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36 Cute Dove Theme Party Ideas

Dove Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 09, 2024

So eggciting! Whether it is just a get-together or to celebrate something on a great budget, your dove party celebration should be hosted at the perfect location. Below are some ideas on where to host your perfect dove theme party.

Dove Theme Party Venue Ideas

1. Backyard

A great setting for a dove party is outside, of course. A backyard or park with lots of large, shady trees is ideal. Regarding the hot midday sun, your party should begin in the afternoon, when the heat is not beating down on your guests.

2. Public Park

Another option that is also outside (and free!) is your local public park. You can lay out blankets and chairs to sit down while watching the children roam the area.

3. Church Hall

A church will go perfectly with the angelic qualities that doves embody. Add a musician who plays the harp or ukulele for a peaceful atmosphere.

4. Amazing Aviary

Reserve a special celebration location for you and your guests at an aviary. It doesn’t have to specifically house doves, but it would be special.

Dove Theme Party Decorations

Did you know? Doves are symbols of peace and tranquility. Symbolic in many religions, you can say that doves hold a lot of meaning for such a small creature! For your decorations, let yourself be inspired by this symbolic bird.

5. Fake Doves

Find artificial decoration doves at any craft store. They’re typically realistic and covered with feathers. Arrange the doves around your table, hang them around the room, or even attach them to the backs of chairs.

6. Fancy Feathers

Scatter feathers all over tables, but make sure they won’t interfere with food. Fill clear vases with them, too. The feathers should be mostly white, but can also be soft pastel shades such as yellow, pink, or blue.

7. Chic Cages

Set up vintage birdcages at your bird parties. Hang them from tree branches using thick-cut ribbon or use them as centerpieces by filling them with fake flowers.

8. Beautiful Balloons

Use white, silver, ivory, green, blue, yellow, pink, or mauve balloons. Make sure they have a “pearly” shine. You can also purchase dove-shaped balloons at a local or online party store.

9. Elegant Elements

Use trees, twigs, branches, and leaves to add an outdoor effect to your party. There is a lot of variety here – whether you collect twigs outside or buy miniature trees and fake vines at a craft store. Spray paint them silver, tie decorative ribbons around them, glue pearls and birds on them, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless here.

10. Creative Cutouts

Create paper dove cutouts out of construction or craft paper and string them across the room and furniture. These will represent “flying” doves. Encourage each guest to jot down their wishes and dreams on a dove. You have no idea how many guests will love this project.

11. Nifty Nests

Buy fake nests at craft stores or create your own. Fill them with small scented candles, ceramic dove ornaments, or decorative eggs. You can also use them as place cardholders.

12. Bird Confetti

Here’s a tip: Sprinkle paper or metallic confetti shaped like doves on tabletops and furniture. Confetti adds a festive tone and lets guests know that you are attentive to detail.

13. Perfect Pearls

Like the dove cutouts (see above), you can string rows of pearls across your venue. Pearls add a very classy touch and will complement the purity of the dove look.

Dove Themed Party Food Ideas

After the socializing and fun, I know I would want to dove into some food. Make sure your menu is simple and easy to put together. Doves are symbols of peace and causing chaos in the kitchen for this party would be beside the point!

14. Cookies

Frost sugar cookies white to look like doves, and top them with luminescent white sprinkles and edible pearls. Also, create colorful peace-sign cookies to show that doves are a symbol of peace.

15. Dove Cupcakes

Top vanilla cupcakes with sugar dove figurines and real edible flowers. Serve them in a white, vintage-style cupcake holder.

16. Dove Cake

Frost a round cake with pastel colors (such as light blue, green, pink, or yellow). Then, top it with several different doves, each one in a different stage of flight. There should be an illusion that a dove is taking off flying. Use light sponge/angel food cake and fruit fillings, such as strawberry or peach.

17. Crepes

Crepes are delicious and “as light as a feather.” Serve them with fresh fruits, like strawberries and bananas, and top them with strawberry syrup for your dove-theme party. If you want to go all out, you can make a crepe cake!

18. Light Lunch

Have a nice outdoor buffet! Serve tossed salads, chilled cucumber soups, and finger sandwiches.

