! This is good for intimate weddings and smaller budgets. Any venue can be perfect with the right decorating, so time to show off those Pinterest skills.

22. Museum

There are limitless ideas about where to have a museum wedding! Whether you want to be surrounded by fossils or art pieces, each museum is sure to provide a unique wedding experience. Though you can add decorations, many museums won’t need them because they're filled with such unique decor!

A museum is also good because it will provide the guests with some entertainment while the couple is still getting ready, as you’ll be surrounded by art and history. The American Museum of Natural History in New York is a very popular choice for this type of venue.

23. University

Show your school spirit by making it your venue on your special day! Some historical universities have beautiful buildings and views that would make for gorgeous scenery. The bigger schools often have amenities your party may be able to use, as well. And who knows, maybe they’ll even give your kids a scholarship! Berry College in Georgia is known for its beautiful campus and so are many of the Ivy Leagues.

24. Castle or Palace

Feel even more special on your big day by saying “I do” in a castle! Marrying your love in a castle seems like it only happens in fairy tales, but this could be your real life. You’ll be surrounded by history and, depending on the castle, beautiful scenery. There will be amazing backgrounds for photos and it’ll feel like you're in a romance novel. This unique idea will ensure an elegant day that no one will forget. This is a gorgeous option for any bride with a princess-style dress! The Kentucky Castle is always a go-to for this option.

25. Gym

Take the name gym rat to a whole new level! Share the couple’s passion for fitness with an intimate ceremony in the gym. Those yoga balls and stationary bikes can come in handy for seating and ensure a unique wedding experience for everyone in attendance! And hey, if Ross Geller can make a partly torn down building into a wedding venue, you can make a gym into one.

This is an interesting non-traditional venue to showcase the couple’s passion for fitness and to motivate the guests to get back to the gym. You can wear a dress or if you really want to show your passion, your favorite gym shark set!

26. Surprise

Nothing says a unique wedding like the guests not knowing about it! Let me clarify. A surprise wedding is telling the guests they are invited to one thing and then it actually is the wedding. Couples tend to disguise it as a bachelor/ bachelorette party but then end up getting married! This unique idea will surely make the guests never forget the moment and allow the couple to remember the looks on their faces. You’ll have to do a little more preparation by yourself, but it’s definitely worth it for the surprise.

27. Yurt Wedding Venues

You know it is unique when you don’t even know what it is. Yurts are beautiful, round, timber structures most notably used for weddings. Once you see one you’re sure to fall in love! They come in so many shapes and sizes you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. This is a unique option for a pop-up wedding. Though people have not heard much about them there are many of them. So look for local ones near you.


As you can see from this list, there are so many options for different non-traditional unique wedding venue ideas. These venues are fun and will set your wedding apart from any other one. Unique settings also allow for special experiences that will showcase your creativeness! Really, with the right decorations, any place can become your venue. Pinterest will become your new best friend. You’ll start to love Martha Stewart.

At the end of the day, the most important part is that the couple is celebrating their love, which can be done anywhere! No matter where you live, there are unique venues all around you, you just have to get creative. So think outside the box, look at your Pinterest board, and get ready to say “I do” in a very special way!

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