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13 Famous Authors’ Theme Party Ideas

Famous Authors’ Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 16, 2024

It’s always exciting when a famous author comes to town. Hosting famous authors is an exciting task for schools, libraries, and book clubs alike — although it can be intimidating to host such esteemed guests. With this in mind, our famous authors' theme party ideas will help relieve your stress, inspire your planning process, and give you the tools you need to create decorations and party favors so memorable that your authors will write stories about them!

Famous Authors’ Theme Party Decorations

To host a gathering of famous authors, it’s necessary to have supplies and decorations that will inspire creative ideas, aid the writing process, and give your guests a memorable experience. How you utilize your space, as well as how you decorate it, is crucial to creating a successful event. Below are ideas to guide your planning process, giving respect to both organizing and decorating your party.

1. Best Sellers Section

Before you start decorating, you must first plan how you want to divide your space. In addition to creating a space for your authors to speak and present their work, set up an area that they can sell their books and meet your guests. Authors appreciate the free publicity at parties. Not to mention, they will enjoy showcasing their work to their contemporaries and readers.

2. Writing Station

In organizing your space, you should also group tables to create an area designated for writing workshop activities. Set each place with the proper writing materials and decorate with “inspiration objects” as centerpieces. This will be sure to get authors' and guests' creative juices flowing.

3. Mingling Area

Finally, when figuring out how to utilize your space, it is important to leave an informal area in which guests can mingle with one another. Clear out the furniture and keep snacks and beverages in this section of the room. This will ensure that there is a casual, low-maintenance area for guests to enjoy at your party.

4. Paper Tablecloths

As far as actual decorations go, first prepare tables for your guests to sit at, dine, and relax. To decorate your tables, you can use large sheets of butcher paper as tablecloths that guests can write on freely. Provide them with pens so they can write quotes from their favorite books, the advice they want to share with other authors, or ideas they are working on during the gathering. This will create a very inviting space for creativity to flow.

5. Book Stack Centerpieces

Next, stack old books as decorative centerpieces for your tables. You can leave a book open and let the pages fan out for a different look, or arrange your books among flowers, candles, or any other elements for an added touch of elegance.

6. Framed Quotes

For a personalized touch, find quotes from your authors' books to put on display. Place them in frames and hang them on the walls around the room for added decoration.

7. Mini Book Garland

Reimagine a classic string of garland by making it literary-themed. First, cut out pieces of cardstock to create mini book covers, then glue in cut-ups of actual books for the pages. Attach your mini books to clothespins and hang them on a piece of twine. These can be strung throughout the room or over a designated area to add an extra element of decoration.

8. Chalkboard

Pull out a chalkboard (or paint one with chalkboard paint) and let the authors write their own message for the party. There are many available at a wide variety of vendors online.

Famous Authors' Theme Party Favors


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When your party is over, you will want to make sure you send your authors and guests go home with something to commemorate the event. For a unique event theme like this, there’s plenty of opportunities for creative party favors that will be useful and meaningful to your guests.

9. Book Bag

Make a unique gift bag by purchasing library bags and filling them with one book from each of the authors in attendance at your party. This will be offered free publicity to all of your authors and give everyone a chance to read the work of their new peers. They're relatively easy to find online at low prices.

10. Writer’s Goodie Bag

To keep the creativity flowing long after your party is over, put together a gift bag of writers’ necessities. Include fun stationery items like pens, notebooks and journals, jumbo erasers, and a coffee mug. Throw in some snacks with literary puns — consider gummy worms for your favorite bookworms or popcorn to "pop open a good book" with.

11. Pocket Word Games

Go to your local game store and purchase mini-word games. Word searches, crosswords, and word board games are all great options for your guests to enjoy on the go.

12. Quote Book

Buy a mini book of famous literary quotes for each guest. Or, for a fun and easy DIY, create your own book of quotes with writings from your authors.

13. Author “Self-Help” Book

Have every guest submit a piece of writing advice before your party, via email. They can send in a tip to get over writer’s block, share how they stay inspired or give advice on what they've learned from their individual experience as a writer. Create a mini authors’ “self-help" book with each of the submissions you receive and give it out at the end of your party.


It’s always fun to meet famous authors. Hosting a party in their honor is a great way to network, get to know them, and celebrate your shared love of books. Make sure to invite all of your local book lovers and geek out over your favorite writers and works. It's the perfect time to do it. Hopefully, these ideas have encouraged you to have a unique and memorable famous authors' theme party this year!

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