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9 Inspiring Sports Theme Party Ideas

Sports Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 10, 2024

Sports have been such an important part of history, unifying people, putting politics to the side, and enjoying a sporting event. It gives a sense of belonging to a community for people as they come together to root for their favorite teams and their countries. With sports slowly starting to become live on television due to the long pause from COVID-19, this is a good time for a sports theme party. You must make it clear that a mask and social distancing has to happen at your party for it to be safe and fun. As we all know, we have to take caution no matter what we do.

Sports Theme Party Activities

1. Your Backyard

One of the best places to host your party is right behind your house in your backyard. This option is very reasonable if you want the party budget to be below and if the yard is big enough for social distancing. And speaking of budgets, if your sports themed party is doubling as an adult birthday party, we have a budget sheet specifically for that as well as many ideas for adult birthday parties. In addition to those resources, we also have articles on gift ideas, party themes, and general birthday party ideas.

2. Baseball Park

Design your backyard to look like a nice ballpark with some bases set out along with a nice pitcher's mound in the middle. This makes it feel like you and your guests are really on the field knowing that baseball games are canceled due to the pandemic. This allows the field to come to your house.

3. Sporting Event Live Stream

Sports are slowly starting to come back to live television with most soccer leagues back on, the NBA emerging in late July, the MLB starting up, and the NFL season coming this fall. You can bring out your Intex inflatable projector screen and Livestream some of the world's most entertaining sports.

4. Sports Trivia

Whip out some flashcards and formulate a good amount of questions sports-related. A question could be “Who did the Patriots lose to in the Superbowl?” or “What sport consists of a basket?” You’d be surprised at how little or how much people know about sports.

Sports Theme Party Decorations

Every party needs some decorations. Decorations spice up the party and help the theme come alive. Just tell your guests to be cautious when touching the decorations because you do not want people passing germs to one another.

5. Colors

When decorating for your athletics party, some tips for the color scheme is to use colors from your favorite teams to decorate. Color is so important. You could apply colors to football or baseball party supplies. For example, red, white, and blue could be the New England Patriots, or if you’re Brazilian and love watching the national soccer team, you could have yellow and blue-themed items.

6. Balloons

A fun and creative idea for you to have at your party are using sports balloons. To do this, get balloons in the colors of your favorite sports team. Then, go get yourself some grab gel markers and draw on the balloons in designs to make it look like your sports. You could draw soccer balls, tennis balls, footballs, you name it. You could also write little reminders such as “Social Distance” or “Masks Only” just to be sure you’re reminding your guests to stay safe.

7. Equipment

Use sporting equipment to decorate your party. You can put up catcher's mitts, basketballs, goal posts, everything. This really brings the game to your party and looks very appealing to your guests. Just be sure to remind your guests to not touch your equipment to ensure that no germs are being passed around.

8. Player Photos

An idea that your guests will love is blowing up pictures of famous sports icons to post on the walls. Another way to display these iconic legends is by placing trading cards everywhere as decorations. There are plenty of trading cards for baseball players or players that participated in the famous World Cups.

9. Posters

Hang up posters of famous sports scenes on the walls and of famous stadiums throughout history. It will be an easy decoration to put up and take down, as well as add some history to your party.

Sports Theme Party: Conclusion

As we wait for sports to return from their long hiatus, throwing a sports theme party can be the best thing to get everyone prepared. Due to the extended absence, some people can forget what having sports feels like and this party is exactly what they need. Wear masks and follow social distancing protocol to have a fun and safe party to celebrate the sports that we love!

Written by Shannyn Apolaro and Nathan Rogers; Contributors: Samantha Shek, Chris Legere and Jack Leduc

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