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147 Cute Animal Theme Party Ideas

Animal Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

Does your child love animals? Every child has that animal-craze phase. If your kid is a big animal lover then their next theme party should be all about animals! An animal theme party is so much fun and very easy to accomplish. With these tips and ideas, your next party will be unbeatable. Keeping children entertained can be a challenge but with these fun animal birthday party ideas, it should be no problem. So try out some of the animal party games below for one wild animal birthday party! We also have a helpful budgeting tool and party checklist to help you with your party planning.

Animal Theme Party Decorations

1. DIY Animal Footprints

Use cardboard or colorful construction paper to make different animal tracks. Place them along the walls or floor to guide your young explorers on an exciting journey throughout the party.

2. Navigation

Make fake wooden signs from poster paper that point to the direction of the bathroom, kitchen, safari, party, campsite, etc. Cut them in the shape of arrows and tape them to the walls.

3. Animal-Themed Lanterns

Illuminate your party with paper lanterns designed to look like animals. Hang them from the ceiling or use them as table decor to help create a magical and animalistic atmosphere.

4. Danger Signs

Make warning signs that caution visitors to beware of lions or crocodiles, don’t feed the animals, etc. You can make these out of supplies like brown construction paper or brown grocery bags. Crunch them up into a ball to make them look worn and then smooth them back out and write the words with paint.

5. DIY Rainforest Decor

Transform your party space with colorful paper, green streamers, and animal silhouette cutouts. Hang the streamers from the ceiling to represent lush, green vines, and strategically place the animal cutouts throughout your venue to create a truly immersive experience for your guests.

6. Balloons

Balloons liven up any party. Get balloons in the shape of various animals and regular balloons in an assortment of colors. You can also hire a professional balloon animal maker! They can come to the party for an hour and make as many balloon hats and animals as the kids desire.

7. Table Setting

Buy some plates, table settings, and cups with animals on them or in animal shapes. Use animal birthday party supplies like animal confetti to decorate the table.

Animal Theme Party Favors

Animal-Themed Sweet Party Favors

8. Barn Animal Chocolates

For chocolates, you can order farm candy molds, melt some chocolate chips, and viola – farm candy!

9. Animal-Shaped Lollipops

Delight your guests with suckers and lollipops shaped like various different animals. For added enjoyment, offer animal-shaped lollipop rings so your guests can enjoy their treat while on the go.

10. Mini Jars of Honey

Mini honey jars are delectable little treats that are sure to create a "buzz" at your party! For an extra touch of sweetness, add some animal labels on the jars to match your theme.

11. Animal-Themed Candies

Sweeten your celebration by offering a variety of animal-themed candies. Treat your guests to a delightful selection, from gummy bears and gummy worms to animal-shaped jelly beans. You can even have licorice with different colored twists, resembling the patterns of striped animals. The possibilities are endless and your guests will enjoy the delicious gifts!

12. Animal-Shaped Marshmallows

These charming animal-shaped marshmallows are the perfect gift to give your guests. Whether you serve them on a stick or package them in a bag, your guests are sure to love them.

13. Animal Bubble Gum

Give your guests something to chew on with animal-shaped gumballs. Offer an arrangement of colors and flavors to add an extra "pop" of sweetness to your party.

14. Chocolate-Covered Animal Treats

Whether it's fruit, pretzels, or popcorn, thrill your guests with chocolate-covered treats. To make these treats wilder, add animal patterns or faces with small candies or colorful melted chocolate.

15. Animal-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats

Thrill your guests with delicious animal-shaped rice krispie treats. Use your hands or some cookie cutters to give the treats an animal shape, and then add some patterns or designs by using candy melts and frosting.

16. Animal-Theme Candy Apples

Start these adorable treats off by dipping the apples in your coating of choice (caramel, chocolate, honey, etc.). Then, to really bring them to life, decorate the apples with candy eyes and colorful icing as animal patterns.

17. Animal Cotton Candy

Hire a professional or borrow a cotton candy machine to treat your guests to something unique: animal-shaped cotton candy. Get creative by choosing various sugar colors, animal designs, and even patterned lollipop sticks.

