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Home Party Ideas

Home Party Ideas

Updated on: Mar 24, 2024

Whether you are hosting a house warming party, a movie night, or just a fun party at your home we have great home party ideas to help you plan for the best home party! We also have useful tools such as budgets and checklists to help make sure your planning is easy-breezy and you don't forget anything important. We make party planning fast and easy!

33 Movie Night Party Ideas

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A movie night is one of the best home party ideas out there! There are so many options given how many movies there are out there for you to choose from. We have ideas for fun invitations to send to your guests as well as decorations if you want to really go all out for your movie night. Since we are still having to face the realities of COVID-19, there are also ways to host a virtual movie night as well. Even after COIVD-19 is past us, you and all your buddies might be spread out and you may want to host a virtual movie night for everyone to reconnect with each other!

We have put together some of our best ideas for a movie night party.

4 Key Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask

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Along with all our home party ideas, we are all about helping you save money, and renting party supplies is one of the best ways to do that! We have provided you with 4 very important steps to take when renting party supplies. Some of these include searching for rental business and negotiating on prices. There are also lots of questions you will want to ask that you may not think about until after you have already rented your party supplies. Think questions like what heath protocols are there, if any, or if the company has a portfolio of parties they have decorated for.

Budgets for Home Party Ideas

Easy Housewarming Party Budget Worksheet

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You finally just bought your home and are wanting to really break it in with a fun and inviting housewarming party but you are wanting to do it on a budget. Do not worry! We have a FREE housewarming budget sheet for you to download and make it your own. Out budget sheets are easy to use as they are all event specific and are shareable because it is through Google Drive. Our budget sheets also include handy links that you may want to check out while looking through our home party ideas!

Easy Movie Night Budget Worksheet - 6 Ideas

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Our movie night budget worksheet includes all of the most common expenses that you may face while planning your movie night. Movie nights are one of the most popular home party ideas, it can be as elaborate or simple as you want! Out movie night budget sheet includes graphics such as pie charts making it easy to use and understand. It helps with organization and there is even a payment tab for your use as well. The budget sheet will save to your personal Google Drive, that way you can edit it with ease and share it with those who may be helping you plan your exciting movie night!

Easy House Party Budget Worksheet

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No matter how many home party ideas you look through, they are all going to need a set budget that way you do not spend crazy amounts of money! Lucky for you, we have created a FREE budget sheet that you can download and share with other to help make planning your house party easy! We provide you with some helpful links as well as graphics that will auto fill as you fill out the budget sheet.

Checklists for Home Party Ideas

TV Night Checklist - 5 Great Tips to Liven Up Your Night!

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Checklists are one of the most handy little tools you can use when it comes to planning an party of any type! We have created an event specific checklist for a fun and inviting TV night at your home. Our checklist provides you with a timeline leading all the way up to the end of your party as well as visuals and helpful links you may want to look through. Our checklists are downloaded to Google Drive that way you can share the document with whoever may be helping you plan the TV night!

Housewarming Party Checklist

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As if moving itself is not stressful enough, the last thing we want is for your housewarming party to be stressful and difficult to plan! After you look through all our home party ideas, move on over to our housewarming party checklist to help you make sure everything is ready to go for your party. We made our checklist easy to use and the best part, its FREE! Who doesn't love free help when party planning?!

House Party Checklist

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The best and probably cheapest venue for any party is your own home! But how do you bring a party into your home and do it in an organized fashion? With our FREE house party checklist of course! With all the home party ideas out there, it would be easy to forget something as simple as plates or napkins. We are here to help you make sure none of the necessities are forgotten!


We have lots of home party ideas, tips, and tools to help you throw the best party in the comfort of your own home! Don't see any home party ideas here that works for you? Worry not! Check out our website frequently as we are constantly updating it to keep up with the ever changing trends.

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Written by Lauren Bolt