19. Refreshing Drinks

Don’t forget drinks – add a large punch bowl or lemonade pitcher in the center of the table with food around it. If there are a lot of adults attending, sangria or Moscato is something nice to serve.

Dove Themed Party Games and Activities

Woo! It always feels good to take that deep breath of fresh air in and feel the breeze on your face. That + some fun activities with good company= the perfect party.

20. Origami

Your guests will be delighted when you give them a crash course on the art of making origami doves. Spread out a variety of origami paper sheets across a table so that everyone can choose their own color or pattern.

21. Feed the Birds

A great bird-themed party activity is to have guests scatter around some gourmet birdseed outside. Tell guests if they are lucky and stay very still, some birds could eat out of their hands!

22. Pretty Egg Painting

Paint some fake eggs with your guests! Don’t forget to bring out the glitter, rhinestones, and stickers! Wrap each finished egg with a clear cellophane wrap and tie it with a ribbon for guests to take home.

23. Precious Piñata

Piñatas are always popular games for parties. Purchase a dove-shaped piñata and fill it with candies and small party favors, and have some fun!

24. Dove Sanctuary

Take a field trip to a dove aviary with your guests. Make sure to book your outing in advance and hire a specialist to give everyone a private tour and some dove trivia.

25. Photo Shoot

A fun activity is to use a Polaroid camera to snap pictures of your guests holding doves. Arrange a designated photo area outside, by a tree, with a hanging birdcage, and adorn the tree with stringed lights or other whimsical elements.

26. Wishing Willow

Have your guests write down their hopes and dreams on small, decorative paper tags and hang them up on a miniature “wishing willow” tree. You can find miniature willow trees at specialty nurseries.

Dove Themed Party Favors

Make your guests think you’re cool with these ideas! Hosting a party is hard but let’s end it with a bang with some party favors and gifts. We have compiled a list of favorite ideas that are suitable for everyone.

27. Feather Boas

Guests can dress up as soaring doves with some festive feather boas! Choose white and pastel-colored boas. Pass them out before, during, or after your party. You can also have the boas waiting at guests’ seats by draping them over the back of chairs.

28. Dove Wine Stoppers

Older guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of classy wine stoppers that are shaped like doves. Engrave them with “Your Name’s Party” for a memorable touch. Guests will be sure to use these at their parties in the future.

29. Candy Nests

Fill craft store nests with prizes such as “jelly bean” eggs, chocolate eggs, and chocolate birds. You can spray-paint the nests beforehand with silver glitter. Add small tags with each guest’s name and attach them with a “twig” or toothpick.

30. Jewelry

Necklace charms and earrings in the form of doves are giveaways that will delight any woman or young girl. You can also give away dove jewelry, and the best part is that doves represent harmony.

31. Birdhouses

Purchase wooden birdhouses (which are very inexpensive) and paint each one with the party’s date and “Your Name’s Party”. Be as creative as you like when decorating these. You could also turn this into one of your activities!

32. Lavish Lollipops

Feather-shaped lollipops are available for purchase online. You can buy candy or white chocolate variations of these beautiful treats. Add these to candy nests (see above) or even have them sticking out of birdhouses (see above).

33. Birdseed Kit

Fill small, decorative drawstring pouches with deluxe bird seed mix. Attach a small paper tag to each one with a handwritten, inspirational message or proverb about doves.

34. Key Chains

Dove-shaped keychains are ideal ideas for all ages. Personalize each one with guest’s names on one side.

35. Marvelous Magnets

Dove magnets are both attractive and practical favors for guests. Personalize them with messages such as “Your Name’s Party” or “Peace on Earth.” Find them in most Christian bookstores or online.

36. Dove or dove?

Dove is a bird, but it is also a trendy brand for soaps and lotion. As a joke, you can give out Dove bar soaps or Dove travel size lotion.

Dove Theme Party: Conclusion

This is an adorable dove theme party for any event. This theme keeps things very light and happy and can be good for all age birthday parties, celebrations, and parties. We hope you find a way to incorporate this theme into your next party.

Written by Natalie Smallwood and Samantha Shek; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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