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Easter Party Ideas: 17 Fun Suggestions

Easter Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 18, 2024

Time to host an Easter party? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be the same old potluck lunch at grandmas' house. Liven up your celebration with some of our favorite Easter party ideas! Trust us — you won't regret it.

Easter Party Ideas Decorations

1. Easter Egg Garland

To decorate for your Easter party, start off by making a fun and easy DIY Easter egg garland. First, find a string of baker's twine and cut it to your desired length. Next, collect empty Easter eggs to hang on the twine. Attach the eggs to clothespins using a glued-on piece of ribbon (or, buy hanging Easter eggs to save time). Finally, hang the clothespins on the twine.

2. Jellybean Tree

For a creative centerpiece, try assembling a colorful jellybean tree. To form the tree, collect some twigs from your backyard and bunch them together — making sure to cut the base so that each one is the same length. To stabilize the tree, tie a string around the bunched-up branches, then place it in a vase of your choice. Next, attach jellybeans to the branches using hot glue. Use an assortment of colors for a festive look and feel.

3. Peeps Centerpiece

For a different but equally stunning centerpiece, try incorporating the ultimate Easter candy: Peeps. Start off by finding two glass vases of different sizes (the smaller vase must be able to fit inside the first). In the smaller vase, assemble an arrangement of your favorite flowers in a shallow pool of water. Tulips, lilies, and daffodils are among the most popular for Easter. Gently set the arrangement inside the larger vase. Finally, place the Peeps in-between the perimeter of the two glasses so that they are easily visible.

4. Hand-Painted Easter Egg Balloons

One of the most festive, and most simple, ways to decorate for the holiday is with hand-painted Easter egg balloons. Simply blow up a few balloons, grab some brushes, and paint Easter egg designs on the balloons. This can be a great way to involve the kids in your decorating process.

5. Easter Bunny Wreath

The Easter bunny is one of the hallmark traditions of the holiday, so incorporate it into your decorations by making a bunny wreath. Glue white pom-poms (which you can make or buy) to a 12-inch craft ring, then using white and pink felt, cut out ears, and attach them to the wreath.

Easter Party Ideas Food and Drink Ideas

6. Easter Party Punch

To kick off your party, serve guests with a refreshing Easter punch — perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner. To make, simply mix two-liter bottles of lemon-lime soda and fruit juice along with 2 cups of orange juice. Serve over ice. For an added touch, slide a Peep marshmallow onto party straws.

7. Baby Chick Cheese Balls

For a fun appetizer or hors d'oeuvre, take a classic cheese ball recipe and make it with an Easter theme. Served alongside crackers, these cute bite-sized snacks are sure to please your guests. Find the recipe here.

8. Deviled Egg Chicks

Yet another chick-themed food idea comes in the form of deviled eggs. Prepare your favorite deviled egg recipe as usual, but use sliced olives and carrots to assemble a pair of eyes and a beak for the chick. Put the other half of the egg on top of the filling so that it resembles a chick hatching.

9. Stuffed Crescent Roll Carrots

Reimagine the Easter bunny's favorite snack, a carrot, in the form of crescent rolls. Fill crescent rolls with the fillings of your choice (consider different types of meats, cheeses, and spreads) and bake them in the oven. The triangular shape will resemble the body of the carrot. Then, once cooled, arrange small sprigs of parsley at the top of the crescent, which will resemble the carrot greens.

10. Mini Easter Egg Nests

For a fast and easy dessert, make an Easter egg nest using Rice Krispies (for the nest) and chocolate candy eggs (to go inside). It's a no-bake recipe and takes less than 15 minutes to make, giving you more time to celebrate with family and friends.

Easter Party Games and Activities

11. Jellybean Jar

You've probably heard of this game before, as it is one of the most popular ideas for Easter fun. For a staple party activity, spend time a bit of time decorating a mason jar or any glass container, then fill it to the top with jellybeans. Throughout your party, instruct guests to write down how many jellybeans they think are in the jar. At the end of the party, have the kids help to count them out, or be proactive and know the count before the party even begins. The guest that has the closest guess wins the jar!

12. Scavenger Hunt

For a festive twist on a classic party game, divide guests into teams and challenge them to find various Easter-related items. Examples of items you might use are stuffed animals, painted eggs, miniature crosses, carrots, Peeps, etc. To up the stakes, consider creating a goodie basket for the winning team (complete with even more Easter candy, of course). The items and difficulty of the game can be modified so that your scavenger hunt is appropriate for any age.

13. Egg Relay Race

This is a classic relay game that everyone will love. Split your guests into teams and have them form a line. The first person in line gets a spoon and a hard-boiled egg, which they have to balance on the spoon.

The person must hold the spoon out (with the egg) in front of them and walk to the end of the room and back. When they get back to their teammates, they pass the spoon/egg to the next person in line. It's all a great balancing act — if you drop the egg, you must start over. The first team to finish wins!

14. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

This game is one of our favorite Easter ideas for kids. Either buy or print out a large photo of a bunny and hang it on the wall. Give your guests a bunny tail (cotton balls with tape work great!) and blindfold each participant as they start. Spin them three times around and let them try to pin the tail on the bunny.

15. Candy Taste Test

Use the extra Easter candy you have laying around for a fun blindfolded taste test, which is one of our favorite Easter games for adults and kids alike. Take several different kinds of candy and cut each up into smaller pieces, so as to make them less identifiable. Have guests wear blindfolds and try to guess which candy is which, using only their sense of taste. This can be done with chocolate, jelly beans, or any of your favorite sweet treats.

16. Confetti Eggs

Called cascarones in Spanish, confetti eggs are hollowed-out eggs, often dyed and decorated with Easter colors, and filled with confetti. Though they were originally made during the Latin American Carnival season, making cascarones has become an Easter tradition in Mexico and the southwestern United States.

Confetti eggs are perfect for smashing on the heads of your guests! You can make all sorts of games involving confetti eggs: divide your guests into teams and keep track of who breaks the most eggs on the most heads. Or, send your guests on an egg-smashing free-for-all. It will, indeed, be an unforgettable experience.

17. Egg Hunt!

No Easter party can be complete without the grand finale: an Easter egg hunt. Take plastic eggs (the more, the merrier) and fill them with candy and other goodies. Before your guests arrive, hide them around your party — outside, inside, wherever. Then, have your guests look for them! Provide them with baskets or small buckets to store their found treasures in. For more games, check out our list of party game ideas.

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