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37 Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Ideas

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

You’re looking for an affordable Mickey Mouse Baby Shower? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Did you grow up watching Disney Channel like the rest of us? I’m sure you did. I know I did. Mickey Mouse is a favorite at my house; we all watched and loved it. Now imagine your own Mickey Mouse baby shower. Those characters just had a way of bringing joy. The perfect way to celebrate your new little bundle of joy is with Mickey Mouse, the beginning of Disney. It’s what we watched, our parents watched, our friends watched, and what our kids will watch. Planning the baby shower might seem stressful, but with our guidance, it’ll be a much smoother process.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

1. Mickey Mouse Diaper Cake

A Mickey Mouse diaper cake can be a gift for someone or be a decoration that will be used later. The Mickey Mouse ears diaper cake is personally my favorite and one of the cutest and most special decorations you will ever find. It’s cheap and easy to make and adds an amazing touch to the party decor.

Making a Mickey Mouse diaper cake can be a bit more complicated when doing Mickey's ears. You’ll take rolled-up diapers and form them to look like Mickey Mouse ears and use ribbon and glue to keep them together. Do the same thing for the three-tier cake but for this, it will look more like a cake with multiple layers and the bottom layer the biggest.

2. Mickey Mouse Baby Balloon Box Cubes

Box Cubes are an easy and simple way to add some decor or even somewhere to just take some cute photos at the baby shower. All you have to do is get clear cube boxes with the letters “BABY” on them. After that, fill them with balloons that are the opposite color of the box.

For example, if they are black fill them with red, yellow, and white. If they are red, fill them with black, white, and yellow, and so on. But the important thing is to match the cube box colors to keep the party theme consistent and clean looking.

3. Mickey Mouse Balloon Arch

A Mickey Mouse balloon arch with Mickey-shaped balloons can be used to create a grand entrance or be used as a cute backdrop for photos. It’s a cheap decoration that adds a lot to the baby shower by covering a large amount of space. It’s a quick and easy setup for people who may need some extra time getting ready. You could also do a simpler arch that is black, red, white, and yellow or even half an arch with the same color scheme. The possibilities are endless; it all depends on the space.

4. Mickey Mouse Lollipop Tree

The Mickey Mouse lollipop tree is one of the cutest decoration ideas I have seen. You’ll need a red flower pot with two yellow buttons added on the front, this will be used as Mickey Mouse's body. Topped with styrofoam balls One large one for Mickey Mouse’s head and two small ones for the ears, glue them all together to get Mickey Mouse. After taking the dum-dums and sticking them all the way inside the styrofoam balls. It’s an affordable and versatile item; it can be a game, it can be a snack, it can be a prize, and it can be a decoration.

Mickey Mouse Dum Dums Centerpiece on a Red Base with Dum Dums Ears - Birthday, Disney, Candy Table, Dum Dum, Candy, Party, Birthday Party

Add a touch of character to any party with these candy table tops! Made with about 250 Dum Dum lollipops, these handmade creations can be used as a centerpiece at every table of your party. Use it as the perfect addition of flare at your candy table as well! You can buy one or buy in bulk. - Approximately 15 inches high x 14 inches wide - Color of bow is customizable - Weighs about 2 lbs - About 250 Dum Dum lollipops used - Sits on a 6" ceramic pot DISCLAIMER: Lollipops from the main head are easily removable and edible. However, the lollipops from the ears have been shortened during the creation of the centerpiece. We do not recommend eating the ear lollipops, especially younger children.

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5. Mickey Mouse Table Setting and Centerpiece

For a Mickey Mouse baby shower, red, black, and white are the name of the game. For a centerpiece at the table, you could do followers that match the colors of Mickey Mouse character stuffed animals.

Anything works for a centerpiece for a baby shower as long as it’s Mickey-themed. Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to creative ideas. My personal favorite is a small black tin bucket with a foam bottom filled with confetti and Mickey-themed decor on a stick coming out of the bucket. It has a fun feel and it’s a cheap option.

6. Mickey Mouse & Friends Cardboard Stand-Up

Put up a life-sized Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or any of the other franchise characters at your baby shower. These lovely decorations are great settings for guests to take photos. They are simple to set up and take down quickly.

7. Mickey Mouse Ears

Without Mickey Mouse ears, no Mickey Mouse party is complete. Fortunately, you can pick them up and set them in a container by the front entrance for each party guest to wear. Ears are a fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate your baby shower with your guests.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Party Favors

8. Mickey Mouse Baby Bottle

The Mickey Mouse baby bottle is a baby bottle with a sticker of a Mickey Mouse, add some bows, ribbon and decorate it in your own way.

12 small 3.5" Minnie Mouse baby shower favors in pink and gold- Minnie Mouse bottle favors- pink baby shower- Minnie Mouse baby shower

Plastic bottles are 3.5" decorated with your baby shower theme. Does not include candies. Price is for 12 baby bottles Thank you!

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9. Mickey Mouse Key Bottle Opener

The Mickey Mouse bottle opener is a nice touch to make beverages enjoyable. For a DIY approach, you can buy some plain bottle openers and customize them with Mickey Mouse colors and decorations.

