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The Ultimate Party Bus Rental Guide

The Ultimate Party Bus Rental Guide

Updated on: Feb 17, 2024

When you think about the word “party”, what exactly pops in your mind? Maybe the first thing you would think of would be a kid’s birthday party, or maybe you think of going out with a group of friends to your favorite bar. Perhaps party means meeting your family and friends at your favorite restaurant and eating together and having a waiter poorly and awkwardly sing their version of happy birthday to you.

Everyone has a different definition of parties because everyone has had different experiences than the next person. One thing for sure about parties is that people want an experience, something to always remember. So, how do you provide a new and unique experience for yourself or for others? Here’s something you can consider: a party bus! And we have the party bus prices here for you

It sounds awesome, right? How crazy would it be to invite guests for a kid’s birthday party and walk into a bus full of video games? Or, in another case, invite your girls for a girls' night out and have a bus filled with drinks, music, and games? Party buses are the perfect go-to for a different party experience! Use this party bus rental guide to help you put together the perfect evening on a party bus!

1. Party Bus Rental Guide: Things to Consider

As much fun as party buses are, there are quite a few things that you should consider before you rent a party bus, starting with the price. A party bus rental can get very expensive very quickly depending on the features in your bus. When looking for affordable party bus rentals is do a simple search of "party bus rentals near me", be sure you do not forget to add "near me", you can be surprised at how many party bus companies there are and you will want to narrow your search. After your "party bus rental near me" search you can really start to think about the little details you should consider.

Planning Ahead

You should begin your search for a party bus rental at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure that you get the bus you want with the features you want as well. Party buses are in higher demand than you may think, especially in bigger cities! When you find a company you like, read the customer reviews either on their website if they are listed or on Yelp. Do your homework and look into the reviews and safety of their vehicles and drivers.


The more people you have, the more expensive your party bus is going to cost you! Most people who rent a party bus split costs, depending on the event of course. If you are the one putting this party together, decide first if you are going to pay for the whole thing or if you are going to want to split up costs.

Group Size

You should have a good number in mind of how many people are going to be on the party bus with you. Knowing the size of your group in the early stages can be extremely helpful when trying to figure out your budget for your party bus rental. Also, check out your state laws as different states may have specific laws on how many people can be on a party bus.

Alcohol Rules and Regulations

If this party is going to be an adult party, there is a good chance there will be alcohol! Before you and your buddies start drinking, make sure your party bus company has the correct licensing to serve alcohol, this keeps everyone safe in the long run. Along with checking into the alcohol rules, are the party buses smoking or nonsmoking? What are the rules regarding minors riding alone?

Every party bus co. wants to keep up with a high standard of being the best option out there, so be sure to know what their rules are, ensure they have all the correct and up-to-date licensing before you book with them! Also, check into these possible safety features:

  1. What will be the route you take to your destination?
  2. Who will be driving the car?
  3. What are the said driver's certifications?
  4. What is the max speed the driver is legally allowed to reach?
  5. Will there be optional seatbelts?

alcohol rules in party bus guide



There are so many options for what you want your party bus to include! You can have anything from a large, flat-screen TV that could be up to 40 inches and even bigger which also includes access to any streaming site, such as Netflix, Hulu, ESPN Network, or even Disney Plus! You can even have a DVD player included as well!

Surround sound systems are placed throughout the bus to add to your experience as well! You can even plug in your iPad, iPod, MP3 player, or your phone to play your own music! And to add icing to the cake, video game consoles can also be included! Whether it is an Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Wii, you name it!

If your party is of age, the wonderful minibar is also a huge hit, whether it’s a Bachelor’s Party or just a girl’s night out! Leather couches add both comfort and luxury to your guest’s experience, as well. The flooring is hardwood for dancing. Buses also feature disco lights for guest enjoyment. Smoke machines can also be used as an effect, whether it is for a spooky Halloween theme or just simply for enjoyment!

And, an absolute crowd favorite, would be the famous karaoke machine! Karaoke machines are a favorite for all ages! Kids love Disney settings because it includes songs from “Frozen” such as “Love is an Open Door” or the more known “Let it Go”! Adults enjoy throwbacks such as “Jack and Diane” or even “Welcome to the Jungle”! Whatever your preference, we have it!

Look for dance floors, fun lighting options, bathrooms, and extra storage! Depending on how long you will have the party bus, will you want outlets for phone charging? Along with keeping the phones charged, help everyone out with their phone data bill and see if the bus has complimentary wifi for use! Will you want the windows to be tinted? Believe it or not, tinted windows can change the whole mood of the party bus.

Finally, air conditioning is vital if your party guests are going to dance the night away. If you're in an area that gets cold at night, it's helpful to have a bus with heating.