Animal-Themed Salty and Savory Party Favors

18. Animal Snack Mix

Combine savory snacks like pretzels, nuts, and animal-shaped crackers to make a tasty snack mix for your guests. To make it even better, serve the snack mix in animal-themed cups.

19. Animal Sandwiches

Create an assortment of sandwiches for your guests to enjoy by using different meats, vegetables, and condiments. For an animalistic touch, use cookie cutters to make the sandwiches animal-shaped.

20. Animal-Theme Food Platter

Arrange slices of fruit, vegetables, meat, and, or cheese on a tray to form adorable animal shapes for your partygoers to enjoy. To change it up a bit, serve the food in cups or on skewers and re-arrange them to make different animal formations.

21. Wild Pizza Bites

Thrill your guests with pizza bites or mini pizzas that are cut into various animal shapes. Or, use different toppings to create animal faces on your pizzas.

22. Animal Style Chips and Dip

Surprise your guests with a delicious cheese dip or salsa, and tortilla chips to complement it. To help match your animal theme, make your own chips by first cutting them into the shape of different animals and then baking/frying them to crispy perfection.

23. Wild and Savory Baked Goods

Delight your guests with homemade quiches, samosas, or empanadas. To make things even better, choose savory fillings and use a mold to form a cute animal shape.

24. Animal Pretzel Bites

For a treat that's both salty and savory, give your guests pretzel bites. As an added bonus, bake them into an animal shape and serve with different dipping sauces.

Animal-Themed Drinkable Party Favors

25. Animal Cups and Water Bottles

Are you tired of having a bunch of waste to clean up after a party? Well, by giving reusable cups or water bottles to your guests, you can eliminate waste and quench their thirst simultaneously! Make it even more fun by gifting reusable cups and bottles that feature animal pictures or prints. For an additional personal touch, add your guests' names on the bottles and cups.

26. Animal-Shaped Juice Boxes

Refresh your guests with tasty juice contained in cute animal-shaped boxes. It's a fun and delicious way to keep everyone hydrated.

27. Animal Milkshakes

Delight your partygoers with creamy milkshakes that have animal-themed flavors and garnishes. Whether they are served in animal-print cups, mason jars, or even shot glasses, your guests are sure to enjoy these tasty milkshakes.

28. Animal Style Smoothies

Smoothies are another sweet treat to help keep your guests hydrated. You can add animal decor or even make custom animal flavors (ex: banana monkey smoothie). Or, if you don't have time to make your own smoothies, give smoothie pouches to your guests - you can even add an animal sticker on the front to help match your theme.

29. Animal-Themed Milk Cartons

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way you could refresh your guests, boost bone strength, and match your party theme all at the same time? If you said yes, why don't you try giving out individual milk cartons with cute animal designs to your guests - it's a delightful way to promote nutrients and fun at your event.

30. Animal-Shaped Soda Cans

Add an extra dose of fun to your event by giving out custom animal-shaped soda cans to your guests. With these delightful cans, every sip will be one to remember.

31. Animal Drink Mixers

Make your guests feel warm and cozy by gifting them hot chocolate mix or hot cocoa bombs. Or, for a refreshing twist, give out an iced tea mix. Either one can be packaged in jars or bags decorated with adorable animal stickers or labels.

32. Animal Mocktails

Keep your guests hydrated by serving non-alcoholic mocktails. To match your theme, serve the drinks in cute jars with animal labels or drink garnishes.

33. Animal Straws

What drink is complete without a straw? Instead of spending money on plastic straws that will just end up in the trash, give your guests reusable animal-shaped straws which they can use during the party and then take to continue the fun at home.

34. Animal-Themed Lemonade Stand

One final and creative way to refresh your guests: set up an animal-themed lemonade stand. Serve a variety of lemonade flavors while also having a range of animal decor on your stand.

Animal-Themed Wearable Party Favors

35. Animal-Themed Temporary Tattoos

Bring out the animal lover in everyone by giving your guests temporary tattoos featuring various animal designs. This is a fantastic way to ensure everyone enjoys the party in style.