10. Mickey Mouse Chapstick

Mickey-themed chapstick makes hydrating one’s lips fun. It’s a small party favor that can easily be carried anywhere in a purse or bag. With lovely Mickey Mouse stickers and patterns on it, this chapstick becomes something people can use daily.

Lip Smacker Disney Story Book Mickey Mouse and Friends Lip Gloss Set, 5 Count

11. Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer

Many people use hand sanitizer as a party favor. It's essential for keeping guests’ hands clean, particularly in the era of Covid-19. Buy them with a sticker or add a Mickey Mouse sticker to any kind of hand sanitizer bottle.

12. Mickey Mouse Candy Favor

Get red, and yellow M&M’s, or if you’d like to use another candy like jelly beans just stick to Mickey Mouse colors red, yellow, black, and white. After you get your candy for your candy favor add them to a jar or tube and maybe customize with some ribbon.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Food Ideas

13. Mickey Mouse Cake

The cake always feels like the most important thing. The thing everyone waits for and everyone can’t wait to see what it looks like. Whether you decide to display it or wait for a grand reveal, you can make it any flavor your heart desires. You can even make it a keto cake if that’s the way your lifestyle fits. Remember that some guests may be on strict diets for health reasons. You can ask ahead of time for when they RSVP to let you know of any food allergies. This will help ensure a safe and stress-free baby shower.

For a Mickey Mouse baby shower, you’ll definitely want to stick with the black, white, red, and yellow theme but the inside is yours for the choosing. At the top of the cake, you can have a mickey ear cake topper. And be sure to put “it's a boy” or “it's a girl” to complete the look. You can even do a simple sheet cake of any size and with the flavor of your choice. Remember, the cake is a statement piece for your baby shower.

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14. Mickey Mouse Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels using red, black, white, and yellow will be a perfect treat. You design the pretzels any way you want and if you use these colors they will fit the theme perfectly.

15. Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters

Mickey Mouse cookies are a good snack to have before cake and cookie cutters will make them come to life. Again, you could prepare keto cookies, make them yourself, or order them. Some cookie shapes that match a Mickey Mouse theme are bottles, raddles, mickey ears, or baby clothes.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cookie Cutter Set - 2 Pc. Black

Bake up some treats for your little Mouseketeer's birthday bash using this Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Set. Easily cut your favorite cookie dough into Mickey Mouse shapes for some delicious Disney delights! Great for any Disney fanatic, these cookie cutters will add an extra special touch to your birthday celebration. Metal. (2 pcs. per unit) Approx. 3" x 2 1/2". © Disney

16. Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

You can buy or decorate cupcakes Mickey style to make it a special and delicious treat. You can make them keto and pick theme color flavors like chocolate and vanilla. Two mini Oreos will be perfect to represent Mickey Mouse.

17. Mickey Mouse Waffles

Buy a waffle maker with Mickey's face on it. You can let guests make the waffles themselves and give them red, white, and black batter to really make them looks like Mickey Mouse. They’ll be fun to both make and eat.

18. Mickey Mouse Fruit Salad

For the fruit salad, you will need two watermelons with one significantly larger than the other. The larger one will be used as the head bowl and filled with fruit and the second half of the larger one can be cut into watermelon slices or anything else. The smaller watermelon you’ll do the same thing but these will be the ears.

19. Hot Diggity Dogs

Hot Dogs and special events always go well together. You may get anything from pigs in a blanket to original style hot dogs with this cuisine choice. You may be as creative as you want with the concept, from inventive condiment labels to bringing the entire theme home.

20. Mickey Mouse Trail Mix

Trail mix in all the Mickey colors is a quick "throw it together" snack item to have on hand for your party. Have you ever noticed how pretzels resemble Mickey Mouse? You can throw together pretzels, red and yellow m&ms, and marshmallows to make the perfect combination of Mickey Mouse's colors.

21. Mickey Mouse Pizza

A great way to encase the Micky Mouse theme is to order or make your own Mickey pizza. Pepperoni is a perfect topping for your pizza that can easily be shaped into Mickey Mouse. You can also serve your pizza with two dip cups at the top of the pizza that can resemble Mickey’s ears.

22. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sandwiches

An easy food option for baby shower guests are sandwiches. With Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutters, you can shape your meats and cheeses as Mickey Mouse and assemble them on your sandwich.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Games/Activities

23. Mickey Mouse Cupcake Decorating Contest

If you want to make it a contest, get or bake some plain red, black, and white cupcakes and buy decoration supplies like Mickey Mouse-shaped sprinkles. Guests will go wild as they use their imagination to make the best Mickey Mouse-themed cupcakes.

24. Mickey Mouse Themed Paper Games

There are paper games you can play such as baby advice, baby name race, my water broke, bingo, advice for mommy to be, and finish mommy's phrase. Just add these games and many more to Mickey Mouse's paper.

25. Mickey Mouse Baby Bottle Chugging

The Mickey Mouse baby bottle chugging challenge. You can find a way to make the bottles fit with the Mickey Mouse theme. To play this game, put some milk or another beverage into the bottles, and the first one to finish the bottle wins a prize.

