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25 Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party Ideas

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party

Updated on: Apr 01, 2024

Do you have a chocolate lover in your life? If so a chocolate indulgence theme party could be just the way to make them feel special. This kind of party idea works well for any event from kids to adults - even just a random Saturday. Here are some sweet ideas for making your someone special feel deliciously pampered!

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party Décor

To get this chocolate indulgence theme party started take a look at some of our sweet ideas. If you are planning a large party, utilizing a checklist may be easier for you to keep everything organized.

1. Fondue Fountain

Your chocolate fondue fountain can be the star of the show. The scent of sweet chocolate will fill up the room and make every chocolate fanatic happy. Be sure to have fruit, marshmallows, and cookies to dip in the fountain.

2. Streamers

White chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate! Hang brown, black, and white streamers around the food tables and doorways. You can even hang mini chocolate bars for a party garland.

3. Balloons

Brown, black and white balloons tie in the chocolate theme.

4. Confetti

Spread Hersey kisses or mini chocolate bars over the tables to make it look like confetti.

5. Chocolate-Scented Candles

If your chocolate fountain is not enough to make the room smell delicious, light some chocolate-scented candles in various places around your party. The warm and luscious smell of chocolate will get your guests ready for tasting as soon as they arrive.

6. Chocolate Names

If you plan on having a more structured event where you want your guests seated at your table in a specific order, try writing their names on their plates with chocolate syrup. You can also spell their names out with miniature chocolate chips if the chocolate syrup proves to be too difficult.

7. Chocolate Music

If you really want to go all out with your chocolate indulgence-themed party and take it to the next level, make sure you set up the proper ambiance by playing some chocolate-themed music in the background. Consider adding "Chocolate on my tongue" by the Woods Brothers, "Chocolate Charms" by Requiem for a Dream, or "Scotch and Chocolate" by Nickel Creek to your party playlist.

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party Favors

In life, the rule of thumb is, “don’t bite off more than you can chew” - unless it is chocolate. Chocolate theme invitations, décor, and activities - don’t let it stop there! Send your guests home with more delicious inspired goodness.

8. Going Cocoa For You

Pair cute chocolate mugs with packs of hot chocolate mix and marshmallows.

9. Beauty Treatment

Make a beauty goodie bag. Fill it up with travel size cocoa butter, chocolate-scented lip balms, and facemasks.

10. Recipe Cards

Write down or type the chocolate food and drink recipes served at the party on a chocolate-themed recipe card and give it to each person.

11. Buy Boxes of Chocolates

If you don't plan on using boxes of chocolates for your invitations, consider using them as party favors! Add a more personal touch to the boxes by adding each guest's name to the front. You could also try decorating them to match your theme.

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Drinks

What's a good party without a few good drinks? Wow, your guests with some creative chocolate-infused drinks!

12. Beer - Chocolate Stouts

If your guests are beer lovers, try having some chocolate stouts at your party that offer a creamy, dark chocolate flavor. Some examples include Samuel Adams' Cream Stout, Rogue Ales' Chocolate Stout, or Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout.

13. Cocktails

Everybody loves cocktails, and you could turn "making your own cocktail," into a fun party activity for your guests! Just make sure you have Irish cream, chocolate liquor, and some crème de cacao, and you and your guests can make countless drinks. Be sure to have some fun extras for the drinks, like candy cane stirrers or crushed candy bars to sprinkle on top.

14. Fancy Hot Chocolate

Remember that all your guests may not drink, so make sure you have something fancy for them to sip on too. hot chocolate can get kind of boring, so try to spice it up a little. Make sure you have plenty of whipped cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and cinnamon for your guests to customize their drinks to their liking.

15. Milkshakes

Milkshakes are another delicious and customizable drink for your guests that don't drink alcohol. Not to mention they are very simple to make, and a good way to cool down if you plan on having your party over the summer.

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party Activities

Having activities that center around chocolate is a must for any chocolate indulgence party. Here we have a few that will leave your mouth watering!

16. Chocolate Classes

Surprise your guests with a cooking lesson that involves chocolate. Find a local professional who teaches how to make chocolate confections. See if they can come to your party to teach you and your friends.

17. Chocolate Pie Eating Contest

It can be a team effort contest or just survival of the fittest. Set a timer and see who can down the most chocolate pies. But do have some water and Pepto-Bismol on the side just in case.

18. Most Creative Chocolate Design Contest

For something still fun and competitive without the chance of a stomach ache, this contest is for you. Each person can decorate a cupcake and have people vote on their favorite. This can be expanded into different categories like the most creative, messiest, and best effort.

19. Chocolate Trivia

Research questions and make a trivia sheet for everyone to fill out. There are also apps you could utilize and with which you can engage your guests. Test people’s knowledge and educate them while they enjoy some hot chocolate.

20. Chocolate Bingo

Play bingo and use wrapped pieces of chocolate to cover the numbers. The prize could be an extra-large Hershey’s Bar.

21. Chocolate Guessing Game

There are many more different flavors of chocolate than just the standard milk, dark, and white. Try getting a few bars of chocolate with a unique flavor, like Lindt's Dark Chocolate with Chili bar or Hammond's Pigs N' Taters chocolate bar, and see if your guests can guess the flavors of their chocolate correctly. Make sure you have something for your guests to cleanse their palates with in between rounds, and give the guest who guesses the most flavors right a prize.

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party Invitations

Because a chocolate indulgence theme party is perfect for any category of people and occasions, you can mix and match who you invite. It’s good for a night just for the girls, an adult party and a children’s birthday party. You can mix and match these invitation ideas. Send out some sweet invitations so your guests won’t be chocoLATE. Be sure to include optional gift ideas so your guests will be prepared.

22. Golden Tickets

Remember “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? Send out chocolate party invitations inspired by the Golden Ticket Charlie received to visit Willy Wonka!

23. Candy Bars

Get chocolate candy bars and take off the paper sleeve. Make your own wrapper with your party invitation information written on it.

24. Boxes of Chocolate

If you don’t think candy bars will suffice, spoil them with boxes of chocolate. Place your invitation inside the box or you can glue it to the lid.

25. Homemade Invitations

Make your invitations out of brown construction paper. You can make them in the shape of a candy bar and have it open up with information about the party on the inside.

Chocolate Indulgence Theme Party: Conclusion

You don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to have a chocolate indulgence themed party. Luckily, many people enjoy eating chocolate all throughout the year. Regardless of if you're throwing a party for a special someone, or just showing your appreciation for chocolate in general, a chocolate indulgence theme party is sure to be a delicious and memorable activity for you and your guests.

Try out some of these delicious ideas for yourself, download our helpful budgeting tool, and get started on your party today!

Written by Alicia Bell and Samantha Shek; Contributors: Marianne Vanderbeke and Royce Legaspi

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