36. Animal Jewelry

Keep your guests fashionable by giving out a variety of animal-themed jewelry. Whether it's a charm necklace, animal-shaped ring, friendship bracelet, slap bracelet, or silicon wristband, you can customize everything with different charms, colors, and animal prints to make sure everyone has something they enjoy.

37. Animal Print Bandanas

To add even more of a wild flair to your party, offer guests bandanas with animal print designs. They can wear them as headbands, neckties, or any way they please to embrace animal fashion.

38. Animal Themed Hair Accessories

Help your guests decorate their hair to match your party theme by giving out colorful animal-shaped hair clips or hair ties with animal patterns. These gifts can be worn long after the party ends.

39. Straw Hats for Cowboys and Cowgirls

Your guests will feel like they’re on a safari when they all get to wear their own cowboy hats. It’s something that they will like to keep wearing even after the party.

40. Finger Puppet Animals

If you're looking for a creative and unique gift to give to your guests, try finger puppets! You can get them designed as various different animals and your guests will love playing with them.

41. Animal Print Sunglasses

Keep your partygoers cool and trendy by giving them animal print sunglasses. It's a stylish way to protect your eyes from the Sun and everyone will want to take a pair home.

42. Animal Masks

Cute little animal masks or headbands are great reminders of the awesome party you'll throw. Or, on the other end of things, give your guests animal tails. Guests can wear them around the party and then have a fun favor to take home and continue playing with Every time those kids see their masks, they'll be reminded of your animal-themed party!

43. Animal-Themed T-Shirts

Give guests an animal-themed shirt to wear during the party and take home after. Everyone will match the theme while also getting a chance to show off their "wild" style. For a more personal touch, add each guest's name or initials on their shirt.

44. Animal Face Masks

If you are worried about spreading germs, give out face masks at your party. You can easily customize the masks by adding images of animals or popular animal prints.

Animal-Themed Eco-Friendly Party Favors

45. Animal-Themed Bags

Provide your guests with reusable animal-themed tote bags or canvas pouches. These charming bags are very practical and everyone will get good use out of them! To make these bags even better, add your guests' names across the straps or base of the bag.

46. Animal-Shaped Keychains

Give your guests wooden keychains carved with their names and adorable animal shapes/designs. Your guests can take these keychains home as a way to remember your party and the importance of sustainability.

47. Animal Notebooks and Coloring Books

Help inspire creativity in your guests by offering notebooks and coloring books made from recycled paper. The notebooks can have cute animal designs on the cover and the coloring book can have animal-themed coloring sheets.

48. Recycled Animal Crayons

Add a pop of color to your party by giving your guests animal-shaped crayons that are made out of recycled materials. To take your animal theme even further, you can make custom color names for the crayons like treefrog green, bluejay blue, and grizzly bear brown.

49. Plantable Animal Pencils

Offer your guests these special animal-themed pencils which are embedded with seeds and can be planted after use. Not only will they enjoy writing with these cute pencils, but they'll also have a little garden to look forward to.

50. Animal-Themed Food Storage

Beeswax wraps, reusable food pouches and silicon storage bags are all great options for food sustainability gifts. Your guests will love these eco-friendly gifts and you can even customize them by adding animal prints.

51. Wild Soap Bars

Surprise your guests with handmade animal-shaped soap bars. Made with natural and sustainable ingredients, this gift will keep both your partygoers and the environment clean.

52. Animal Print Cloth Napkins

Instead of buying a bunch of paper napkins, give your guests something they can reuse: cloth napkins. To make it more special, buy cloth napkins with different colors and animal prints to match your theme.

53. Animal-Shaped Coasters

Give your guests a very unique and eco-friendly gift by handing out coasters made from sustainable wood. Have the coasters feature animal carvings, silhouettes, or prints to bring things to the next level.

54. DIY Animal Plant Kits

Bring out the gardener in everyone by handing out DIY plant kits to your guests. The kits can be made up of seed packets, soil, and planting pots featuring animal designs.