26. Parenting Trivia

Test the guests on how much they know about babies and how to raise them with a trivia game. It can be set up as questions on a piece of paper or in an online format like Jeopardy. It’s a nice way for everyone, especially the to-be new mother, to learn more about parenting from one another.

27. Mickey Mouse Blindfolded Diaper Challenge

The blindfolded diaper challenge is a favorite for baby showers everywhere. In case you’re unsure of how it works, guests take turns changing the diaper of a doll with a blindfold on and you can turn it into a tournament or have multiple winners. To keep with the Mickey Mouse baby shower, you can use Mickey Mouse stuffed animals instead of dolls or Mickey Mouse blindfolds. Make sure the location of your baby shower has enough space to minimize chances of guests tripping or knocking over something.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Party Supplies

28. Mickey Mouse Cups

Mickey Mouse cups are essential items to complete the theme. Guests will love sipping on beverages in these cool cups. If you want to do some DIY, buy a pack of clean plastic cups and create a design to add to it with a sticker. If you’re looking to keep it environmentally friendly, reusable straws and cups are the way to go.

29. Mickey Mouse Straws

Give the guests something cool to sip their beverages with. These straws are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also sturdy and environmentally friendly. You can buy them in bulk for however many guests you have at your baby shower.

30. Mickey Mouse Coaster

Guests can easily set down their beverages on these fun coasters when it’s time to play games. You can get the coasters in many different colors with cheery expressions. They can make clean-up after the baby shower less of a hassle too.

Disney Parks Mickey Minnie Mouse Snack Icon Silicone Coaster Set of 4

31. Mickey Mouse Tablecloth

Drape your tables with Mickey Mouse patterned tablecloths for guests to take memorable photos as they munch on snacks and sip beverages. Spills and stains will be inevitable, but these tablecloths will save you time during clean-up.

32. Mickey Mouse Party Hat

You can buy some themed party hats for guests to take pictures in style. If you want to go the DIY route, you can get some glue and construction paper in red, black, white, and yellow to make standard party hats or even crowns. You can stick a cut-out of a baby bottle or a pacifier on the hat as well.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitations

33. Oh Boy Invite

This invite is a play on Mickey Mouse's catchphrase "oh boy". This invite looks classy and cute at the same time with the white background and cursive font.

34. Oh Toodles Invite

This Invite is a play on another catchphrase of Mickey Mouse's "oh toodles", while in a Disney-themed font. More playful and fun-looking.

35. Oh Baby Boy Invite

This invite is a cute invite that matches a Mickey Mouse theme perfectly and adds a little sparkle if that's something you like.

Baby Mickey Mouse Invitation Baby Mickey Mouse First Birthday Invitation Baby Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation Baby Mickey Mouse Party

This listing is for one digital invitation personalized with your event details. You will receive a printable JPG file within 24 hours via your email. No physical items will be shipped. You will be responsible for the printing of your invitations. To PURCHASE, please do the following: - Add your invite to your cart - In the "Notes to Seller Box" provide all party information Name Age Date Time Address RSVP Additional info - Photo's send to [email protected] or send via etsy convo. Your invitation file will be sent to your email address within 24 hours once we receive your complete personalization information. Let me know any changes. Every proof sent is high resolution. Just simply save the files to your computer and print an unlimited amount of invitations at home, at a local photo lab. This is a digital format, once you have received your order, refunds are not available. Any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or etsy conversations. PLEASE NOTE All listings are for my creative service and time spent designing and personalizing your item. It's not a licensed product. I do not sell or claim ownership over the characters used in my designs. All copyrights and trademarks of the character images used belong to their respective owners.

The baby shower invites it cute and straight to the point. Although no clever sayings, just let the guest know it's for a baby shower. Also for the sparkle lovers, it has some sparkles. The umbrella with the Mickey Mouse ears is a cute design.

The invitations are the first thing people will see for the party. You’ll want to make it fun and embrace your baby shower theme. Stick to the black, red, white, and yellow color scheme. You’ll want to do that for the whole baby shower to keep the Mickey Mouse idea alive and the baby shower all coordinated.

The invite is where everyone decides whether or not they will be attending. Most people decide before they get it but the real decision comes here. Invites need to be specific, if you want people to rsvp then let them know where you are registered.

To ensure that there are no repeated gifts in the invitation, specify the importance of removing the item purchased from the resignify even if it was bought elsewhere. Other than that include date, time, place, baby name (if you want), boy or girl. Plus any other information you feel necessary. You will not want people messaging you over and over for more information.

If mailing invites isn't your go-to, there are options for online innovations.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower: Conclusion

I hope these budget-friendly ideas are making you excited for your baby shower. With these decorations, games, and treats, your friends and family will treasure taking part in this celebration of you and your new baby. You’ll love spending time with your loved ones playing these games and celebrating the little boy or girl on their way. In addition to a Mickey Mouse baby shower, there are many other themes out there. The possibilities truly are endless.

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