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48 Fun Dolphin Theme Party Ideas

Dolphin Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 24, 2024

If you are looking for a fun kid's theme party that is fun for all ages and who loves dolphins. A dolphin theme party is a way to go! Your party is not complete without looking for the perfect locations to host it and, of course, the fantastic food! The focus should be on bringing the ocean to your guests, and that is exactly what you will find in this article. Here are some dolphin venues and menu ideas to convey your theme throughout your party.

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Dolphin Theme Party Decorations

1. Dolphin Balloons

You can find a variety of dolphin party balloons that will make your theme come to life. You can also mix match different colored balloons. We suggest colors like blue, aqua green, turquoise, pearl white, yellow, and clear. You can also create a round balloon archway for guests to walk under or even create a dolphin shape out of several balloons. Balloons are fairly cheap, and you can buy a large supply of them for your party.

2. Crystal Marbles

Scatter glass marbles all around the tabletop or fill clear vases with them. The marbles could be clear or fluorescent blue shades.

3. She Sells Sea Shells By the Sea Shore

Incorporate seashells, starfish, sand dollars, and other dried sea life and animals in your decoration. Whether you use them in napkin holders, on top of cakes, or just by themselves, using real ocean life adds a sense of realness to the whole dolphin theme.

4. Inflatable Dolphins

Purchase inflatable dolphins at any party store or online. These supplies may be hard to find if you live in a small town, so online would be your next option. They come in various colors, and if your party is held outdoors, you can set them in your swimming pool to float around. You can even use them as decorative centerpieces and have guests sign them with markers.

5. Sassy Seaweed

Artificial seaweed adds a great element to any ocean-themed party. Drape it on table surfaces, around platters, or even in doorways. Have fun with this one; it’s very freeform!

6. Dolphin Bubble Machine

This will definitely be the wow factor of your celebration. This dolphin-shaped bubble machine will give your party the illusion of underwater fun. Kids and adults will love this addition to your party decoration.

7. Incredible Ice

Order a sophisticated dolphin ice sculpture. You can even have a sculpture that lights up and changes color! The beauty of the carved ice will be sure to amaze your guests.

8. Blue Streamer

Buy some blue foil or paper streamers and hang them from the ceiling of the doorway. This will create an idea of walking into an under-the-sea world.

9. Jelly Fish Paper Lanterns

For those who love to create decorations, this is for you. This is very easy to make; all you need is a paper lantern and paper streamers. First, you will tape the streamers on the bottom of the lantern. After that, they are ready to hang up! It will make you feel that you are under the sea. No time for a DIY project? No problem, you can also order them here.

Dolphin Theme Party Favors

10. Dolphin Beaded Bracelets

These dolphin bracelets are perfect for your themed party. They are made from an assortment of rhinestones and acrylic beads in purple, aqua green, and teal.

11. Precious Plush

Nothing is more adorable than dolphin plush toys, especially ones that make dolphin sounds. Purchase them in assorted bright colors. Place them in each guest’s chair before he or she arrives.

12. T-shirts

Purchase t-shirts that have dolphins or an under-the-water theme. This is a great way to incorporate guests into the party theme!

13. Beach Buckets

No party would be complete without gift bags. Instead of giving out plastic gift bags, give out gift beach buckets. Purchase small items like toys, candy, stickers, and beach-related items to put in the buckets. These buckets are available in any color and size. You can customize them with stickers to make them pop.

14. Bubble Blast

Give guests bubbles with bubble wands before and after your party so that they can have a blast blowing bubbles during the event.

15. Dolphin Stickers

These dolphin stickers are a great way to thank your guests for coming to the party. You can even customize with a name and date!

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16. Yummy Gummies

Sea-life-shaped Gummy snacks would be delightful favors for any party guest. Wrap them in clear cellophane wrap and secure each one with bright blue ribbons.

17. Reusable Straws

We all know reusable straws are the way to go. Not only are these reusable straws beautiful with their fun and vibrant color, but they are also better for the environment and we can lessen our plastic footprint.