Animal-Themed Electronic Party Favors

55. Animal USB Flash Drive

Add a technological charm to your party by gifting your guests with a cute animal-shaped flash drive. This unique gift will ensure that everyone's data remains safe and stored.

56. Animal-Themed Bluetooth Speakers

Music is one of the most important parts of any party, so why not keep the party going by giving out Bluetooth speakers? They are portable, trendy, and can feature animal designs to remind everyone of your party.

57. Animal LED Lights

Add a touch of whimsy to your party by offering animal-shaped LED lights to your guests. These adorable lights are sure to light up any room.

58. Animal Phone Cases

Add a bit of a wild style to your partygoers' phones by handing out cute phone cases with animal images or prints. These cases will delight your guests as they protect and personalize their phones.

59. Animal-Shaped Earphone Holders

Help your guests keep their lives organized by handing out earphone holders shaped like animals. Not only are they adorable, but they also keep earphones tangle-free!

60. Animal-Themed USB Hubs and Power Banks

Let your party blend convenience with technology by giving away USB hubs and power banks featuring animal motifs on them. These gifts will help your guests connect multiple devices and maintain their battery life while on the go.

61. Animal Smartphone Stands

Elevate your guests' phone experiences by giving them smartphone stands shaped like animals. These stands are super cute and also allow for hands-free phone calls, video calls, and streaming.

62. "Wild" Bluetooth Headphones

Give your guests an immersive audio experience by providing Bluetooth headphones. Search for headphones that have an animal design so your guests can listen to music, podcasts, and movies in style.

63. Animal-Shaped Cable Bites

Keep your guests fully charged through your event by gifting cable bites shaped like various animals. These adorable gifts will help make sure your guests' cables stay protected.

64. Animal Style Digital Wallpaper

Looking for a party favor that is unique and inexpensive? If so, work on creating a collection of animal-themed digital wallpapers that your guests can download and display on their devices.

65. Animal-Shaped Fans

Keep your guests cool by giving away portable fans that are shaped like animals. For a more stationary fan to cool people off while they work, look for USB desk fans with animal patterns.

66. Animal-Contoured Webcam Covers

Help your guests protect their privacy through the use of webcam covers shaped like little animals. These tiny gifts will add a touch of charm and playfulness to your partygoers' computers all the while working to promote tech security.

67. Animal-Inspired Gaming Mousepads

Level up your guests' gaming setup with mousepads featuring their favorite animal patterns. These mousepads will help add a personal touch to everyone's gaming experience.

68. Animal-Centric Smartwatch Bands

Give your guests a bit of a wild style by giving away smartwatch bands with animal patterns and prints. These gifts are the perfect opportunity for your guests to switch out their old bands and embrace the party-animal spirit.

69. Animal-Themed Portable Projectors

Surprise your guests with portable projectors featuring animal designs and patterns. These gadgets will allow your guests to experience the magic of a movie night whenever they want!

70. Animal Digital Photo Frames

Amaze your guests by gifting them an animal-themed digital photo frame. This is a unique gift that will allow your guests to display their favorite memories all the time.

Animal-Themed Personalized/Customized Party Favors

71. Personalized Animal Print Drawstring Bags

Delight your guests by giving them drawstring bags featuring their names along with a colorful animal print. These are very practical gifts that can be reused and will also ensure that your guests feel appreciated.

72. Animal-Shaped Name Badges

As each guest arrives at the party, give them an animal-shaped badge with their name and a personal message on it. These charming items will add a creative element to your event while also helping everyone get to know each other.

73. Custom Animal-Themed Mugs

Give each guest a mug that features charming little animal designs and their first names or initials. These delightful gifts will ensure that your guests enjoy their drinks with a smile.

74. Individualized Animal-Influenced Phone Grips

These practical accessories will help your guests maintain a comfortable grip on their phones. To add a personal touch, include an animal print background and your guests' initials in colorful text.

75. Customized Animal Note Cards and Sticky Notes

Surprise your guests with personalized note cards or sticky notes featuring their names and charming animal-themed graphics. This stationery is the perfect way to show off style and a love for animals.

