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41 Unique Doll Theme Party Ideas

Doll Theme Party

Updated on: Feb 23, 2024

Dolls are well-known toys that kids grow up with and are often the favorite toys for kids. If you are looking to throw a birthday or a themed party, why not throw a Doll Theme Party? Kids or even an adult doll theme party can be fun as well. This article will cover all the essentials such as decorations, favors, food, games, and more! You can also access our amazing budgeting tool and party checklist to ensure you have everything you need to throw the most amazing doll theme party

Doll Theme Party Decorations

1. Dolls!

Whether they’re large, small, baby, or rag – decorations for your space should include different types of dolls that will create a truly memorable ambiance. Have dolls sitting in chairs, on couches, and propped up on tables. You should even have some dolls ”peeking” through the front windows so that guests see them when they arrive.

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2. Lovable Lollipops

Oversized lollipops add an innocent, sweet feel to the dolly theme. An easy DIY project is to create them out of Styrofoam or two-colored paper plates taped together. Cover each “lollipop” in clear cellophane wrap and attach them to a tall stick. Secure each lollipop with large dainty bows or ribbons. Or create a lollipop bouquet by tying several small lollipops together with a ribbon.

3. Flowers Galore

Floral arrangements always add a sweet touch. Use basic, feminine flowers such as daisies, tulips, baby’s breath, etc. You can also create your own tissue paper flower bouquets. Use vintage watering cans as vases.

4. Teacups

Tea parties are a perfect activity for a doll-themed gathering. Decorate the room and table with teacups and teapots. Use full-sized ones (for your guests) and miniature ones (for the dolls). Before tea is served, you can have the teacups filled with small heart candies or other treats.

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5. Fairy Lights

Some basic stringed lights will add a special feeling of wonder and enchantment to the room. These are perfect for a cozy atmosphere, but they work best when your location is not as well lit.

Doll Theme Party Favors

6. Baby Bottles

This staple baby doll accessory is perfect for your guest’s dolls, but they are also useful for holding your smaller party favors! Decorate the bottles with rhinestones, stickers, or even personalize them by writing each guest’s (or their doll’s) name on them.

7. Pretty Paper Dolls

Paper doll kits are classic, simple, and can provide hours upon hours of fun! Try to find ones that look like dolls, vintage characters, or princesses to better suit your theme.

8. Tiny Tea Set

Mini tea sets can be found in toy stores and come in attractive basket weave casings. For your dolly-themed party prizes or giveaways, you can order customized tea sets online with anagrams and other unique styles and give away its pieces so your guests can remember the party.

9. Chocolate Truffles

Nothing says “thank you for coming” like a fancy little box of chocolates! The boxes should be wrapped in shiny decorative ribbon and contain assorted yummy chocolates of every shape and flavor.

10. Cloth Dolls

Buy small, inexpensive cloth dolls. They are adorable, and your guests will be sure to treasure them. Purchase your own dolls at a toy or craft shop, or buy a kit to create your own! Then stitch/embroider a name, message, or both.

11. Bubble Bath

Your guests will adore having their own bubble bath mix. Pick out sweet scents such as cotton candy, or floral scents. Add a small, personalized paper tag to each pouch of the bubble bath and tie it with a ribbon.

Bubble Bath Favors

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12. Lollipops

Lollipops have just the right amount of sweetness. Tie ribbons around swirly lollipops (or any other kind of lollipop you can find).

13. Cotton Candy

Wrap small balls of cotton candy in clear cellophane wrap, and attach each one to a stick or cone. Secure each cotton candy with a shiny ribbon or a bow for custom giveaways.

14. Sweet Soaps

Hand out specially scented soaps that look like cupcakes, ice cream cones, and candies. They not only serve as a bath or hand soap but also as an adorable decoration that guests will love.

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Doll Theme Party Food Ideas

15. Doll-Sized

Keep in mind to make all foods bite-sized, so that guests and their dolls can enjoy some yummy snacks together. Guests, especially young girls, will appreciate your attentiveness to detail.

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16. Drinks

Provide refreshments that are sweet, yet light. Tea (iced or hot), lemonade, and strawberry smoothies are exceptional drinks.

17. Finger Sandwiches

Delicate finger sandwiches are delicious and super easy to make. Provide chicken/egg salad, cucumber, turkey, etc. Shape them into dolls, hearts, flowers, rocking horses, shoes, etc. using cookie cutters!

18. Cheese and Crackers

On a large tray or plate, spread cheese or use sliced cheese on top of crisp multigrain crackers.

19. Fruit or Veggie Tray

For a healthy spin, have berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) with yogurt dip in one tray and vegetable sticks (carrots, celery, cucumbers) with ranch dip in another. Make sure to have toothpicks speared through the fruit for easy access.

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20. Pizza Bagels

Everyone’s favorite snack! Have plain cheese and also pepperoni flavors. Arrange them on a tray in the shape of a heart, flower, or even a name. But hold on! You may want a healthier alternative.

