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Company Party Ideas

Company Party Ideas

Updated on: Mar 20, 2024

Working is part of life. It can get to be very repetitive and not all that fun after a good while. The good thing is you have your co-workers who end up becoming your work family. Typically, we find ourselves getting very close to our co-workers and spending a lot of time with them and telling them all about what goes on in our lives! Having company parties is a great way to hang out with your work family and not have to be completely focused on work. We have great company party ideas that your employees or co-workers will love. We make party planning fast and easy!

47 Best Gift Exchange Ideas

Best Gift Exchange Ideas

Company holiday parties are so much fun. Getting to hang out with your work family to celebrate the holiday with them! There is a good chance that at the party there is probably going to be a gift exchange but what do you get though? We have gift ideas starting at $10 such as reusable straws and sleep masks. But we have gift ideas for you that can go up to $50. It is all dependent on how much money you are wanting to spend on the gift exchange.

We also have other gift ideas to keep things interesting for the gift exchange. For example, doing homemade gifts, a treasure hunt, an ornament exchange, or even a fun game of bingo resulting in the winning getting a prize! A gift exchange doesn't always have to be gifted among each other either. There is always the option of adopting a family for the holiday and the company can sponsor a family for Christmas!

4 Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask

renting party supplies featured image

Depending on how big the company party is going to be, it may be cheaper to rent party supplies for the party! There are so many company party ideas out there that even finding the best party supplies for purchase can be difficult, so rent them! We have come up with 4 steps to quickly and easily guide you to renting party supplies. We have also included some useful questions to ask before renting as well!

15 Useful DJ Hiring Tips

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DJs just make any party more fun! So why would you not want one at your company party? This may not be one of your average company party ideas, but it is definitely a good idea to bring the party to life! We have included 15 crucial tips for when it comes to hiring a DJ including what a DJ even is all the way to what kind of equipment they should have. We have got you covered when it comes to all things DJ!

Easy Company Holiday Party Budget Worksheet

company holiday party budget worksheet featured image

We are all about helping you save some money! That is why we have created a FREE company holiday party budget worksheet for you to use. Our worksheets can be edited to work for you and your specific needs. They are event-specific and easy to view and use. We also have tips for how to use the sheet that way you can brainstorm all your company party ideas and move straight to the budget sheet without skipping a beat!

Company Holiday Party Checklist

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To go along with our company holiday party budget sheet, we also have a FREE company holiday party checklist. There are so many things that go into planning a company holiday party and it can get pretty stressful very quickly. It can be easy to forget things when planning the party. Our event-specific checklist will guide you through the entire timeline leading up to the event itself and it is even sharable for your convenience!

Easy Company Picnic Budget Worksheet

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The company picnic budget sheet it not only FREE but it will help you organize small and important details that way you can estimate how much to spend and follow that accordingly. Nothing is worse than not setting a budget and wishing you did because you spent way too much! Our budget sheets include visuals and an individual payment tab that way you can keep track of individual expenses and payments. Just simply type in the Total Cost and the person is responsible for paying that and you are good to go! We take care of the rest!

Company Picnic Checklist

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To go with our picnic budget sheet, we also have a company picnic checklist for you to use as well! Our checklists are shareable and event-specific, that way everything is organized and easy to get to. As part of the checklist, we also include helpful links to help you out with your planning! These links include but are not limited to, surveys, supplies, and venues. Let us help you make the planning process much easier on you with our FREE checklist!


There are so many different and creative company party ideas out there for you to choose from! We want you to be able to bring together your work family at all the necessary time but we also want to help you do that in style. Between our budget sheets, checklists, and other useful tips, you are more than equipped to take on browsing company party ideas and making it the best event for your employees or co-workers! Don't see any company party ideas on here that work for you? No worries! We update our website home page frequently to keep up with all the latest trends that are out there!

Need some help with planning your event or company party ideas? We are here to help!

Written by Lauren Bolt