76. Personalized Animal-Shaped Ornaments

If your event is taking place around the holiday season, then an animal-shaped ornament is the perfect party favor. Choose your guests' favorite animal and then further customize it by adding their names.

77. Animal-Themed Luggage Tags

For your guests who love to travel, try finding or making luggage tags that feature your guests' names along with cute animal designs. With these perfect identifiers, your guests will be ready for their next adventure

78. Custom Animal Inspired Buttons or Pins

These adorable little gifts are the perfect way to show off a love for animals. Give your guests buttons or pins that depict an animal or animal pattern, and further customize it by adding your guests' names or initials.

79. Individualized Animal Print Favor Bags

If you are looking for a unique way to store these personalized gifts, why not try out an animal print bag with each guest's individual name showcased? It is the perfect way to match your theme while simultaneously showing appreciation to your guests.

Animal-Themed Unique and Inedible Party Favors

80. Farm Activity Stickers

For the young folks at your farm party, you can place farm-theme stickers and giveaways in their goodie bags.

81. Mini Animal Figurines

Give your guests adorable miniature animal figurines that can be collected and traded at your event. These figures are sure to become fun keepsakes for everyone.

82. Animal-Shaped Stress Ball

Help your guests unwind and relax by gifting them stress balls that are shaped like different animals. Not only are these gifts entertaining, but they also help relieve stress, so everyone can be free to enjoy themselves at your party.

83. Horseshoes

Buy small toy horseshoes for your guests to take home. Your guests will feel just a little luckier after coming to your party.

84. Barnyard Plush Toy

Give your guests small plush toy prizes to remember the party. You can find a wide assortment of animal plush toys at popular kid stores.

85. Animal-Inspired Erasers

Whether your guests are school-aged children or office-working adults, animal-shaped erasers are a perfect gift. They help bring a whimsical light to correcting mistakes and they sure are cute to look at.

86. Animal-Themed Coin Bank

Go beyond the traditional "piggy bank" and give your guests colorful banks shaped like different animals. Not only are these unique gifts, but they will also help inspire your guests to save money.

87. Barn Shaped Magnets

Your guests will appreciate these goodies. These barn-shaped magnets will be a cute reminder of your party.

88. Itty-bitty Hay Bales

These mini hay bales are a unique party favor that guests can carry around in their pockets. You may need to talk to a local farmer to get these or you can make your own using bunches of straw.

89. Animal-Shaped Key Covers

A lot of keys have the same look and design, so help your guests boost their key style with key covers that are shaped like different animals. These gifts will allow your guests to quickly determine which key is which, remain organized, and show off a love for animals all at the same time.

90. Wild Hand Fans

To ensure that your guests are staying cool and enjoying your party, pass out animal-shaped hand fans. These cute and playful fans are a surefire way for your guests to beat the heat in style.

91. Animal Bubble Wands

Kids will get a kick out of these fun bubble wands! They can use them to create a “bubbly” atmosphere at the event and then take them home to keep the party going.

92. Safari Binoculars

Bring out the explorer in everyone by giving your guests a pair of safari binoculars, and watch their curiosity soar as they are filled with creativity and imaginative ideas.

93. Animal Paper Clips

To help your guests keep their papers and documents in order, provide paper clips shaped like various animals. This is a cute and simple way to add a playful element to organization in everyday life.

94. Animal Print Nail Stickers

Another unique gift to give your guests is a set of animal print nail stickers. This is the perfect way for your partygoers to display their love for creativity, style, and animals all at the same time.

95. Animal Bath Bombs

Vibrant colors, fresh fragrances, and animal shapes galore - gift your partygoers with animal-shaped bath bombs and let the bathtub do the rest. These creative favors will keep the kids entertained, relaxed, and clean all at the same time!

96. DIY Animal-Themed Slime Kits

Give your guests a fun sensory experience by letting them create their own slime. Provide slime bases in various colors and animal-shaped add-ins to really make the project "wild."