2. Party Bus Rental Guide Prices

How many people are attending? When planning to book your party bus, it is extremely important that you consider how many people you are going to have, this helps with party bus pricing. Have a plan of a way to reserve seats and have an exact number because there are limits for a minimum number of people as well as a limit for a maximum number of people on the bus! This will help when trying to set a budget for your party bus and for finding accurate party bus rates.

So how much is a party bus? The average price of a party bus is going to vary depending on your selection but you can plan to spend anywhere from $120 to $400+ per hour. There are many factors going into the party bus price. Choosing your amenities, the number of people, and even whatever the occasion may be can make the prices fluctuate. Another consideration in prices is bathrooms! Not all buses include a bathroom! This up-charge could cost up to $100, sometimes more, sometimes less!

All of the following party bus rental prices are based upon prices from

  • A party bus with a maximum of 15 passengers has a price of $168/hour.
  • A party bus for a minimum of 20 people and a maximum of 32 people have a rate of $9 per person, per hour.
  • A party bus for a minimum of 25 people and a maximum of 38 people have a rate of $9 per person, per hour.

3. Party Bus Rental Guides for Limousines

A limousine party bus is a large bus that allows for recreational activities to take place for the passengers while also including various amenities. Each party limousine bus is different, which is part of the reason why they are so unique, but they typically include things such as TVs and dance floors.

Party buses are very popular because they are so unique! It’s a party on wheels, I mean who isn’t intrigued by this? These are ost commonly used for fun events such as proms and weddings. Most of the time these buses have a certain amount of hours you must rent it for, but that doesn’t matter to most people. In fact, they are so fun people will rent them out with no destination to go to! They love the idea so much they rent it to just have it for fun! If this sounds fun to you, it is definitely worth a try, and will give you a ride to remember!

Difference Between Limos and Normal Limo

Both a limousine and a party bus limousine have room for the guests to sit, but the party bus has room for the guests to also stand and dance. Both transportations options vary in size and style, but each may have some amenities depending on the company.

However, party bus limousines typically have more than a regular limo. For example, a limo may have a small area with provided food and drinks, and if you’re lucky, it may have a small TV. A party bus, on the other hand, often has a lot more than that.

limo rentals for party bus guide


Limo Rentals for Special Occasions

When people are shopping for a party bus for an occasion such as prom or a wedding more than often use a limo party bus for these. This is because there is typically more elegance that comes with these. There may or may not be a significant difference in features, but that does not mean the price will be more or less. Regardless, if you are wanting a party bus for a prom or a wedding or any other special occasion, normally a party limousine bus is the way to go.

4. Party Bus Rental Guide for Kids

A unique birthday party for a kid would be a party bus! Most kids associate a bus ride with school, so imagine how fun it would be to rent a kid's party bus. So amenities that would come with a children's party bus are laser lights, surround sound systems, video game systems, a television, and WiFi. There are a variety of different sizes for kid's party buses just like for normal party buses. There are even buses that are "gyms on wheels". These are most ideal for kids up to age 7, maybe a little older just depending on your child's preferences!

Gym on Wheels

These types of kid's party buses are exactly what it sounds like. These are most commonly used for preschools and childcare facilities, but are also common for birthday parties! Gyms on wheels are exactly what you would think they are for a kid party bus. Imagine a gym for gymnastics, but a little smaller, and mobile. So fun!

5. Party Bus Rental Guide for Prom

You have been waiting throughout high school for this one big night. Four years are finally over and it's time to celebrate! It is prom night! The senior year of high school only comes once right? You have the dress, the perfect date, and the dinner spot now all you need is to rent an amazing party bus for prom!

party bus rentals for prom


There are an endless amount of different party bus themes for prom night! Anything from disco to masquerade would be so perfect for your perfect night with all your friends. You can have entertainment such as karaoke, charades, two truths, and a lie, and many other fun games to do on your prom party bus. It would be ideal to meet your driver beforehand and know the route you will be taking. As fun as prom is, safety is always of utmost importance. You may want to have someone's parent with you on the party bus, or to pick you up from the prom afterward!

6. What to do on a Party Bus

Maybe let's reword this: fun things to do on a party bus other than drinking? Of course, there are party buses where the main source of entertainment is drinking and strip poles, but what if this is not the ideal setting for you and your guests? Start by giving your party a theme, this way you can fit games and activities around the theme! Grab some of your favorite board games and card games also and play around with those. You can also have sing-offs and karaoke, telephone, charades, and even a license plate scavenger hunt! Honestly, the opportunities for activities on the party bus are endless!

7. What to Wear on a Party Bus

So, you have the party bus all lined up, and you are about to head out for a fun night on the town with all your friends, but what are you going to wear? The most important question of the night right? Let's first think about what you would typically wear on a night out when there is no party bus. Think clothing with sequins, straps, skirts, nice button-downs, and maybe even a tie.

