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Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Wine Tasting Party

Updated on: Feb 19, 2024

It might seem intimidating to host your wine tasting party, but it can be easy with these décor, menu, and activity suggestions! There are so many ways to do wine tastings, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned sommelier. Just remember to keep your guest list small to make the most of your experience.

Wine Tasting Party Décor

1. Kraft Paper

This makes an excellent table runner because you can write on it with a marker! You can write information about the wines, tips for pairings, or the names of guests in front of their seats!

2. Light Up

For wine tasting party, it’s important to have enough lighting to adequately see the features of each wine. Host the tasting near windows or other sources of natural light. Fairy lights can elevate a table runner and create a cozy feel. If you’re hosting the party outdoors, string lights are a perfect addition!

3. Flowers

Flowers are always a beautiful addition to an event, but especially a wine tasting party! It can give a garden or vineyard vibe to your space without distracting from the wines. The goal is to compliment the event while creating an eye-catching décor.

4. Corks in a Vase

This idea is very simple. Just fill a round vase (or even fishbowls) with corks from old wine bottles. You can add fairy lights to dress it up a bit or tie a ribbon around the vase. This option is especially convenient if you’ve held onto your old corks, but wine corks are also available to purchase.

5. Balloon Garland

This set will make a statement, especially if you’re featuring lots of bubbly wines at your wine tasting party!

6. Wine-themed Foil Balloons

Wine-themed foil balloons could be an easy and fun addition to your wine tasting party! They can be used as a backdrop for photos, placed at the entrance of the party, or near the snacks.

7. Wine Bottle Centerpieces

There are lots of things you can do to dress up old wine bottles! Paint them, add glitter, stuff them with fairy lights, top them with an unscented taper candle (scents can throw off the tasting experience), or fill them with wildflowers!

8. Photo Booth

Set up an area for your guests to take pictures! Photo Booths are a fun way to preserve memories and look great! Hang up a backdrop, add a banner or some string lights, and decorate the surroundings with balloons or flowers (or whatever fits your theme). You can also offer cute props with which people can pose.

9. Old Wine Barrels

If you want to splurge, you could incorporate old wine barrels into your décor! Even one could add a lot of authenticity to the space. Use it as a place to set the wine bottles, favors, or glasses.

Wine Tasting Party Menu

10. Wine

You can’t have a wine tasting without wine! Now all you need to do is choose what kinds of wine you’d like to serve. You can work with several themes, such as wines from a region, wines within a price range, all reds, whites, bubbles, etc. You can even have each guest bring a bottle and have a random selection! Wine tasting samples are about 2oz portions, but your guests may want more of the wines they like! It’s best to calculate how much wine is needed by purchasing 1 bottle per guest.

11. Palate Cleansing Crackers

Plain crackers, like water crackers, are essential for a wine tasting party. Make sure guests have plenty on hand to eat between wine samples! This will help them to get the full experience of each wine.

12. Cheese, Please!

What goes best with a nice glass of wine? CHEESE! Never let your guests go hungry and surprise them with a cheeseboard. Anything from brie to goat cheese, to cheddar cheese blocks would be good. Try to select cheeses that compliment the wine choices and other snacks. For example, Brie is a soft cheese that pairs well with apples and Chardonnay. The possibilities are endless.

13. Garlic Bread

Garlic and wine are excellent pairings and can be served in a variety of ways. A natural crowd-pleaser is garlic bread! Buy sliced bread and spread melted butter with garlic and parsley leaves on top. Bake it for 5-8 minutes or until toasted at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Garlic pairs well with acidity, like citrusy white wines or Merlot.

14. Smorgasbord

Similar to a charcuterie board (which you can make, too), lay out an assortment of cured fish and meats, nuts, pickles, olives, and bread for your guests to mix and match. You can also make a sweeter one with fresh and dried fruits, dark chocolate, and honey. This approach can easily be paired with a range of wines.

15. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sweet tooth? Chocolate + Strawberries = Heaven. You can buy it or make it yourself or even bring out a chocolate fountain for your guests to enjoy. Keep in mind that the appropriate wine pairing may change depending on the type or flavor of the chocolate.

Wine Tasting Party Favors

16. Gift Card

Spread the love of wine with a gift card to a local winery. If there are none in your area, a specialty liquor store will do! Although this favor is very expensive, it can help your guests take the fun home with them!

17. Wine Charms

Wine charms are a useful favor that can be used during the tasting! Guests can pick their own, or you can have personalized charms ready to go!

18. Mini Bottles

One favor that is sure to be appreciated is mini bottles of wine for each guest to take home. You can even tie tags to each bottle with wine pairing recommendations, or apply personalized labels!