Animal-Themed Hobby-Related Party Favors

97. Animal-Theme Puzzles

Captivate your guests with engaging animal-themed puzzles. Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle with animal shapes or a colorful animal print puzzle cube, your guests are sure to be entertained. Add a personal touch by customizing the puzzles with each guest’s name or a personal message.

98. Animal-Inspired Needlework Kits

Offer your guests different needlework kits with enough supplies for them to make their own animal-inspired artwork. You might even consider setting up a crafting station where guests can explore their creativity with different types of needlework such as cross-stitching, embroidery, needle felting, crochet, and knitting.

99. Animal-Theme Craft Kits

Promote creativity at your event by handing out basic craft kits to your guests. You can give each guest materials and instructions on how to make simple crafts like paper plate animal masks and animal puppets.

100. DIY Animal Terrarium Kits

Bring an extra touch of the wild into your party by providing kits for your guests to make their own animal habitat terrariums. Provide supplies like animal figurines, foliage, and rocks, then let imagination do the rest.

101. Animal-Themed Books and Bookmarks

Present your guests with the gift of knowledge by giving books about animals. Whether it’s exploring different animal patterns, discovering new facts, or simply an engaging story, these books will surely spark curiosity among your young guests. To add a more personal twist, give each guest an animal-themed bookmark with their name in addition to the book.

102. Animal-Focused Ceramic Painting and Coloring

Surprise your guests with delightful art kits that will allow them to make their own animal art. Inside the kits, give guests ceramic pieces ready to be painted, coloring sheets, colorful paints, and coloring pencils/markers

103. Animal-Inspired Scrapbooking Materials

Help your guests take a walk down memory lane by providing different scrapbooking materials. This art of preserving memories is the perfect way to promote feelings of nostalgia and happiness at your event.

104. Advanced Animal Project Kits

If you feel like your guests are up for an entertaining challenge, offer project kits that require more time and attention to detail. For example, give your guests wax, wicks, and animal-shaped molds to serve as a candle-making kit. Or, provide a wood-burning tool and animal-shaped wood to have your guests try their hand at wood-burning.

105. Animal Origami Sets

Add an extra dose of creativity to your party by giving your guests a very unique gift: animal origami sets. Let creativity and imagination run free as your guests set out to make different animals out of colorful paper.

106. Animal Calligraphy Sets

Surprise your guests with calligraphy sets that include animal-themed practice sheets and special pens. Your guests will truly be inspired to create delicate lettering inspired by their favorite animals.

107. DIY Animal-Themed Bracelet Kits

Unleash creativity at your party by offering bracelet-making kits where your guests can design unique animal-inspired bracelets. Be sure to provide various charms, beads, and colorful strings no two bracelets are alike.

Animal-Themed Unique Favor Containers

108. Animal Mason Jars

One way to deliver party favors to your guests is by using glass jars like mason jars. You can easily decorate them in a charming manner by adding animal labels and stickers.

109. Animal Print Boxes

Serve your party favors in chic animal print gift, pillow, or even popcorn boxes. Gift boxes are great for larger gifts while popcorn and pillow boxes are better for smaller favors.

110. Animal-Themed Paper Cones

If you have small favors you want to give out to your guests, consider using paper cones decorated to look like different animals. These are perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any animal-themed event.

111. Mini Animal Print Suitcases

For a more unique and memorable favor, try using mini suitcases. To help match your theme, you can decorate the suitcases with animal print decals or other animal-related designs.

112. Animal-Shaped Metal Tins

Delight your guests with strong animal-shaped metal tins or tin cans decorated with animal-themed illustrations. These versatile containers will both hold your party favors and promote sustainability.

113. Animal-Inspired Containers

Plastic and ceramic containers are also great durable and reusable party favor containers you can use. Add animal decor to these containers to continue your theme and create a cherished keepsake for your guests.

114. Animal Print Favor Bags

Your guests will notice the details that you put effort into, including animal print theme favor bags. Making your favor bag on the theme is the finishing touch you need to tie your entire animal theme together.