Adding some layers may be ideal depending on where you live and if you and your guests are planning to be in and out of the party bus. You know what they say: it is better to be hot and take off layers than being freezing cold with nothing to cover up with!

Now, let's think of shoes. What you wear on your feet is what can pull your outfit together! First think about if the party bus is going to be large enough for there to be a dance floor, and if you are planning on dancing the night away, you may want to wear comfortable shoes. Also, keep in mind, you will be in a moving vehicle, and you may also be walking around and moving around on the bus. This being said, you might want to wear shoes that you would more than likely not lose your balance in.

8. Where to go on a Party Bus

When renting a party bus, you are typically using it as a fun way for you and your guests to safely get around the town. Popular places you may want your party bus to take you is the winery or a brewery. See about going bar hopping, or taking the party bus to a sports game of some sort, or tailgating! Something you may have not thought about is using the party bus to be a team-building exercise. Most team-building activities are in a hotel or a camp, so why not have it on wheels and you start the team-building on the party bus and go somewhere else to finish it up?

9. Party Bus Ideas


We all love a fun girl's night out on the town, but what could be more fun than a party bus to take you and all your girls around? Think about what kind of vibe you want your girl's party bus to have. Maybe a boho theme, or spa theme, possibly, a fun bachelorette party. In bigger cities, there are spa buses that will pamper you and your girls!

ideas for party buses


Party Bus with Strip Pole

A party bus with a strip pole would be most ideal for a Bachelor's or Bachelorette party, probably not the best for a children's party. When you are planning to rent your party bus, see if the party bus company has dancers for their bus or if you need to hire one on your own. Always be sure to check out the background of your dancer and your driver, again, safety is always key! Also, with this kind of bus, there will probably be alcohol consumption, make sure there is someone who is willing to remain sober and be the designated driver afterward!

Pink Party Buses

If you were to order a party bus, any occasion or reason on the planet, is there any reason that you wouldn’t pick a pink one? It is by far the most eye-catching and most fun by far. The entire city you are rolling around in will notice you and your special occasion! A pink party bus steals the show and makes the night belong to you. A pink party bus would be perfect for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party, Bachelorette Party, Breast Cancer Awareness Events, or even a simple girl's night out!

Video Games

Imagine a space, with TVs everywhere, all sorts of video game consoles, and it is all on wheels! That is exactly what a video game party bus would be like! Most party buses may already have a TV or two on them, but when planning your party bus, see about requesting more TVs and video games. Depending on the rules of the party bus company, you can see about bringing your own video game consoles with you on the bus!

Decades (70's, 80's, 90's)

A decades party bus would be the most fun for a retirement party! Many party buses already look the party to be perfect for a decades party bus. Disco ball, neon lights, lasers, fun patterns, mirrors, basically you list it, you can probably find a bus that has it. To really put the cherry on top for this party, the dress code can be decades! Break out the leg warmers and the neon tights and get to partying!

Slumber Party

Dress Code: Pajamas. Food: Junk food and sweet treats. Activities: Movies and pillow fights. Rent your party bus for the night, bring some of your favorite movies, people, and food and you will have yourself a fun and cozy night to remember with all your buddies! Rent a party bus that has a nice big TV with a good surround sound system, bring all sorts of pillows and blankets to make it a fun night for everyone.

10. Party Bus Rental Guide Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a large vehicle typically based on a motor coach or a normal bus, but it is based on the fact it can carry more than 10 people for fun and recreational purposes. Party buses create a fun environment for people to enjoy themselves and participate in actives with people in a way that keeps you on the move. They typically have features such as a dance floor, laser lights, poles, nice leather seats, etc. The list can go on and on!

How much to Tip a Party Bus Driver?

One of the most common questions that people may wonder is how much do you tip a party bus driver? Are you even supposed to tip them? A safe bet is if you are happy with your driver's service and you want to thank them, 15% to 20% of the cost of the party bus is a good tip to give. However, there are some party bus companies that include gratuity in the cost of the bus. Just ask the company what they expect from the customer when it comes to giving a gratuity!

tipping guide for party buses


How Many People Can Fit in a Party Bus?

This really depends on what kind of vehicle you choose for your party bus. For a simple stretch limo party bus, around 10 people can be expected to fit comfortably. Whereas a motor coach can hold 45 or more people! Just keep in mind, the more people you want, that may take away from the amenities you could have.

The Ultimate Party Bus Rental Guide: Conclusion

You can just look at a party bus picture and know they are so much fun! Party buses are a fun and unique way to spice up your party, whether that be your wedding, prom night, or just a night out with your friends. A lot can surprisingly go into planning for a party bus, but with this party bus rental guide hopefully, you can plan for your night with ease and be able to enjoy your party bus experience!

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