19. Bottle Stoppers

Pick out a fun decorative cork or stopper for your guests to take home. Then they can enjoy wine and preserve it. This practical favor is sure to be a hit!

20. Personalized Wine Glasses

Personalize a wine glass per person and have them take it home with them.

21. Print Out Menu

Provide guests with a printed list of each wine that they sampled at the party. Leave space for them to write down their opinions. This way, they can save it for future buying purposes.

Games and Activities for your Wine Tasting Party

22. Wine Lessons

Lead your guests towards becoming wine connoisseurs. Before diving in for a taste, coach them on how to experience the wines – through smell and taste. As an extra, you can hand out "cheat sheets" of what to look for while tasting at parties.

23. Wine Tasting Kit

Wine bags hide the wine information until the tasting is done. It helps to make sure people can fairly evaluate the wine without any bias. Labels and notecards are also helpful! You can buy all of these things separately, or grab a wine tasting kit!

24. Corky Crafts

After you open the bottle, cork crafts are a great idea! Create wreaths or cork boards, and if there are not enough, you can buy them at a local craft store. Have ribbons and dyes in colors of deep purples, greens, and tans.

25. Wine Trivia

Ask questions about the different wine pairings, regions, winemaking, etc. Create some competition with trivia games and throw a prize in the mix!

26. Word Search

Make a word search containing popular brands and styles of wine. Word search makers can help you make custom puzzles that fit the wine and food provided.

27. Polaroid Coasters

At the beginning of the party, take Polaroid pictures of each guest or couple. Small tiles will be the bases of the coasters; mod podge and clear spray paint will hold the tiles' pictures. Coat the bottom with a piece of felt, and viola!

28. Crowd Favorites

After guests get to taste each wine, tally up the results, and decide what was their favorite wine of the night. You can judge different categories such as "best paired with cheese," "best red wine," "Best with Chocolate," and so many more.

29. Wine Bottle Word Scramble

Whichever guest can make the most words out of "Wine Bottle" is a fun activity. A bottle of wine should be the prize, of course.

Wine tasting party supplies

30. Wine Glasses

Obviously, you’re going to need wine glasses for your wine tasting party! There are so many varieties of wine glasses, each designed to be used with different types of wines. However, for the purpose of your party, a standard wine glass will do. The most important thing is to make sure the glasses are crystal clear! Glasses with tints or designs will distract from the tasting.

31. Water Bottles

Water is necessary for a wine tasting, to help cleanse guests’ palates between wines. Since you’ll be doing enough pouring with the various wines, save yourself the trouble and provide each guest with a bottle of water!

32. Plastic Cups

One important supply for a wine tasting party is a personal spittoon. Commonly used at vineyard wine tastings, spittoons (or dumping buckets) are used to ensure guests do not get too intoxicated while sampling many wines. They also come in handy if your guests happen to taste a wine they particularly dislike. It may even turn out that no one ends up using them, but it’s good to have on hand! An easy and discreet way to provide this at your wine tasting party is to simply use red solo cups.

33. Napkins

Napkins are an important addition to any party, but especially your wine tasting party! With all the pouring and tasting, spills are sure to happen.

34. Corkscrews or Electric Wine Opener

An electric wine opener will be quicker since you’re already spending so much time keeping the wine flowing! However, a regular corkscrew will work just fine. If you want, you can even get multiple corkscrews and send them home with your guests after the party as a favor!

35. Wine Glass Markers

These markers are specially made to work on wine glasses. This is an easy way to make sure everyone keeps track of their own glass throughout the tasting! Don’t worry, it washes off.

36. Decanter

A decanter is a good item to have on hand if you’re sampling bold reds!

37. White Table Cloths

It’s important to have a white backdrop for your wine, so you can see the color, clarity, texture, any sediment, etc., of the wines you’re tasting!

38. Disposable Dishes

Since snacks are usually served at a wine tasting party, it’s essential to have dishes!

39. Plastic Cutlery

Plastic forks, spoons, and knives are also essential!

Wine Tasting Party Invitations

40. Wine Tasting Invitations

These invitations bring to mind a deep red Syrah!

41. Printable Invitations

Invitations that you can print are great for last minute planning!

42. Digital Invitations

These digital invitations are one of the fastest ways to invite your friends to your wine tasting party!

43. Invitations with Envelopes

If you prefer to hand-write your invitations, these are a great option!


Wine is more than just a drink, it’s a beautiful way to explore different flavors. With this, you’re in the right direction to planning a perfect wine tasting party!

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