12 Pack Jungle Safari Animals Party Favor Boxes Zoo Animals Theme Happy Birthday Treat Boxes Party Bags Candy Goodies Valentine's Day Gift Boxes for Kids Party Decorations Supplies 6 x 3 x 3.5 Inches

What will you get: there are 6 styles of jungle animals gift boxes, 2 of each style, 12 in total. These colorful paper boxes can be used as party gift packaging boxes, or you can put party snacks or souvenirs into the boxes to give to guests, enough to meet your various party needs
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115. Animal Print Tubes

For a more playful favor container, use different types of tubes featuring fun animal prints. For example, for bigger favors, you can use large cardboard tubes, and for smaller favors, you can use test tubes. For additional flair, add colorful tissue paper inside the tubes.

116. Animal-Themed Fabrics

Gift your guests with animal pattern fabric wraps and pouches. These soft fabrics provide a delightful and practical way to package party favors while sticking to your theme.

117. Animal-Centric Mini Baskets

To give a more rustic charm to your party, hand out party favors in small baskets adorned with animal decorations. Add colorful basket grass to really make the packaging stand out.

Animal Theme Party Food Ideas

118. Jungle Juice

Keep your guests hydrated by serving green-colored juice called Jungle Juice. Add different flavors like pineapple and mango to really transport your partygoers to the jungle with every sip of their drink.

119. Animal Crackers

Animal crackers are a no-brainer when it comes to an animal theme birthday party. There are so many kinds too! Buy an assortment of regular and frosted animal crackers and have them ready in a bowl for all your guests to enjoy.

120. Animal-Shaped Pancakes or Waffles

Bring a smile to your guests' faces by baking these delicious breakfast treats in the shapes of different animals. To really knock it out of the park, offer a variety of toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and syrup.

121. Cookies

Make sugar-cut-out cookies in the shape of various animals! This can double as an activity as well. Have your kid and their friends frost and decorate the cookies before they eat them!

122. Snake Hot Dogs

Bring a playful twist to regular hotdogs by cutting them to look like slithering snakes. Try using different condiments to add more snake-like features, like ketchup as the tongue or relish as the eyes. You can even add different toppings to help make the whole process a flavorful experience.

123. Cup Cakes and Cake Pops

Many bakeries can produce animal theme cupcakes and cake pops for you. If your child has a favorite animal, make sure that the treats are decorated as that animal. There are also a lot of do-it-yourself animal designs to try if you’re up for a challenge.

124. Bear Claw Pastries

Whether they are store-bought or homemade, bear claws are the perfect treat for an animal-themed party. These delectable treats are sure to leave your guests roaring with delight.

As delicious as these yummy treats are, you might want to consider more healthy alternatives! We've got you covered.

Animal Theme Party Games

125. Animal Piñata

Take a candy piñata and bring it to the next level by adding small animal figurines and animal stickers. Hang it outside or in the basement where there will plenty of room to smash the piñata open!

126. Contest of Animal Sounds

Have the kids break up into different groups based on their favorite animals. After everyone is separated, have each group stand in front of the others and have each member of that group take turns doing their best animal sound impression.

127. Animal Feeding Frenzy

Decorate cornhole boards to resemble different animals. Have the guests take turns trying to throw bean bags into the "mouth" of the animal. Whoever makes it in the hole wins a point for their team.

128. Predator and Prey

The fox and rabbit are natural enemies! To play a “wild” version of cops and robbers, split the group of kids evenly into a group of foxes and a group of rabbits. For added flair provide fox masks and rabbit masks. Choose “havens” in the yard like trees or the porch. When the foxes tag the rabbits their roles are reversed. This twist on an old game will be a fun fit for the theme of the party.

129. Wildlife Relay Run

A relay race, but with a twist! Instead of just running and tagging the next person, have your guests impersonate their favorite animals once tagged and watch the party come alive.

130. Animal Charades

Write the names of several animals from the zoo on a piece of paper and put them in a bucket. Let each child take a turn drawing a piece of paper and acting out the characteristics of that animal while the others try to guess what animal they are.