21. Cookies

Everyone’s favorite assorted butter cookies in a tin, as well as frosted sugar cookies, will be a hit with guests. Let the guests decorate the sugar cookies with different colored frosting, fruit, and, of course, sprinkles! Make tiny cookies as well for the dolls.

22. Doll Cake

Create or purchase a cake with a real doll coming out of the top. The cake itself should look like the doll’s ball gown and should be lavishly decorated. Add sugar flowers to her gown for extra drama.

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23. Ice Cream

Mini ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cones are the ideal frozen treats that everyone will enjoy. Provide classic ice cream flavors including chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

24. Candies

Buttermints, jelly beans, and lollipops are among just a few types of candies with which you can fill jars. They serve as both visually appealing decorations and yummy sweets.

Doll Theme Party Games and Activities

25. Friendship Bracelets

Set out small bowls containing all kinds of glitzy beads and yarn. Have guests create friendship bracelets – one for herself, and the other for her doll! This is a perfect activity for every little girl to embrace the special bond between her and her doll.

26. Doll Dress-up/Fashion Show

Your guests will love this dress-up activities game! Have each guest walk down a “runway” (which could simply be a rolled-out carpet or a real raised platform) and take their doll along! Snap photos of everyone and give them out as thank you cards after your party.

27. Tea Time

Host a traditional tea party! Arrange a small activity table with chairs, including a tea set, cookies, cupcakes, and other tasty treats for your guests (and their dolls) to enjoy! Be sure to make place cards for the dolls, too!

28. Spot the Difference

Line up five dolls at a time and have guests figure out which one is odd or stands out. For instance, you can remove a shoe from one doll or paint her lips a wacky color. The guest to spot the difference first wins the round!

29. Homemade Treats

Purchase a candy- or soap-making kit, or both (If you choose both, have two different stations with assistants). Give everyone a crash course on how to make either of these goodies. Let them choose from a list of colors, flavors, and/or scents so that everyone has a unique creation.

30. Dress Like Your Doll

Who doesn't love a good costume contest? Have the guests dress up like their dolls. Whoever is dressed the closest to their doll is the winner.

31. Doll Birthday Cakes

Get some tea light candles and decorate them with paint and stickers. When you turn them on they will look like mini birthday cakes!

32. Ice Cream Sundaes

Have the guests make mini ice cream sundaes with small ice cream cups, pom-poms/cotton balls, and beads! Glue a couple of large pom-poms or cotton balls (colored or regular) to the bottom of a small ice cream cup, then spray it with spray glue. After that, pile on smaller pom-poms and beads.

Doll Theme Party Supplies

33. Sweet Heart Garland

A lovely sweetheart garland to decorate walls can be fantastic, or pair with other wall decorations and make a photo background for your guests and their dolls!

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34. Balloons

Use soft, pastel colors for balloons such as baby pink, creamy white, baby blue, mint green, and light yellow. Avoid any supplies with extreme, vibrant hues as they will overpower the softness of the doll theme.

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35. Table Cloth

Use a frilly, white tablecloth. One with ruffles along the edges is ideal. Scatter edible flower sprinkles or silver and light pink confetti over the table to really create your tea party atmosphere.

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36. Darling Doilies

Lightly colored cloth or paper doily circles are simple, yet add the perfect amount of elegance. Use them as coasters for cups and small bowls at tables. Also, you could use them as cupcake holders. Furthermore, you can hang up doilies like the garland for even more texture to a wall(see Sweet Heart Garland).

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Doll Theme Party Invitations

37. Paper Doll Invitation

Instead of party activities, use these adorable dolls as invitations! Write out all the information for your party on these dolls, pack them in an envelope and mail them out to your guests. It's an excellent way of using up paper dolls that you don't think you'll need.

38. Colors, Colors, Colors!

Invitations are there to be inviting! Catch attention with brightly colored paper to hand-make invitations. Choose the colors you would like for your party, and write all your guests may need to know, it's a great affordable option for good-looking invitations.

39. Customized Invitations

Having something unique will really make your party stand out. Customize each invitation through small businesses and you can have something that no one else does.

40. Doilies

Be careful! Writing on a paper doily may be hard, but it will really set the mood for your doll theme party. They could also easily be reused at the party itself as coasters or napkins.

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41. Stick With One Type of Doll

Maybe having something so general could be hard to choose from. So go simple! Having your invitations strictly Barbie-themed or American Girl Doll-themed isn't against the rules! Parties are for fun, so don't stress because you have so many choices. And recycling old coloring book pages is a fantastic way to be environmentally conscious and it is a cheaper option.

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Doll Theme Party: Conclusion

A Doll Theme Party is not the first party theme that comes to mind but it is still a unique party to host. We hope you get inspired to host a party with some of these ideas incorporated and enjoy with your guests. Check out our other amazing articles on theme party ideas as well as best kid's gifts.

Written by Natalie Smallwood; Contributors: Royce Legaspi and Ashe Franta

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