18. Keychains

Give guests personalized dolphin keychains. Have them engraved with anagrams or guest’s first names on one side and “Your Name’s Party” on the other. Your key chains can be flashlights, clear and filled with swirling glitter, etc.

19. Trendy Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great favor idea! Give each guest at least one dolphin tattoo and other ocean-themed designs as well. Use shiny/glittery tattoos for a bigger “wow” effect. Wrap the tattoos in small blue pouches.

Dolphin Theme Party Food Ideas

20. Seafood Buffet

Serve up your dolphin theme party with a mini buffet with nothing but seafood! Provide personal shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, lobster rolls, salmon skewers, and calamari. As with any allergens, check beforehand that your guests do not have a severe shellfish or seafood allergy.

21. Dolphin Cookies

Arrange your dolphin cookies on a large blue glass plate. Add edible glitter to the cookies to make them pop (for example, the scales on the fish, the mermaid’s tail, the dolphin’s fins, etc.). You can also order dolphin cookie cutters to make the baking process a breeze.

22. Goldfish

Stick goldfish-shaped cheese crackers in a blue glass bowl decorated to look like the ocean (it will appear as if they’re swimming)! You might want to be conscious about healthy snacks; we have you covered!

23. Finger Foods

Have some classic finger foods that guests can munch on and give some of the food items sea-related names, such as “Dolphin Dip” (this could be any kind of appetizer dip) and “Fin Fries” (French fries), or even fish food are some ideas you can use for your menu. The possibilities are endless!

If you're planning on preparing goodies on your own, check out our DIY edible decoration ideas!

24. Blue Gelatin Desserts

In small plastic parfait cups, prepare blue gelatin desserts, topped with whipped cream, and sprinkle some blue or fish-shaped sprinkles on top! Or you could complete the gelatin with edible starfish and shells (candy or chocolates).

25. Ice Cubes

Serve all of your beverages or fill your punch bowl with dolphin-shaped ice cubes. Your guests will marvel at the detail of the ice! You can find ice cube trays of all shapes and sizes online.

26. Dolphin Cake

Birthday cakes are always a tasty treat. Bake one yourself with a blue sea theme and dolpin toppings or order a dolphin shaped cake from a skilled baker.

27. Tuna Sandwiches

Set some yummy tuna salad sandwiches on a small platter. Make sure that the tuna you use is dolphin-friendly, of course! (Certain tuna cans/packets are certified for the humane treatment of dolphins' during fishing). Need even more ideas for goodies to have at your party? Check out our Summer recommendations!

28. Banana Dolphins

Banana Dolphins is putting a fun twist on edible arrangements. These are super easy to make, all you need are some bananas and grapes. You can cut the banana in half and put a small cut on the top of the banana stem. This is the dolphin’s body - and don't forget to add the eyes on the banana. Then you want to place a grape in the slit. After that, you have made a banana dolphin. You then put the dolphin banana in a cup full of grapes. It will look like the dolphin is in a body of water with a ball in its mouth.

Dolphin Theme Party Games & Activities

29. Water balloon Toss

This is a perfect game to play during the hot summer. Simply fill up water balloons and have everyone pair up. Each pair will stand at an equal distance from the other and toss the balloon once while the other person catches without dropping or popping the balloon. But that's not all! At the end of each round, every pair will take two steps back making it harder to toss and catch without popping. This is a really fun activity that you can do outside or in the backyard.

30. Movie Time

Have everyone gather around for a family-friendly ocean or dolphin theme film. A Dolphin Tale and Finding Nemo are some terrific ideas. Don’t forget to break out refreshments and, of course, provide the popcorn! Serve the popcorn in a “treasure chest” bowl.

31. Ring Toss

This game works perfectly indoors or even in a swimming pool. Participate in activities that dolphins do every day! Have players throw plastic rings onto thin cones or sticks. Let the winner pick a unique prize such as a pool toy.