131. Duck Duck Goose

Probably the most obvious game to play at an animal-themed event is duck, duck, goose. However, you can always change it up by choosing different animals like lion, lion, tiger. Pick any animals you want and embrace the excitement of the animal kingdom!

132. Hungry Hungry Hippos Hungry Hippos

This classic tabletop game is made up of four "hungry" mechanical hippos whose mouths are operated by a lever that opens and closes them. To win, one must feed their hippo as many marbles as they can by opening and closing its mouth.

133. Animal Adventure Course

Set up an obstacle course where each station contains an animal-related activity. Hop like a rabbit, roar like a lion, swing like a monkey from the monkey bars - whatever the tasks are, the kids will have a blast embarking on this thrilling journey.

134. Safari Animal Scavenger Hunt

Before the party starts, hide several jungle plush animals throughout the party space. Gather the kids and tell them that the jungle animals have all gone missing and call out different animal names for them to go find. Do this until the kids have successfully gathered all the missing creatures. This is great animal party entertainment for the kids!

135. Who Am I?

Print out pictures of different animals and tape one to each guest's back. Have everyone take turns asking yes/no questions to other guests in order to try and guess what animal they are.

Animal Theme Party Activities

136. Animal-Themed Storytelling

Read a story about animals or put on an animal puppet show to entertain the kids. Let the kids gather around and watch as their imaginations run wild.

137. Birdhouse Crafts

Have your guests build birdhouses out of recycled materials such as 2-liter soda bottles or popsicle sticks. Include paint and other craft supplies to make each birdhouse unique. You can ask people to bring empty 2-liter bottles in your invitation. There's also plenty of fun products built for this endeavor that you might enjoy.

138. Animal-Style Yoga

Let your guests unleash their inner animal by engaging in animal yoga. Teach traditional poses like "downward dog" and then have the guests get creative and make up their own.

139. Face Painting

Buy some washable face paint and paint each child’s face like their favorite jungle animal or to match an animal print themed party!

140. Show a Wildlife Documentary

Immerse your guests in the wonderful world of wildlife by showing a short and child-friendly documentary. This is a great way to both entertain and educate guests about the world around us!

141. Petting Zoo

Petting Zoos are perfect for an animal lover or zoo-themed birthday. You can either go to one or have one come to you! You can hire a pony or a group of llamas to drop by your house for an afternoon of fun! Only do this if you don’t mind a few accidents in your yard! The kids will definitely love it and it is one of the best animal theme activities to include.

142. Animal Dance Extravaganza

Generate some excitement at your party by creating a playlist with animal-related songs. Set up a dance floor or dance area and have everyone come show off some of their best moves. This is a great way to kickstart your party and get everyone on their feet!

143. Animal Themed Photo Booth

Set up a safari or jungle themed backdrop and put out different animal costumes and accessories. The kids get to go crazy trying on different things, and everyone who participates gets a fun photo to remember the party.

Animal Theme Party Invitations

144. Zoo Ticket Invites

Delight potential guests by presenting them with an invitation that resembles a zoo ticket. Let these adorable invites help set the tone for an exciting adventure.

145. Animal Pop-Ups

For a showstopping 3-D effect, get invitations that involve a pop-out animal character. These will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests.

146. Jungle Safari Invitations

Get creative and develop invitations that look like large green jungle leaves or safari guidebooks. These wild invitations will let your guests know to prepare for embracing the spirit of the jungle.

147. Certificate of Animal Adoption

This heartwarming invitation is a great way to let people know of your upcoming party. You can leave some lines on the "certificate" blank for the guest to fill out and return to you as an RSVP.

Animal Theme Party: Conclusion

Every kid at some point acquired a love and obsession for animals. A lot of kids never grow out of that fascination! If your child loves animals then surely an animal theme party is the perfect theme for your kid’s birthday. Having a theme that your kid loves is so important because it adds to the whimsy of birthdays. I hope these ideas have inspired some great ideas of your own and I hope your kid has an amazing party! We also got you covered for other amazing kid's theme party ideas as well as gift ideas for kids.

Written by Alicia Bell; Contributors: Isabel Tenney, Carlie Cross and Royce Legaspi

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