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Kids Birthday Party Decoration Checklist

Kids Birthday Party Decoration Checklist

Updated on: Feb 12, 2024

For many parents, a kid’s birthday party is just as important to them as it is for the child. Parents tend to want the day to be perfect so that their child has a memorable day. However, putting together that perfect experience can be overwhelming when you see all the characters, colors, and products on the market. Here at, we have developed a checklist to help sort the chaos into an organized kid’s party. We can help with any checklist you might need as well as with planning for your kid's party! View our kid's party checklist, kid's party budget worksheet to help with budgeting, and browse some kid's party or theme party ideas. Learn how to use checklists with our guide.

1. Choose a Theme

The first thing you must decide is whether or not your party will be theme-based. Your theme can be an elaborate character-based party or as simple as color surrounding a theme. Party stores carry character-based items that include matching cups, tablecloths, plates, napkins, and favors. That can make it easy to do one-stop shopping for decorations. A step down from that character overload is to include some of the character-themed decorations and accents with coordinating color tableware.

Another option is to go color or generic themed and skip the character theme entirely. To do that, simply buy the tableware and favors in matching colors. Most party stores will carry a wide selection of colors and themes, so the possibilities for using colors as a theme are endless.

2. Spools of Fun

Cheap and easy, there are no rules when it comes to using streamers in your décor. You can wrap them around the patio or hang them from the ceiling; the only limit to their use is your imagination. Because this material is so affordable, you can buy several spools that allow you to decorate both the entry area and the party room while still having money left over in your wallet.

3. Spell It Out

Using a banner to define the party is an easy way to decorate. Banners come in several different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can buy the generic “Happy Birthday” banner in a style that fits your theme and or color scheme, or you can have the banner custom made to include your child’s name.

4. Decoration and Favors All in One

A piñata is a decoration and a game all in one--with favors thrown in for good measure! Children are often overcome with excitement when they see this at a party. They know it will be filled with toys and candy--two things kids love. For those who are unaware of the piñata game, hang it in an area with plenty of room. The idea is to crack the character, shape, or animal to reveal what is inside. Each child will take a turn hitting the piñata with a bat or stick until it eventually breaks and the surprises pour out.

5. Get Ready to Pop

Most children expect to see balloons at a birthday party. This time-honored tradition is actually one of the easiest ways to decorate as well. The balloons can be loose and scattered around the room or filled with helium and tied to keep them in place. Or even a combination of the two. However you use them, balloons are almost always a hit at the party!

6. A Little Extra

For the bravest of parents, you can add a little extra glitz and glamor to your party with a sprinkle of confetti on the tables. Just be prepared to find it in the most interesting places for a long time after! Think of it as a reminder of your happy party memories for months (years?) to come.

Kids Birthday Party Decoration Checklist: Conclusion

Using a checklist to organize your party is an easy way to stay on target and budget. Looking for more party-planning tips? Check out our homepage to see how we can help you plan your perfect day. Also, browse our party game ideas!

Written by Marianne Vanderbeke and Sarah Ellingson Oliver; Contributors: Jack Leduc and Jillian Smith