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32. Artsy Crafts

Parties can also be relaxing with some fun arts and crafts, including sea creature coloring books, painting, picture frames, tie-dye t-shirts, or sand art.

33. Sharks and Dolphins

This is a fun and easy water game! Players will divide into two groups: “sharks” and the other is “dolphins.” When the game starts, both teams will try to catch a designated swimmer. Whoever touches the swimmer first will take him or her to their team’s home base. As the game progress, have more and more swimmers. The team with the most swimmers rounded up at their home base is the winner!

34. Fish Throw

Create a dolphin by cutting out or drawing one and pasting it onto a small box. Then, have the children “feed” a toy fish (or ball) to the dolphin (into the box) by tossing it in. Use different colored fish that vary in size. The fish can be rubber/plastic toys or small stuffed animals.

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35. Charming Charades

Play this classic game with an oceanic twist! Your guests will have to act like a sea animal by using movement clues and nothing else (no sounds or words). Everyone else has to guess what they are portraying—place names of the “characters” in a fishbowl for guests to draw and then act out.

36. Fish Throw

At aquariums, you can watch the dolphins jump out of the water and catch fish in the air. Get some goldfish and have the guests throw them in the air and try catching them in their mouths.

37. Marine Mural

Hang a large blue poster board with a picture of the birthday girl/boy on the wall and have your guests add oversized sequins, 3-D stickers, drawings, stamp designs, etc., to make a stunning underwater scene. You can also have them sign it with black or silver permanent markers.

Dolphin Theme Party Supplies

38. Dolphin Supply set

Get the most out of your money and time with these dolphin theme party supply set. You can find a variety of fun underwater design that comes with party essentials like paper plates, napkins, cups, spoons, and forks.

39. Under The Sea Tablecloth

Perfect for decorating your tabletop while keeping the dolphin theme party in mind!

40. Blue Cupcake Stand

This beautiful blue cupcake stand with a touch of gold is a great way displaying any dessert. What we love about these stand is that it's lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble.

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41. Cupcake Toppers

Deck out your dessert with these dolphin cupcake toppers. You can choose a set in variety of colors so you can mix and match!

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42. Name Tags

Having multiple guests can confuse who's drinks or party favors are who's. Ordering dolphin-shaped name tags and placing them on each guest's personal belongings is a cute idea to further the theme!

43. Dolphin Birthday Candle

Top the icing of you cake with this beautiful and glittery dolphin birthday cake candle. You can pre-select the number depending on the celebrant's age-to-be.

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Dolphin Theme Party Invitations

44. DIY Invitations

If you are looking for a fun DIY project you can do with your kids, we got the thing just for you! Choose from a variety of blue card stock with envelopes, have your details printed out, then simply glue them on. You can even get creative and personalize each card by adding fun dolphin stickers so your guests will know what to expect.

You can also find a variety of dolphin theme party invitations online that are customizable and ready for print.

45. Invitation For Girl

This pink and purple pastel color invitation set is perfect for a girl's birthday celebration. You can instantly download and customize the details.

DOLPHIN Invitation Girl Dolphin Invitation Download Dolphin Invitation Girl Under the Sea Birthday Invitation Dolphin Party Invitation Corjl

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46. Invitation For Boy

This dolphin birthday invitation has a simple design and artwork. Great for a boy's birthday celebration or gender neutral.

47. Join Us Under The Sea

With its life art design, you can't help but feel you are in for an adventurous under the sea party fun!

48. Let's Make A Splash

This great if you are planning on making your dolphin theme a pool party as well.

Dolphin Theme Party: Conclusion

There are various ways to host a dolphin theme party - from decorations, food, venues, and more. A dolphin theme can be versatile and simple to work with as well. Hopefully, you found these 35 dolphin theme party suggestions helpful and were inspired to kick off your own party! Be sure to check out our birthday party ideas and inspiration for fun themes.

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